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Bin Jahrgang 1951 und mache viel Sport, vor allem in der Ostschweiz, wo ich auch wohne. Aber auch auswärtige Kurz- oder Ferientrips in Nah und Fern schätze ich gerne. Dies durchgehend das ganze Jahr über, auch im Winter.
Meine hauptsächlichen Sportarten:
Ich fahre ein eMTB 🚵‍♂️ und nebenbei auch ein bioMTB (beides Fullys). Gerne stark hügelig oder auch mal eher flach (stark gebirgig eher weniger, schwere Trails sind nicht mein Ding.)
Genau so gerne wandere ich 🚶‍♂️, bevorzugt hügeliges und voralpines bis alpines ⛰ Gelände, aber durchaus auch mal eher flach.
Im Winter dann auch mit Schneeschuhen unterwegs, als Wanderersatz sehr gut geeignet.
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8,881 mi

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  1. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️ went mountain biking.

    a day ago

    11.6 mi
    10.9 mph
    600 ft
    625 ft
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    1. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️

      Short bike tour so I don't forget how to bike....
      Cool but still bearable 2-3°C, largely snow-free and reasonably dry. My wimp limit is otherwise 5°C, no snow and halfway dry....
      Despite shoe covers, slightly cold toes, but only a pair of trousers was bearable so far.

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      • about 23 hours ago

  2. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️ went for a hike.

    3 days ago

    8.99 mi
    3.3 mph
    1,100 ft
    1,100 ft
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    1. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️

      I assume that a lot of people went towards the mountains today. Since I've been there a lot lately, I did the opposite and went north to Thurgau. Initially just above the fog, which soon gave way to a light haze.
      Simple but mostly very nice tour around the Ottenberg. On tar, gravel and beautiful hiking trails and bike trails, past small nature reserves, through small gorges and a phenomenal view of the Alps (today slightly hazy).

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      • 3 days ago

  3. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️ went for a hike.

    4 days ago

    4.01 mi
    2.8 mph
    525 ft
    525 ft
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    1. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️

      Easy hike just above the massive sea of fog in the lowlands.

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      • 4 days ago

    1. Andrea🐶🚵🏻🥾

      My first snowshoe tour this winter and then the very best 😍
      Start was in Brülllisau at the church, an ideal starting point for countless tours.
      In the glorious sunshine we were able to follow the tracks in the snow, it went steadily uphill to the Resspass and a beautiful vantage point.
      There we rested extensively in the already quite warm sun, drank a mulled wine and admired and enjoyed the view.
      The way back via Zapfen and the toboggan run that starts at the Ruhesitz restaurant was also great to walk.
      With Werner I had the perfect companion again today 🥰😘

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      • 5 days ago

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    1. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️

      In principle, Komoot recorded the entire tour (around 7.5 km), but due to the GPS failure of the mobile phone, the second half of the blue line and the km are missing....
      Fortunately, Andrea's recording shows the whole tour 😁
      It was an extremely pleasant snowshoe tour today:
      great tracks, unexpectedly warm dream weather 🌞🤩, and then of course the beautiful accompaniment by Andrea 😘
      The paths were really easy to walk, the weather was very mild to almost warm compared to the previous days, great views and beautiful landscapes, just great 🤩🥰
      And at the vantage point we took a nice break with mulled wine and lots of sun while admiring the beautiful white Alpstein 😍
      That's just fun!

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      • 5 days ago

  5. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️ went on a Tour.

    7 days ago

    4.79 mi
    2.5 mph
    1,150 ft
    1,175 ft
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    1. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️

      Official Snowshoe Red 1 / 693 Landscheidi Trail from Schwellbrunn.
      On longer sections of the route (from km 2.9) there is only limited construction, except for the area "Schwellbrunn to Sitz" with a good view of the Alpstein.
      Between km 0-1.5 it was not so good (not on the official route), it was better to stick to the signposts.
      Depending on the snow conditions, there are sections on the roads where you have to wear snowshoes.
      Temperature around -3° to -5°C 🥶
      For me this tour wasn't such a big highlight, you can do it, but you don't have to 😉 therefore only a conditional recommendation from me.
      And then I lost a stirrup of a snowshoe ... is no longer good 😁 (see photo at the end), a replacement has already been ordered. And now already assembled 😀

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      • 7 days ago

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    1. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️

      Deep powdery fresh snow approx. 60 cm. Easy to walk on the normal Risipassweg thanks to a few tracks (mostly from skis). Apart from that, however, because of the deep sinking in, it is extremely exhausting to draw a new track.
      Actually I wanted to go to the "Chli Stockberg", but the way to it via Langzimmer wasn’t marked, it would have been an enormous challenge on its own, so unfortunately I had to turn back.
      Then I looked for the center of the canton of SG, which is completely remote and can only be reached via a new lane. The first attempt was for the cat, because the point taken from a map was about 300 m off 🙃 The second attempt was successful, everything through the deep snow was an enormous battle, but I reached the goal 🤩
      Then quickly back, I was a bit exhausted, but above all I had extremely cold toes and was really no longer pleasant 😒
      All in all a very nice, but partly a bit borderline and exhausting tour due to the conditions. But when you have achieved that, you are completely happy and satisfied 🥰 the views and moods make up for a lot, incredibly beautiful 👌
      The weather was nice, but with partly clouds or fog, but also sunny where there was no shadow. At the start it was -4 ° C, partly a bit breeze, slightly warmer in the sun. And in the snow it was freezing cold, and my toes have hardly ever frozen so 🥶🥶🥶
      N.B .: the photos (cell phone) have been post-processed, the effort is well worth it.

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      • January 11, 2022

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    1. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️

      Surprisingly beautiful tour with lots of cool changes: in addition to normal paths, constant up and down, striking ravines, steep stairs, babbling brooks, waterfalls, ponds, trails, river, forest, viewpoint, fields, monastery etc. etc.
      It was a really nice tour 😍 with surprisingly good weather, hardly at home the snowfall came again ...

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      • January 9, 2022

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    1. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️

      According to all webcams, the Appenzellerland and Alpstein were totally overcast today, so it made little sense to go there.
      Towards Lake Constance it looked much better and more open, but the area didn't appeal to me today.
      So a lap nearby, above Abtwil SG, where I have already been (and inspired by a tour by Martina). First through an extremely wild and romantic ravine in the fern forest, which looked even better with the snow. Then up to the highest point in the area, to the Steinegg 910 m. On the way I was able to see the Alpstein several times, where it was effectively very cloudy, so nothing was missed there ...

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      • January 8, 2022

  9. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️ went on a Tour.

    January 6, 2022

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    1. 🚶‍♂️ Werner 🚵‍♂️

      From (almost) spring back to winter: 2 days ago it was green at 14 ° C, today it was white at -2 ° C ...
      Snow conditions 10-40 cm soft fresh snow ❄ (not powdery), very easy to walk, partly groomed, partly clean.
      Yesterday's wonderful tour of Kitty767 inspired me to do something similar today (if it's snowing again ...). Today, instead of blue and sunny, it was only very cloudy with snowfall and hardly any visibility.
      But it was still a nice tour (snowshoeing goes well with snowfall, provided you can still find the way 🙃).
      Parts of my route (but not all) follow the official snowshoe routes No. 002 + 010.
      We're lucky here to be able to do sports in such a wonderful environment 🤩

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      • January 6, 2022

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