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Vorzugsweise mit dem MTB, im Luzernerhinterland - im Herzen der Schweiz, unterwegs.

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  1. Reto went mountain biking.

    September 12, 2020

    17.1 mi
    6.8 mph
    2,975 ft
    3,150 ft
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    1. Reto

      444.3 Circumnavigation of the Swiss National Park September 12th, 2020"Steep, steeper, pass Chaschauna"Weather: nice / + 21 ° CThe third stage took us today from Livigno over the Chaschauna pass to Zuoz. The first 5 kilometers through Val Federia were relatively flat, ideal for warming up. After about 35 minutes warming up, we turned right into the steep ascent. From the first meter on, the slope challenged us mercilessly to the top of the pass. During an hour, with an average gradient of 17%, we cranked ourselves meter by meter closer and closer to the pass. The sun accompanied us all day with its warm, golden light and luckily the fireball did not have as much power as in midsummer, otherwise the ascent would probably have been a lot "harder". At the Rifugio Cassana we allowed ourselves a short break and enjoyed the wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. Unfortunately the mountain hut was closed. A short time later we completed the remaining meters to the top of the pass. When we arrived there, we really appreciated the reduced workload and enjoyed the peace and quiet up here for a while. From summer 2020, a new, fun single trail from the Pass Chaschauna down to the Alp Chaschauna was created especially for us bikers. Of course, we were really looking forward to that and immediately let us forget the exertions during the ascent to the pass. The “downhill” over the new single trail was just super nice and was a lot of fun with the built-in small jumps. Shortly before the Alp Chaschauna, the single trail switched to a hiking trail that continued to bring us closer to the valley. After Alp Chaschauna, we continued downhill on nature trails towards the village of S-chanf. From S-chanf we went a short distance along the Inn to get to our overnight camp in the guest house Convict Zuoz. After caring for the chains on our bikes and a soothing, refreshing shower, we ended the day with a fine pizza and a cool blonde.infinityflow.ch/444-3-nationalpark-umrundung-12-9-2020

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  2. Reto went mountain biking.

    September 11, 2020

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    1. Reto

      444.2 Circumnavigation of the Swiss National Park on September 11, 2020"Val Mora earth-beautiful"Weather: fine / + 17 ° CAfter a hearty breakfast in the Hotel al Rom, we got ready for the second stage of our national park tour. Together with the warming sun and a smile on our face, we started off with joy. The first few kilometers were relatively flat, perfect for gently warming up to operating temperature. After Fuldera we reached the first ascent, which led us into the fabulously beautiful Val Mora. The impressions during the first ascent through the wild and rustic forests were incredibly beautiful and very intense. But when we had left the ascent behind us and greeted us free grazing horses at Val Mora, we were just overwhelmed. We got off our bikes and watched the peacefully grazing herd of horses for a moment and we had the feeling to be somewhere in the wild west. The tour took us on nature trails and fun single trails through the Val Mora to the border where we passed the border from Switzerland to Italy. In Val Mora we stopped again and again to look at the indescribably beautiful, wild nature and we enjoyed the silence of something like that.For my part, I have never cycled such a beautiful stretch of route with so much awe as the one here in Val Mora, and for that I am deeply grateful.After crossing the border, we passed the beautiful Lago di San Giacomo di Fraele. Here, too, we paused briefly to let our gaze wander over the beautifully situated reservoir. Now we were allowed to conquer the ascent to the Passo di Valle Alpisella. Between majestic mountains we peddled our way up with relish until we reached the top of the pass. Our stomachs growled and luckily we discovered an alp on a signpost, not far from the top of the pass. We followed the sign and after only about 300m we were already at the Malga Alpisella. We were the only guests in the nice little Alpstube. Somehow we didn't really understand the Italian hostess and our order turned out to be rather difficult. Finally we just ordered something to eat for two people, but we didn't know what exactly she would bring us ... The hostess disappeared into her kitchen and we were very curious whether we would get anything to eat at all. At some point a second person came and lit a cozy, warming fire in the stove that was right next to us, which we really appreciate, because the temperatures up here at 2288m above sea level were rather fresh. The growling of our stomachs got louder and louder and suddenly the door to the kitchen opened and there stood the Italian host with two bulging wooden panels in her hands. We were amazed, the platters were filled with the finest regional meat and our own cheese from the Alp. The food was delicious and we had a really good time, viva Italia :-)After we had filled our bellies, we continued to bend and luckily it was only down to Livigno. The rapid descent was a lot of fun and our brakes were almost glowing. Before we got down, we had the first little breakdown. On Edgar's bike, the screw of the shift lever had loosened during the bumpy descent and the shift lever only dangled around the cable. Luckily Edgar noticed it straight away and all parts were still there to screw the gear lever back onto its bracket. After 5 minutes of repairs, we were able to continue the rest of the route to Livigno without incident. We stayed at the Montivas Lodge in Livigno for the second night. After a fine dinner and a cold beer, we were finally looking forward to the warm, soft bed in our rooms.infinityflow.ch/444-2-schweizerischer-nationalpark-umrundung-11-9-2020

