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Eine Reihe der vorgestellten Touren sind aus verschiedenen Quellen übernommen und für meine Zwecke angepasst. Alle Touren sind z. B. an meinen Standardstartpunkt am S-Bahnhof Rodgau-Dudenhofen angepasst.
Touren, die mit QW beginnen, sind Touren, die weitgehend von quartier-waldacker.de übernommen sind.
Touren, die mit ADFC beginnen, sind Touren, die weitgehend vom Komoot-User Dirk übernommen sind und dort auch ADFC im Titel haben.
Ich bedanke mich bei allen Ideengebern, besonders auch bei nicht ausdrücklich Erwähnten.

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1,858 mi

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223:07 h

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  1. Norbert5 went for a bike ride.

    August 7, 2020

    27.6 mi
    10.4 mph
    1,100 ft
    1,150 ft
    1. Norbert5

      QW003 (Quartier Waldacker) provided the idea for this trip, but the actual process was bumpy.The detour to Obertshausen came about because I drove over the Jahnstrasse / Schloßstrasse bridge instead of driving past it on the left in the direction of Offenbach. I then used that to explore the surroundings.The section in Offenbach from the Nassen Dreieck along the Hainbach is very beautiful. But there are hardly any alternatives and there are a lot of pedestrians on the way. Driving there is not fun because you have to stop constantly or drive very slowly. I find ringing the bell (constantly) annoying for both parties. The same applies to the other, narrow forest paths there that you try to avoid.

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      • August 7, 2020

  2. Norbert5 went for a bike ride.

    August 5, 2020

    47.8 mi
    12.6 mph
    1,150 ft
    1,175 ft
    1. Norbert5

      The railway bridge at Stockstadt and its underpass were closed during travel time. Directly along the site fence it went on temporarily gravel to Mittelweg and from there on. It makes more sense to use the middle ground with the warning signs.In Seligenstadt, due to the large number of tourists that day, I deviated from the plan and switched to quieter routes.

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      • August 6, 2020

  3. Norbert5 went for a bike ride.

    July 22, 2020

    34.4 mi
    11.0 mph
    1,575 ft
    1,575 ft
  4. Norbert5 went for a bike ride.

    July 20, 2020

    38.2 mi
    11.1 mph
    1,600 ft
    1,600 ft
  5. Norbert5 and Sytoram went for a hike.

    June 24, 2020

    6.34 mi
    2.2 mph
    775 ft
    700 ft
  6. Norbert5 went for a bike ride.

    April 23, 2020

    30.1 mi
    15.2 mph
    1,575 ft
    1,550 ft
  7. Norbert5 planned a bike ride.

    August 8, 2019

    124 mi
    9.2 mph
    3,275 ft
    3,275 ft
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  8. Norbert5 went for a bike ride.

    August 6, 2019

    61.9 mi
    10.9 mph
    2,325 ft
    2,350 ft
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    1. Joker

      Nice tour !! 👍👍

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      • August 6, 2019

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