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  1. Swoop went for a hike.

    about 11 hours ago

    0.48 mi
    1.4 mph
    0 ft
    25 ft
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    1. Swoop

      I'm slowly getting bike withdrawal symptoms ... 🤢
      The engine is bobbing around at Bosch, waiting to be replaced. So it can take another week.
      So I took advantage of the nice weather and everyone who was there had to do a little tinkering instead of drinking coffee.
      And the dog was having fun too
      Whoever sees the arrows and the skull 💀 is ... On course ...
      The second piece below the Molmert was no longer clearly visible through all the leaves. We have put plenty of trees to delimit the path. Should work better here now. The days follow later ...
      🤙 Carpe Diem 🤟😎

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      • about 8 hours ago

  2. Swoop went mountain biking.

    November 11, 2020

    12.5 mi
    3.9 mph
    2,500 ft
    2,450 ft
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    1. Swoop

      Today normally no time at all, but colleague called for enduro hunt ... Well :-)
      He showed me a new trail.
      Big thanks to the builders. Awesome part.
      I haven't driven the key points yet, it was too steep for me spontaneously :-) but wow ...
      great steps, the rock slab is awesome.
      And finally the Molmert DH again
      horny horny horny
      and I have sore muscles :-)

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      • November 11, 2020

  3. Joy and 4 others went on a Tour.

    November 8, 2020

    23.3 mi
    7.3 mph
    4,175 ft
    4,150 ft
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    1. Adrian

      Great group, beautiful view, unbelievable weather.

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      • November 9, 2020

  4. Swoop went on a Tour.

    November 7, 2020

    0.93 mi
    0.2 mph
    325 ft
    300 ft
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    1. Alexandra

      Hats off, looks very tall 🙈🧗‍♀️👍 great pictures, have a nice weekend
      Greetings Alexandra 🙋‍♀️

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      • November 7, 2020

  5. Metalhead and 4 others went mountain biking.

    November 6, 2020

    34.1 mi
    10.4 mph
    2,100 ft
    2,000 ft
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    1. Metalhead

      1. It turns out differently and 2. .....
      Actually, we wanted to see whether three valleys are locked in accordance with the lockdown. We did two.
      What remains? A fat day with the best autumn weather.The video will come later, when the app works again ... Software made in Bangladesh.

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      • November 6, 2020

  6. Swoop went mountain biking.

    November 3, 2020

    25.6 mi
    4.4 mph
    4,225 ft
    4,175 ft
    1. Swoop

      I love biking in autumn.
      The colors are amazing in the sun
      And the trails are not so boring and more demanding :-)
      The mud desert in the picture is the root trail behind Wellin. Everything is mobile downwards. Half of it looks like this in the upper part and the branches are in the other half ... :-( Fuck one of the most beautiful trails
      But the mountain bikers destroy the forest, well
      But they're almost done, you can do that again. Put away some greens ... with steam, the rest will come by itself

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      • November 3, 2020

  7. Swoop went mountain biking.

    October 30, 2020

    6.57 mi
    2.7 mph
    1,475 ft
    1,500 ft
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    1. Swoop

      Actually wanted to shoot down the Molmert DH a few times but the lower sections were just mega dangerous. On the roots in the steep parts it was too slippery.
      After we each flew twice in the upper, rather harmless part, reason has triumphed and we left out the blatant things and stopped.
      Today the Lupine was inaugurated by my colleague ...... that's light. This means that the house round is no longer a thing in winter, even during the week.
      And my first ride with fenders.
      Was a decades-long argument among friends.
      Well, I tried it ...
      Yes, my fork and my rear end are cleaner, even with the little mudguards.
      Hmmmm well, I didn't get that much dirt on my face.
      Yeah that's nice ...
      Still, get rid of the shit and give it away ... something like that just breaks and dirt belongs in the faceold school
      Ride on

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      • October 30, 2020

  8. Swoop went mountain biking.

    October 24, 2020

    26.2 mi
    5.3 mph
    3,800 ft
    3,750 ft
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    1. Swoop

      Today just go off without a plan, see where the journey leads. I think it was really exhausting on the slippery paths. But great.
      At the end of the Molmert we had to clamp the DH because it was already too dark ... it would have been a shame to finish it off again Abschluss

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      • October 24, 2020

  9. Swoop went mountain biking.

    October 21, 2020

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    1. Swoop

      Since the repair kit for my pedals is not yet available, the Fischer shopping horn was quickly padded :-)
      and then, with the best weather and mega muddy paths, we went to the house round.
      Which today was often very fast in many corners, for the underground, or in other words:
      We shot through the trails mightily ......
      The last part of the Sundhelle Trail was in the dark, and from next week there will be festival lighting on the helmet.
      And the sunset up on the mountain in Dingeringhausen was unbeatable wow

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      • October 21, 2020

  10. Jörg Adler and 7 others went mountain biking.

    October 18, 2020

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    1. Jörg Adler

      Today I did a Komootler tour. Altogether there were 13 of us, of course with sufficient distance😉.
      Me, Edgar Adler, Joy, Justy, Swoop, Jürgen Lenz, Rüdiger-lector7700 and Torsten KTM 37 were there, plus the 5 other names I couldn't remember, sorry🙄😕.
      The tour started in Iserlohn, from there it went to Hegenscheid, on to Altena and Altena Castle. From there it went back to Iserlohn through the woods.

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      • October 18, 2020

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