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About Joe

der 🍧Glace-fanatiker 🍦, zur Not tuts auch ein ☕+🍰 oder hinterher ein 🍻
Projekte 2023:
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Distance travelled

10,663 mi

Time in motion

901:45 h

Recent Activity
  1. Thoreau and 2 others went cycling.

    a day ago

    Hoch über dem Schwobameer....

    98.7 mi
    12.4 mph
    9,575 ft
    9,675 ft
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    1. Thoreau

      As always when Joe is planning something (and Karle and I are allowed to come along) something really special comes out of it. Because a train from Kisslegg was canceled again, we drove by car to just over the old border crossing to Hohenweiler. There we started energetically to get doped in Lochau in

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      about 13 hours ago
  2. Joe went for a bike ride.

    May 27, 2023

    93.0 mi
    14.6 mph
    3,700 ft
    3,675 ft
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    1. Implemented within just 3 weeks --- the idea for a joint visit to the beer garden, which took place on 08.05. due to never-ending and excessive comments on topics that went far beyond Komoot after the 2-day tour "Alb-Neckar-Radweg by HAm and TAki". After umpteen comments, Heike wrote at some point that

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      7 days ago
  3. Joe went cycling.

    May 21, 2023

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    1. A stop+drive tour from site to site to inspect some of the nearby maypoles. I already have a favourite, which I think is the most successful and I'm looking forward to your voting. At the end of the month I will post my favorite with justification...


      Attention copycats:

      the following passages should be

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      May 21, 2023
  4. Joe went for a bike ride.

    May 16, 2023

    30.3 mi
    12.5 mph
    1,000 ft
    1,025 ft
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    1. The route to Alba is not recommended --- enormous traffic, hardly any bike paths, if then sometimes bad pothole gravel with silt and they ended several times unannounced at the barrier tape of a construction site....

      There were certainly some batas along the route worth seeing (e.g. the University of

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      May 16, 2023
  5. Joe went for a bike ride.

    May 16, 2023

    50.2 mi
    9.3 mph
    4,075 ft
    3,850 ft
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    1. Today's tour should have been the king's stage of the short vacation - with a birthday greeting to a cycling friend from the Ligurian coast.....


      The day started well, neither too cold nor too sunny. The first ascent led through seemingly endless vineyards on fantastically beautiful and quiet little streets

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      May 16, 2023
  6. Joe went for a bike ride.

    May 15, 2023

    46.3 mi
    9.7 mph
    3,650 ft
    3,675 ft
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    1. 😃😃😃☀️, great you two, looks fantastic, wish you a lot 🌞🌞🌞 and no 🌨️✌️👌🍀🍀🍀🙋

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      May 15, 2023
  7. Joe went cycling.

    May 6, 2023

    62.8 mi
    16.4 mph
    2,900 ft
    2,925 ft
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    1. One of my favorite laps: circumnavigating the Blender and enjoying the often magnificent view of the Allgäu and Tannheim mountains.


      The Kürnachtal is much flatter to climb than the almost parallel Kreuztal and the crest is lower than the alternative route at Eschacher Weiher. Since I only left after 5

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      May 6, 2023
  8. Joe went cycling.

    May 4, 2023

    35.4 mi
    17.1 mph
    1,625 ft
    1,625 ft
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    1. diescreenzeitung.de/diescreenzeitung/bad-waldsee/bad-waldsee-le/11745-rad-und-gehweg-between-osterhofen-und-eggmannsried-am-4-oktober-beginnen-die-bauarbeiten


      Now the cycle path is finished and I have to admit that it is one of the most roadworthy cycle paths in the vicinity. It's a real pleasure to pesen

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      May 4, 2023
  9. Joe went cycling.

    April 30, 2023

    50.1 mi
    14.7 mph
    2,250 ft
    2,250 ft
    1. Today I wished I had been in the Altdorf Forest and on the Süh with 2 cycling friends and my trek, because my tour was annoying:



      Cycle path along Landstr. between Wallenreute and Rugetsweiler was messed up by glass fiber cable construction / tar cuts (up to 6cm deep and about 50cm wide transverse joints

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      April 30, 2023
  10. Joe went for a bike ride.

    April 27, 2023

    42.7 mi
    15.5 mph
    2,200 ft
    2,225 ft
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    1. So far this year almost every Thursday evening has been cold and wet. That's what was originally announced for today. For a short time, there was still a small intermediate high here - so a perfect reason to finally cycle to the Reute Radtreff at the end of April after work.....

      UPS.... today the meeting

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      April 27, 2023
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