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Understanding your privacy settings

Komoot’s privacy settings give you control over who sees your Tours and Collections, who can follow you and even who can find you in the friends search – so you feel empowered to use komoot in a way that suits you.

This guide explains the levels of privacy available and helps you choose which privacy settings are right for you.

Set your privacy zones

Setting privacy zones around places like your home, work or family member’s house makes these locations private to you. Start and endpoints of your Tour within this zone will only be visible to you.

Manage your followers

Just like you can choose your friends in real life, komoot enables you to manage your followers. Choose the people you trust the most from your follower list, or the ones you like best, and add them to your close friends list. This way you can share Tours and Collections with a select few only. Got beef with someone? Block them. Learn about blocking followers here.

Manage your account privacy

If you want maximum privacy for your komoot profile, you can make your whole account private. Only approved followers – follower requests you’ve accepted one by one – can see your profile, Tours and Collections, and comment on your activities. You won’t be able to share your adventures with people who don’t follow you.

Review your account visibility

Control who sees your content

Sharing adventure intel with like-minded people is at the heart of komoot, but there might be some rides, hikes or runs you’d rather keep to yourself, or only share with your close friends. By adjusting the visibility of each Tour you plan or complete, you can control who sees your activities on komoot.

  • Only you

    By default your Tours are private. Nobody can view, like or comment on them in your profile and other komoot users won’t get notifications when you complete private Tours.

  • Close friends

    Share your Tour with the people on your close friends list and they’ll get notifications about your activity, see your Tours in your profile, and be able to like and comment on your adventures. Your Tour will be invisible to everyone else.

  • All followers

    If you have a private profile, you can choose to share your Tours with your followers. Everyone who follows you can see, comment on, and like your activities. People who don’t follow you won’t see these Tours.

  • Anyone

    If your profile is public, setting your individual Tours to public means everyone on komoot will be able to see, like, comment on, and get inspired by them.

Collections have the same settings options which can be controlled independently of your Tour settings. The default is private. You can adjust these settings with each individual Tour or Collection. If you choose to keep your Tours private, you can still tag and invite people without making them public. Tips and photos you share via Highlights are always visible, so the rest of the komoot community can plan awesome adventures with your insider advice.

Adjust your default settings

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