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  3. Reto went mountain biking.

    September 10, 2020

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    1. Reto

      444.1 Circumnavigation of the Swiss National Park 10.9.2020"Attunement in Val S-charl"Weather: nice / + 16 ° CThe circumnavigation of the National Park has been in my head for a long time. On the spur of the moment, I looked to see if there were any free hotels for 9/10. until 13.9.2020 along the route. And there was that, including luggage transport from one hotel to the next, great service. The circuit is the official National Park bike marathon route. The circumnavigation with the number “444” is described in more detail on the SwitzerlandMobility website.Together with my “bike buddy” Edgar, we drove to the Engadin on Thursday at 4.30 am, with the bikes with us. The mighty, rising sun greeted us on the Flüelapass and already conjured a first smile on our faces. After a three hour drive we arrived in Scoul. Of course, we immediately threw ourselves into our bike clothes and were able to drop off our luggage at the Hotel Belval for luggage transport straight away. At 9 a.m. we started cycling and our tour of the National Park was in full swing. The first stage led us from Scuol through the Val S-charl and over the Pass da Costainas to Tschierv. The route was mainly on natural roads, along a picturesque mountain stream and through light pine forests towards the Pass da Costainas. Before crossing the pass, we fortified ourselves with delicious alpine cheese at Alp Astras and enjoyed the easy and quiet moment for a moment before we continued to bite. After refreshment, we soon passed the Pass da Costainas and we were able to tackle the pos. Chop off altitude for today. The rest of the route finally led us down to Tschierv, where we finished the first stage and stayed at the Hotel al Rom for the first night.infinityflow.ch/444-1-schweizerischer-nationalpark-umrundung-10-9-2020

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  4. Reto went mountain biking.

    August 27, 2020

    28.4 mi
    8.3 mph
    3,900 ft
    3,975 ft
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    1. Reto

      Biking Sewenseeli August 27, 2020"Idyllic mountain lake"Weather: nice / + 18 ° CFrom Entlebuch we started towards Finsterwald, past the wind turbines at the Rengg. We continued on the Glaubbergstrasse up to the Glaubbergpass. At the top of the pass we turned right and continued through the impressive moorland on the Glaubberg. The path led through unspoilt nature and the last few meters of altitude had to be conquered before we saw little Sewenseeli. At the chapel, which is right next to the Seeli, we took a short break and enjoyed the silence and tranquility in the magnificent, wild nature. On a partly We continued on the blocked hiking trail. Soon we passed Alp Fürstein and continued on a dirt road down towards Stäldeli. From the Stäldeli we unfortunately caught a path that was not drivable by bike and we had to push and slide our bikes to destroy the vertical meters, luckily we went downhill. From the Stäldeli in the direction of the valley, the official road would have been the better choice. At some point we came back to a drivable path near the Chessiloch and immediately we went faster again. Since dusk had already set in, we continued on the road from Flühli to Schüpfheim. From Schüpfheim we chose the beautiful Emmenuferweg for the rest of the way to Entlebuch.Conclusion: Super nice tour, when climbing the Glaubbergpass there would certainly be alternative sections that you could drive so as to have to follow the road less.Tip: From the Stäldeli, choose the road for the descent, unless you want to pay a visit to the Chessiloch.infinityflow.ch/biken-sewenseeli-27-8-2020

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      • August 28, 2020

  5. Reto went mountain biking.

    August 23, 2020

    21.1 mi
    10.5 mph
    2,400 ft
    2,350 ft
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    1. Reto

