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  1. Hendrik Heuer went for a bike ride.

    2 days ago

    1. Hendrik Heuer

      The journey takes place every half hour S Bahn 6 and 7 from Hanover to Ehlerhausen to the GVH tarifzone region and free bike transport at Wovhenende, and weekdays from 9 to 15 o'clock, otherwise Gvh 1 zone ticket. The ride to Celle costs 4 € plus GvH plus 5 € for bike.
      If you drive to Celle you save 12 With the old town or up to 18 km without city directly from the train station. If the too much I recommend loop to the good sinner and Hüttensee at Meißendorfer omit and continue the cycle path directly towards Wietze.
      Leaving the path at the Fuhse at Altencelle, drives bad.
      A detour via pfennig bridge to the herb garden is still worthwhile. Likewise at the city hall the Stechbahn and Altstadr half-timbered houses.
      The museum yard costs 5 € admission, there are about ten buildings, herb garden and draw well.
      Refreshments in Winsen e.g. Ice cream parlor and bakery Vatter (Sunday 9 am-5 pm). Also in Good Sinner Nabu center restoration with beautiful garden places. Walks around the ponds only on foot.
      The circuit around the Hüttensee is also not suitable for the bike, it ends at the NSG on the southern edge of the Hüttensee. You can not continue towards Bannetze. Only a rough gravel road remains around it to the east. From the observation towers good lake view.
      Bannetze sculptures at the old school building. At the lock and weir Bannetze rest area, and jetty to Aller below weir (swimming). Now follow Alleradweg direction Wietze Jeversen. On good asphalt away towards Fuhrberg.
      Now in a westerly direction through Forst Rundshorn - waterworks - Eltze to the station Bennemühlen. S Bahn 4 half u. Sunday every hour
      Back to Hannover. The calculated altitude are determined too much ... ??? The route is highly recommended and worthwhile, because very varied.

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      • 2 days ago

  2. Hendrik Heuer went for a bike ride.


    1. Hendrik Heuer

      The track was led by DAV cycling groups of the section Hannover by the Montainbike experts - the DAV Montainbikegruppe Detlef Meine. We were 10 participants.
      The track has about 65% gravel, many sometimes violent and longer climbs. Total about 1250 vertical meters. Especially the driveway from Bad Münder - Waldgasthof Bergschmiede to the Eulenflucht is very long and steep.
      The tour is more for mountain bikes or pedeleks; otherwise only with very good coition and minimal 12 courses. Best wider tires with profile. There are a lot of prospects, so Bella Vista Tour by Detlef as title.
      The route followed in the Süntel and Weser mountains largely the marked XW Weserberglandweg.
      Mostly on the crest or parallel to the west of it. Departure Blutbachtal - Hell Valley - Svhneegrund to Welsede. From there climb to the castle Schaumburg (lookout tower), restaurants.
      The distance can be shortened in Steinbergen after 44 km to Rinteln Bf (49 km).

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      • 07/07/2019

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  4. Hendrik Heuer went hiking.


    15.3 mi
    3.0 mph
    2,425 ft
    1,650 ft
    1. Hendrik Heuer

      The tour was carried out by the trekking group of the DAV Hanover section on the occasion of the 150th anniversary with 10 persons arrival by train via Northeim - Herzberg and return via Goslar. The increase from the outskirts Osterode to wet way is quite steep. If you do not like this, I recommend the tour in reverse. In Osterode hourly connections via Herzberg ate Northeim or Seesen - Kreiensen - Hannover.
      In Osterode center several Einkehrmöglickeiten. Also in Altenau, different café and hotel on the market. On the stretch after 12 km after 2! 5 hours in the Hanskühnenburg, with lookout tower. Here all-round view in the south and southeastern Harz.
      Ravensburg, Stöverhai, Gr. Tubers, Clausthal Zellerfeld, Schalke, Acker and Harzvorland to Upper Leinbergland, Helleber, Forst Stauffenberg. When wet, the wet way is not recommended. The riding path west of Acker is difficult to walk.

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      • 07/06/2019

  5. Hendrik Heuer went for a bike ride.


    66.3 mi
    11.6 mph
    2,300 ft
    2,300 ft
    1. Pascal Hug

      Wow, great weather performance 💪💪💪

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      • 06/29/2019

  6. Hendrik Heuer planned a bike ride.


  7. Hendrik Heuer went for a bike ride.


  8. Hendrik Heuer went for a bike ride.


    1. Hendrik Heuer

      The route led on smooth, good ways from the Maschsee - through the Eilenriede - Bischofshol - horse tower - Waldststion with lookout tower (was still Sunday before 10 o'clock) Weidetor- MLK bridge along B 3 over A2 to the Altwarmbüchener lake. Beautiful beaches on the north shore, also with beach bar and sanitary at the DLRG house. At the northeastern end of the lake to the north past the school center to the Basselthof with Icelandic horses to Parksee Löhne. Beautiful campsite with kiosk, restaurant lake and spacious lawn (day ticket 2 €).
      Follow the A7 bridge in northeast direction Engensen resp., Thönse and Wettmar. At the southern edge of the village turn right to Bockwindmühle. At the original location degraded. In the village there is NP market, goat and Immenhof farm shop. Follow the main dam signs Celle and then Wietzenbruch. There are usually good bike paths to the Old Channel (forestry about 53 km, 4 hours). It offers a stop.

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      • 06/23/2019

    1. Hendrik Heuer

      The start of the route was Clausthal-Zellerfeld Marktstrasse. This we followed westward at the pond right on trail. Here upper way and not take the one used by us! Before the campsite behind the pond runner right in Nördl. Direction always hiking trail direction Spiegeltal. Here at the waterfall to the lower Spiegeltaler pond (5 km) further to the upper pond, 2nd waterfall here left 2D to the height direction Bockswiese. At street right to the bathing area Kuttelbacherteich with restoration. Now left direction Maasen to the height to the star roll green line 2 K to the panorama pavilion role (10 km) with view over Granestausee.

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      • 06/22/2019

About Hendrik Heuer

Seit 1991 bin ich Wanderführer im Hannoverschen Wander- und gebirgsverein e. V. Und später auch beim DAV Sektion Hannover. Auch dort als Wanderführer der Treckinggruppe und Sonntagswandeegruppe aktiv. Mein Schwerpunkt liegt bei den längeren Wanderung >25 km, auf aussichtsreichen Naturpfaden.
Wir wandern in Südlichen Niedersachsen von Hamburg bis Harz und von Ostwestfalen bis Nordhessen.
Der Schwerpunkt liegt im Leine-, Harz- und Weserbergland. Ferner mache ich gerne Längere Radtouren mit mein Pedelec.

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