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New to the world of cycling 🚴🏻‍♀️, but out there to enjoy nature at another pace then my love for hiking and trekking 🏕🏔🚶🏻‍♀️and enjoying it so far 😎. Tips around Amsterdam are so welcome!

Distance travelled

6,336 mi

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529:33 h

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  1. Floor went cycling.

    3 days ago

    69.1 mi
    16.3 mph
    575 ft
    625 ft
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    1. ze pedro baptista

      Very nice ride. Why procrastination?Nice salad

      • 3 days ago

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    1. Floor

      I'm pretty sure it's been almost exactly 1.5 years ago and now more than 10,000km since I was on a bike other than a city bike for the first time. That was because my brother had asked me not to go cycling. It was the start of the pandemic and basically walking and cycling was about all you could do. So there I went on an old road bike. My brother on the very old racing bike, from the early eighties, but perhaps even older, and me on a slightly newer classic.
      Three months later I loaded Koppel to cycle from my parents in southern Limburg to Santiago de Compostela.
      And finally today it was time again that we went cycling together. He suggested a round of 40 km since it was not possible for him, with small children at home, to cycle.
      It got a little longer...

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      • 6 days ago

  3. Floor went cycling.

    October 7, 2021

    16.3 mi
    14.5 mph
    25 ft
    25 ft
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  4. Floor and Mirjam went gravel riding.

    October 2, 2021

    37.3 mi
    14.5 mph
    425 ft
    400 ft
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  5. Floor and Charlotte went cycling.

    September 28, 2021

    29.5 mi
    14.7 mph
    100 ft
    250 ft
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    1. Floor

      Take a short ride a little more often. After a day of work. The darkness of the evening that falls earlier. A light on the bike that gets a little brighter every time. A wonderful feeling to come home to. The feeling that you have been outside. Saw the sun go down 🌅

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      • September 28, 2021

  6. Floor went gravel riding.

    September 25, 2021

    71.4 mi
    15.9 mph
    200 ft
    100 ft
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    1. Floor

      For the first time I put on music while cycling. A concept that I don't really understand. I cycle to enjoy nature. On the other hand, I often find road a bit boring. Even though I had actually found some nice gravel paths. I was swinging on the bike and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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      • September 25, 2021

  7. Floor and Charlotte went cycling.

    September 20, 2021

    35.9 mi
    14.1 mph
    50 ft
    125 ft
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  8. Floor went cycling.

    September 20, 2021

    40.5 mi
    14.9 mph
    300 ft
    125 ft
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    1. HerrMan

      So without mountains, isn't that boring?

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      • September 20, 2021

  9. Floor went for a hike.

    September 16, 2021

    8.73 mi
    2.6 mph
    575 ft
    3,950 ft
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    1. Jacob de Vries

      Boy, if this is your last mountain hike for a while, thank you for your beautiful photos. Gems every day. Keep going!

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      • September 16, 2021

  10. Floor went mountaineering.

    September 15, 2021

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    1. Mathijs R

      Wow, very beautiful!

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      • September 15, 2021

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