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    1. Yasli Esek Jörg

      Today was once again a "reloaded tour" on the program. Already on 28.05.2015 the tour was called "Get off the couch - Get on the couch": (
      At that time we were still in a somewhat larger number (14) on the way. This Thursday only 10 men managed to be there:
      Claus, Ernst Z., Gert, Heinz, Joerg (hiking guide), Klaus H., Klaus W., Mathias, Otto and Walter.
      But after all, 7 of today were also on the tour 4 years ago - only Claus, Ernst Z. and Mathias not.
      We returned to the Gasthaus Löwen in Nassach.

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      • 6 days ago

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    1. Yasli Esek Jörg

      The 400th tour recorded with komoot has demanded a lot from DoWaGru'fties. Luckily without incident or accident ... because in the last year it got me there nearby, when I stumbled on a forest path over a branch and fell on my camera, which took the fall to resent me and 2 ribs has broken. This current route was much more impassable, but fortunately without an accident.Our team consisted of:
      Claus, Ernst Z., Gert, Herbert H., Jörg, Klaus H., Otto, Walter (captain and hiking guide) and Wolfgang S.
      We returned to Hessigheim in the Landgasthof Schreyerhof.Klaus W. has swung on his racing bike and has come to us there.

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      • 07/08/2019

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    1. Yasli Esek Jörg

      Due to the high heat, hiking guide Wolfgang has chosen a tour that has been running in the forest most of the time. At the beginning of the hike we took over the non-shady roads with still cool wind support.
      The DoWaGru had a guest hiker this Thursday. Hiking friend Gert had a visit from the Alb (Peter) - he lives in Meßstetten, but like Gert he is a true Thuringian.
      So we were 9 hikers:
      Gert, Joerg, Klaus W., Mathias, Otto, Peter, Walter, Willy and Wolfgang S. (hiking guide).
      We returned to Landgasthof Krone in Oberstenfeld-Gronau.The next tour will then be for me the tour recorded with komoot number 400.

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      • 07/01/2019

  3. Yasli Esek Jörg went hiking.


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    1. Yasli Esek Jörg

      A nice cool hike after the heat Wednesday. On Wednesday still over 30 ° C we had on Thursday only half with 15-16 ° C. So much more enjoyable for a walk chosen by Achim. Start was at the train station Hemmingen and went over the ruins Nippenburg Schwieberdingen over again back to Hemmingen.The Nippenburg is the ruin of a spur castle and a farm southwest of Schwieberdingen at 295 m above sea level. NN. It was first documented in 1160 and is considered the oldest in the Stuttgart region. In the 17th century, the strategically located on a mountain spur above the Glemstals castle was abandoned and built in the immediate vicinity of the mansion Schloss Nippenburg. In the following centuries, the castle was used as a quarry and abandoned to decay. The remains of the castle ruins with high shield wall and Vorburgteilen and a massive scouring from the year 1483 were consolidated in the early 1980s.
      (Source: Wikipedia).
      Participants were:
      Achim (hiking guide), Gert, Heinz, Herbert H., Joerg, Klaus W., Mathias, Otto, Siegbert and Wolfgang S.
      Einkehr was in the inn Adler in Hemmingen

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      • 06/21/2019

  4. Yasli Esek Jörg went hiking.


    1. Yasli Esek Jörg

      After the heat of the day before (over 30 ° C) came overnight cooling to just 16 ° C. Pleasant conditions for our Thursday hike. The last time in this area was snow (on 08.12.2016, and we met a Alphornbläser.This time were:
      Achim, Ernst Z., Gert, Heinz, Jorg, Klaus W., Mathias, Otto, Siegbert, Willy (hiking guide) and Wolfgang S.
      We returned to Abstatt at the Hotel Hiller.

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      • 06/11/2019

  5. Yasli Esek Jörg went hiking.


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    1. Yasli Esek Jörg

      With wonderful hiking weather Achim has made a really nice tour around Horrheim with us. The headless was me - the first photo I wanted to take, I found that the battery of the device was still at home in the charging station. Fortunately, there are SmartPhones and hiking guide Achim, who is always armed with a camera.Eight migrants were involved with their heads:
      Achim (hiking guide), Claus, Heinz, Joerg, Klaus W., Siegbert, Walter, Willy and Wolfgang S.
      We returned to the Landgasthof Rebstock in Horrheim.

