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    1. ThomasB

      The tour begins at the S-Bahn station in Werden. D "island tour" of Brehm Island you can of course read away. The first part of the way is easy because it has hardly any gradients. That changes from SeaSide Beach. Shortly after, the path branches off to the left and leads uphill for a short distance. Rest is possible in the Black Lene (restaurant) or on the Korte cliff. After a short walk through the Schellenberger forest, the tour ends at the town hall Rellinghausen. There are stops for two bus lines and about 200m away a tram line.

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      • 03/30/2019

  2. ThomasB went hiking.


    9.66 mi
    5.2 mph
    950 ft
    975 ft
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    1. ThomasB

      That was our final walk on this holiday. You first go through the village to Unterschierke, past the new Heine resort, then slightly uphill towards the campsite and spider. There, a path branches off between the roads next to a technical facility in the forest. Since we had not seen this entry in low sun, we had to walk to 200m street, before we saw a hiking sign on the right. Otherwise, the route is well signposted, not too exhausting and behind Schierke almost lonely.
      After the pea soup meal, it went by train (if you do not want to Brocken, not expensive) back to Schierke.

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      • 11/18/2018

  3. ThomasB went hiking.


  4. ThomasB went hiking.


    12.6 mi
    3.1 mph
    1,800 ft
    1,800 ft
    1. ThomasB

      The way is a bit "street-heavy". Some trails have no shade, so do not choose the warmest day to climb the chunk on this route.
      But it is worthwhile not to go to the "pedestrian zone" Eckerloch.

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      • 09/29/2018

  5. ThomasB went hiking.


    6.09 mi
    3.2 mph
    800 ft
    800 ft
  6. ThomasB went hiking.


    2.22 mi
    3.1 mph
    200 ft
    175 ft
    1. ThomasB

      This path is not really a hike but a job for the rest of the day of arrival or if the weather is too bad for longer trips.

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      • 01/06/2019

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    5.60 mi
    1.2 mph
    125 ft
    100 ft
    1. ThomasB

      After becoming easy to get on the S-Bahn or the bus. From Kupferdreh buses go in the direction of the main station.

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      • 01/06/2019

  8. ThomasB went hiking.


    5.19 mi
    2.0 mph
    125 ft
    275 ft
  9. ThomasB went hiking.


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    1. ThomasB

      Idea for the tour was kloes with his hike start at the Girardethaus. It's easy to get here by bus, line 142, the car - Attention, the large parking lot is usually full at fairs - or you can take the U11 to Gruga.
      From Orangerie you have less "followers".
      The Margarethenhöhe is worth seeing.
      The way back along Lührmannstr. is less appealing except for a look at the Gruga. If you like, you can also choose a Gruga visit (costs admission) as an alternative.
      You can stop off on the way (in Hülsmannshof you should reserve) or at start / finish. In Rüttenscheid, no one has starved or died of thirst.

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      • 02/28/2018

  10. ThomasB went hiking.


    1.96 mi
    1.6 mph
    125 ft
    125 ft
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    1. ThomasB

      I started the way at the angry ant next to Finca BarCelona. There are parking lots and bus stops. For us it was a Sunday walk to eat in Steele. Back one can go on the Ruhr on the way, which one saw from above.

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      • 01/14/2018

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