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About Enno SES
Distance travelled

1,348 mi

Time in motion

171:12 h

Recent Activity
  1. Enno SES went mountain biking.

    October 31, 2022

    MTB_Tremosine Sul Garda 32km_Trail-Mix_1000+ Hm 2022-10-31

    19.9 mi
    6.3 mph
    3,475 ft
    3,200 ft
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    1. Enno SES

      Da plant mein eine schöne Tour hoch zum Tremalzo und bekommt einen satten Korb von der „Schäffin“, die es nach etwas zu viel Vino am Vorabend vorzieht, den Tag am Pool in der Sonne zu verbringen. Na super! 😤

      Aber tatsächlich nagt der böse Feind Alkohol auch an mir noch etwas. Also umdisponiert ... Weniger

      • November 6, 2022

  2. Enno SES and Steffi S. went mountain biking.

    October 29, 2022

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    1. Enno SES

      Actually not a particularly long tour and not too many meters in altitude. But somehow she has it all.

      Large parts of the tour are actually classics: The driveway from Limone to Vesio (we started in the middle from Bassanega). We were lazy today and chose the direct route on the main road to Vesio. Not

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      • October 29, 2022

  3. Enno SES went cycling.

    August 27, 2022

    1. Enno SES

      Nice panoramic afternoon sprint before the announced big rain, which somehow doesn't seem to come. Then you could have driven longer... 😡


      Nevertheless: Again and again a wonderful and very varied basic round with great views - including mountain views - just outside Munich. The round can also be varied

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      • August 27, 2022

  4. Enno SES went for a bike ride.

    August 21, 2022

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    1. Enno SES

      Today the dear parents were invited to a cake fight. So on to the S-Bahn and off towards Sachsenwald!

      But wait a minute, the best weather and plenty of calories in the foreseeable future - there must be another solution!

      Said, planned - how do I get from the city to the Sachsenwald as "green" as possible

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      • August 21, 2022

    1. Enno SES

      And it is one of the most beautiful inner-city runs in the world!!!

      1 x around the Outer Alster and along the canals - in this case along the Osterbek Canal.


      There is always so much to see and discover on this circuit that you don't even realize you're running. Sometimes you forget to set a little pace

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      • August 20, 2022

  5. Lena and 2 others went cycling.

    July 10, 2022

    52.9 mi
    16.9 mph
    2,550 ft
    2,500 ft
  6. Enno SES went running.

    June 6, 2022

    5.65 mi
    7.1 mph
    150 ft
    150 ft
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    1. Enno SES

      There's nothing like a nice run in the sun, along a large body of water and in this case with the best panorama of the surrounding mountains.


      My first run "ever" on Lake Como and really nice!

      Above all, you can mostly really walk directly on the lake - at least on this part. Sometimes you forget that you're running...

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      • June 8, 2022

    1. Enno SES

      Another nice morning loop near Montpellier, started from a campsite.

      Although there is no view of the mountains, there is a lot of water and fresh headwind on the long straight for kilometers. 😰

      On the way there, there is a straight line along the Etang, which is so common here.

      Above all, the many seabirds

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      • June 8, 2022

  7. Enno SES went running.

    May 23, 2022

    1. Enno SES

      Small but technically very varied discovery tour along Lake Constance in Bregenz.

      Some parts of the route had real trail running character on narrow trails over hill and dale, but above all there were a number of fallen trees. No chance for an even rhythm.

      But you can also simply walk on the smooth sand

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      • June 8, 2022

  8. Enno SES went for a hike.

    February 27, 2022

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    1. Enno SES

      As a compensation for yesterday's MTB round, today there is only a small hike through Limone and along the really famous and cool "Ciclopista", which is also often referred to as the "Limone Skywalk".

      In fact, a really great path that hangs over the water for the last 2 km or so. This is fun because there

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      • March 9, 2022

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