      Biking Schönenthül 23.8.2020"a bit of everything"Weather: slightly cloudy / + 19 ° CToday there were two of us, my bike buddy Edgar led the lap today and showed me a very varied, fun bike tour that I had never seen before. We started towards Zell and then did the first ascent in the Zällerwald. The ascent brought us to the beautifully situated Schönenthül. Unfortunately, the clouds in the sky blocked our view of the Bernese Alps. But at least we saw the Napf, behind the upstream Napf Mountains that I loved so much. Beautiful single trails through the woods led us to the village of Gondiswil. After Gondiswil we went through the dense forest at the Horbe, past the Babeliplatz and “flowing” down to Altbüron. From here there was another ascent that brought us towards Grossdietwilerallmend. With a beautiful all-round view, we continued towards Schlempen. After the sharp left turn at Schlempen, we quickly turned over meadow and forest paths towards the Rütigraben. We were allowed to compensate for the lost altitude immediately while climbing the Bodenberg. At the Bodenberg cheese dairy, we had climbed the positive meters. Past the Hübschtal and the large linden tree that towers majestically over Gettnau, we continued to bend home.It was a very varied round that offered us everything that the “biker's heart” desires. Thanks Edgar!infinityflow.ch/biken-schoenenthuel-23-8-2020

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      • August 23, 2020

  6. Reto went mountain biking.

    August 21, 2020

    23.2 mi
    13.1 mph
    1,275 ft
    1,300 ft
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    1. Reto

      Biking Santeberg 21.8.2020"Mild summer evening"
      Weather: overcast / + 21 ° C
      Today the temperature was up to + 33 ° C, a super hot late summer day. After the sun bowed behind the horizon, the temperatures immediately dropped noticeably by a few degrees. So I started at dusk to pay another visit to the Santeberg. It was a very pleasant, mild summer evening.To witness how day gives way to night, how the light gives way to darkness is just super great to witness and made the tour a very special experience.infinityflow.ch/biken-santeberg-21-8-2020

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      • August 23, 2020

  7. Reto went mountain biking.

    August 14, 2020

    26.5 mi
    7.2 mph
    4,500 ft
    4,500 ft
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    1. Reto

      Biking Hohgant 8/14/2020"Hohgant, once around"Weather: cloudy / + 18 ° CIn less than ideal weather conditions, I started the circuit of the Hohgant in the beautiful Emmental community of Schangnau by bike. During the trip to Schangnau it still rained a little. Just in time for the start of the circumnavigation, the warming sun even came out from behind the gray clouds. She accompanied me for the first half hour. When the ascent to the Harzisboden began, the clouds unfortunately pushed the sun back very skillfully. The ascent on the old Säumerweg was not rideable for me, the stones on the steep path were too big, so pushing the bike was announced. Fortunately, the resinous ascent was only a few hundred meters long and soon I was able to get back on the bike and continue cycling normally. From here the grandiose landscape began, the path led me through wild, unspoilt nature to Lombachalp. There was a cool freshness up here and I was happy to lose a few meters in altitude down towards Habkern. I made a short stop at Habkern and ate a few fine bars from my backpack. Now it was time to climb steep tar and gravel roads towards the Grünenberg Pass. The way to the pass led me past green meadows and through wonderful forests. No wonder that the pass is called “Grünenbergpass”. The descent from the pass was quite bumpy, if you were going in the opposite direction you would have to push the bike up. After the descent, it went back quickly to the starting point in Schangnau.Conclusion: The landscape is a wonderful tour, technically not very demanding.Tip: Drive the loop around the Hohgant clockwise, otherwise a bigger sliding orgy on the Grünenbergpass is announced.infinityflow.ch/biken-hohgant-14-8-2020

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      • August 16, 2020

  8. Reto went for a hike.

    August 12, 2020

    8.23 mi
    1.8 mph
    2,650 ft
    2,600 ft
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    1. Reto