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      • 05/25/2019

  6. Yasli Esek Jörg went hiking.


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    1. Yasli Esek Jörg

      Again a "reloaded tour" in the reverse direction (selected by Wolfgang S.) and another season. At the time tour ( on 15.02.2018 was still snow.Everyone was taken with this hike. Could be:
      Achim, Claus, Ernst Z., Gert, Heinz, Joerg, Mathias, Otto, Walter, Willy and Wolfgang S. (hiking guide).
      We returned to the restaurant Schönblick in Wüstenrot.

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      • 05/21/2019

  7. Yasli Esek Jörg went hiking.


    1.54 mi
    2.7 mph
    150 ft
    125 ft
    1. Yasli Esek Jörg

      ... while Mum finally has her back problems treated.

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      • 05/08/2019

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    1. Yasli Esek Jörg

      Finally the tour on Thursday, 02.05.2019 - today without food. Komoot has no desire to put the pictures at the end of the tour, but at the beginning of the tour each time. And we have never started eating.This "reloaded" tour went through the Waldheide."The Waldheide is a 50-hectare clearing in the Heilbronn city forest.The site was set up in 1883 as a parade ground and occupied from 1951 by the US armed forces, which expanded the forest heath from 1974 to a base for nuclear-equipped medium-range missile type Pershing IA. The NATO double decree Pershing IA were replaced in 1984 by missiles of the type Pershing II.In 1985, on the also called Fort Redleg facility by the explosion of a rocket stage an accident with three fatalities. This incident provided the impetus for a public debate in the Federal Republic of Germany on the dangers of the Pershing system and gave the peace movement a great boost.As a result of the 1987 INF Treaty, the US Army withdrew until 1991. The area was renatured until 1997 and today is a recreational area for the Heilbronn population. (Source Wikipedia). "At the end of the tour we went through the reed sand quarry. This sandstone, which originated in the Middle Keuper, has great cultural and historical significance for the region around Heilbronn.Member:
      Achim, Claus, Ernst Z., Gert, Herbert H., Jörg (hiking guide), Klaus W., Mathias, Otto, Siegbert, Walter, Wolfgang S.
      Einkehr was in the hunting lodge Heilbronn.

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      • 05/10/2019

  9. Yasli Esek Jörg went hiking.


    6.84 mi
    3.0 mph
    450 ft
    425 ft
    1. Yasli Esek Jörg

      A nice tour through the Baumbachtal has Ernst Z. for Thursday on 25.04.2019 selected.
      Unfortunately, my editing took a long time, because me komoot with the upload of the photos has always played a trick.
      I hope it stays the way it is now.
      Claus, Ernst Z. (hiking guide), Gert, Heinz, Herbert H., Joerg, Klaus W., Mathias, Otto, Willy.
      We returned to Besigheim in Ratsstüble

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      • 05/10/2019

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Yasli Esek ist türkisch und heißt auf deutsch: Alter Esel. Ich (Jörg) wohne in Beilstein-Billensbach und bin Mitglied einer Wandergruppe mit ehemaligen Kollegen und mit Freunden, die jeden Donnerstag eine ca. dreistündige Wanderung in Baden-Württemberg im Gebiet Stromberg/Heuchelberg oder im Bottwartal macht. Anschließend dann zünftige Einkehr in einer Besenwirtschaft.Aktive Teilnehmer (Stand 14.01.2019):Achim K. (Freudental), Armin U. (Besigheim), Claus Sch. (Beilstein), Erich R. (Bietigheim-Metterzimmern), Erich S. (Ingersheim), Ernst K. (Beilstein-Klingen), Ernst Z. (Besigheim), Gert W. (Beilstein-Billensbach), Heinz K. (Besigheim), Herbert H. (Beilstein), Jörg R. (Beilstein-Billensbach), Jürgen W. (Bietigheim-Bissingen), Klaus H. (Ilsfeld), Klaus W. (Beilstein), Mathias P. (Besigheim), Otto B. (Freudental), Siegbert S. (Obersulm-Eschenau), Walter Sch. (Besigheim), Willy W. (Beilstein-Schmidhausen), Wolfgang R. (Talheim), Wolfgang S. (Beilstein).

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