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The next best thing to being on an adventure is reading about one. Notes from Outside is a series of first-person stories exploring the meaning of “adventure,” written by people in our community.

/Issue 8

A Life-Changing Hike Across Norway

Renée Quost

/5 minute read

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/Issue 7

Encounters in a Mountain Hut

Kieran Creevy

/6 minute read

While you exchange stories of past experiences, dreams for future ones, and gear-setups, somehow, there’s a bit of magic in the air. The kind that gets us through the cold season, while we’re huddled together inside.

As I passed a lookout point where two young women had stopped to take pictures, I heard one of them exclaiming, “Holy heck, I can’t believe she’s riding up this hill!” I responded in jest, “Am I almost at the top?”

As much as I love being in the mountains, I’ve always been reluctant to spend the night up there. I love staying in campsites during hiking trips – that’s how I’ve seen a decent chunk of the American Southwest.