      Hiking Schratteflueh Hängst August 12th, 2020"Karst landscape"Weather: nice / + 30 ° CI had already circled the impressive Schratteflue by bike and at that time I knew that I would also like to explore the karst landscape on foot. Today it was time, together with my wife we hiked from Wagliseiboden towards Alp Schlund and further over Silwängen into the breathtaking karst landscape of the Schratteflue. You have to be sure-footed to get over the furrowed, sharp-edged ground, but the natural spectacle is unique and very impressive. Past the Heideloch we reached the Hängst after about 2.5 hours. At 2092m above sea level it is the highest point of the Schratteflue. The 360 ° panorama on the Hängst was just incredibly beautiful and very impressive. After a short rest, we hiked towards the Türstehäuptli, a prominent rock outcrop on the Schratteflue. Shortly before the doorstep we stopped for lunch and enjoyed our food from the backpack. The hike continued towards Schibegütsch. Shortly before the Schibegütsch we turned left towards Chlus and got back down to the deeper regions. Past the Böli we hiked down to the Schneeberg. The rest of the section on a dirt road brought us back to our starting point.The circular hike is not entirely without, especially the crossing of the karst landscape above Silwängen requires a certain surefootedness. The landscape and the panorama are unique, just super great.infinityflow.ch/wandern-schratteflueh-haengst-12-8-2020

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      • August 13, 2020

  9. Reto went mountain biking.

    August 9, 2020

    37.6 mi
    10.8 mph
    3,475 ft
    3,425 ft
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    1. Reto

      Biking Bramboden 9.8.2020"Hot ride"Weather: nice / + 31 ° CAfter a week of biking in Austria, I was back on the local trails today. It was a beautiful, hot summer day as it is in a picture book. I turned off towards Wolhusen and then continued on the Emmenuferweg, along the cool, small Emme to Entlebuch. At Entlebuch it went right into the ascent which finally brought me to Stächelegg. The sun burned down on me mercilessly all the way to Bramboden and the Garmin Edge 830 showed me + 36.8 ° C 😜. Accordingly, my water bottle was emptied relatively quickly. Fortunately, I was able to refill the empty water bottle at Bramboden. This filling lasted until shortly before the Trimle and there came another fountain with cool, refreshing water. At the same time I dipped my whole head into the cool water, which was wonderful refreshment. Shortly before the Stächelegg it got "slow", the temperature was just a little too much. I was all the more pleased when I arrived at the Stächelegg, because I was even greeted by the sounds of Schwyzerörgeli, wonderful. The "downhill" from Stächelegg down to Höll brought a pleasant, cooling wind that I let go over me with great pleasure. The rest of the route was flat along the Änziwigger to Willisau. Between Willisau and Gettnau I had a pleasant tailwind that I wasn't even that unhappy about.infinityflow.ch/biken-bramboden-9-8-2020

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      • August 9, 2020

  10. Reto went mountain biking.

    August 7, 2020

    21.1 mi
    6.3 mph
    4,675 ft
    4,600 ft
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    1. Reto

      Biking Trails Serfaus 7/8/2020"Trail hunting"Weather: nice / + 27 ° CToday I faced a special challenge, at least for me. I wanted to cope with the ascent from Fiss directly to the Schönjoch. The special thing about it is that 1000 meters of altitude have to be mastered over 10km. I went calmly and carefully into the ascent and watched my pulse, which settled between 140-150bpm. In the lower part the sun burned relatively firmly and I lost a lot of fluid very quickly, luckily I always had the opportunity to refill my drinking bottle with water. In the upper part, just before the Schönjoch, which is at 2500m above sea level, I felt the thinner air and the performance decreased. I was fully to myself, concentrating only on my breathing and on my legs. Suddenly I heard hikers clapping their hands and cheering me on. I've never experienced anything like it before, but it was incredibly motivating and in no time at all I arrived at the Schönjoch after two hours of “non-stop ascent”. I was really looking forward to my performance and I felt very good. After a short break, I was looking forward to the first of the four single trails that will bring me back down into the valley. The Jochtrail led me from the Schönjoch to the Komperdell above Serfaus. The trail is 5.8 km long and technically not entirely without it. During the whole route, the single trail offered me a breathtaking panorama of the imposing mountains. At the end of the trail there was another 400 meters of altitude to conquer in the blazing sun. The route led me on a dirt road, with gradients of up to 22%, up to the Lazid, which is at 2351m above sea level. The last few meters in front of the lazid were already straining forces and then it happened again. Today for the second time I heard hikers clapping hands that I met and motivated me. I enjoyed it very much and so I was fully motivated to finish the last meters of altitude for today. As a reward, three single trails were waiting for me. From the Lazid, the Scheidtrail led me back down to the Komperdell. Here we went straight down to the Högalm on the Alpkopftrail. Last but not least, the Högtrail asked me to “shoot down”. I arrived back at my starting point completely happy and exhausted.infinityflow.ch/biken-trails-serfaus-7-8-2020

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      • August 11, 2020

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