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Tour recommendations near you

Millions of outdoor-lovers record their awesome walks, runs and rides every day with komoot. That’s a lot of shared expertise, and there’s an easy way to tap into it. Instead of sifting through the Tours yourself, komoot’s algorithm crunches the data to find a selection of gems near you. The fine-tuned outdoor routing uses this information to generate interesting routes, complete with rich Tour details like elevation profile and surface types. Then they’re delivered to you as Tour recommendations in the Tour search and Discovery feed, with the best quality Tours appearing at the top of the list.

Discover Routes

Using komoot’s Tour recommendations

In the Discovery feed, pick a sport and see what Tours, Highlights or Collections komoot recommends for you. These recommendations are all based on others’ activities in the area.

Choose a Tour and adjust it to the difficulty level you can manage, the time you want to be out, and even include the nearest bus or train station if you’re traveling on public transport. Komoot’s routing will do the rest. Once you set off, you can replan on the fly, just like any other komoot Tour.

Finding a route that starts on your doorstep

When using the mobile app to find Tours and Highlights near you, komoot will automatically adjust the results to start at your current location. If you want to find Tours in a wider area, zoom out of the map or enter a specific location in the search bar.

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