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Gehe e-Mountainbiken vor allem im Unterallgäu.
Begeisterter e-MTB-ler seit 2019

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1,830 mi

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208:32 h

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  1. Michael went mountain biking.

    October 26, 2021

    9.27 mi
    8.3 mph
    1,875 ft
    1,925 ft
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  2. Michael went mountain biking.

    September 5, 2021

    57.1 mi
    12.2 mph
    3,550 ft
    3,575 ft
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  3. Michael went mountain biking.

    August 17, 2021

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    1. Michael


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      • August 17, 2021

  4. Michael went mountain biking.

    August 16, 2021

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    1. Michael

      Day 8 of the tour and day 2 on the Trans Bayerwald Süd route.
      Commentary follows.

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      • August 17, 2021

  5. Michael went mountain biking.

    August 15, 2021

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    1. Michael

      Day 7. End of the north route and start of the south route. The day began with a swim in the beautiful natural pool of Neukirchen with the holy blood. Then from him to Furth with Drachensee. Since the Ankku at the foot of the Voitenberg was almost full and the planned day's stage wasn't too long, I switched from occasional motor support to continuous thrust in stages 2 and 3 for the first time on the entire tour for a complete uphill climb. What a difference - T-bar lift instead of sweating! A completely different way of driving! With a 500Wh battery and a total weight of approx. 150kg, this is only possible for a short time. Understandable, however, that many short-distance occasional cyclists only practice this type of "easy cycling". It's not mine in the long run!

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      • August 15, 2021

  6. Michael went mountain biking.

    August 14, 2021

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    1. Michael

      Day 6 a day of highlights or highlights:No. 1: of course the Arber as King of the Bavarian Forest. Although the ascent and descent via forest roads are largely unspectacular apart from a piece of single trail, it is simply a must on the tour as the highest mountain in the area!No. 2: On the Arber descent on the Scharebenhütte I meet a small wedding party and lo and behold, the bride is the photographer of my own wedding 23 years ago! The world is a village!

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      • August 14, 2021

  7. Michael went mountain biking.

    August 13, 2021

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    1. Michael

      Comment follows ..

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      • August 13, 2021

  8. Michael went mountain biking.

    August 12, 2021

    1. Michael

      Day 4 of the tour looked like a relaxing day on paper. Because less up than down and less km than the day before. But it wasn't that easy after all .... see hm uphill .. 😯
      Overall, however, a beautiful route, a lot of long downhill, varied routes with a number of beautiful forest paths and trails. Definitely also uphill and incline and technically demanding. Highlights of the day were certainly the drive through the primeval forests of the national park (despite the forest motorway), the forest treetop path and the luxury of a hot shower at the campsite.
      Despite a small improvement to the frame protection of the luggage rack attachment, the luggage rack attached to the frame and therefore fully sprung, has proven itself particularly well on trail descents. A dream compared to the unsprung luggage rack on the rear swing arm.
      Sequel follows...

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      • August 12, 2021

  9. Michael went mountain biking.

    August 11, 2021

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    1. Michael

      Day 3 was long, exhausting, impressive ..... and is now over - just like my battery for which there was unfortunately no possibility to recharge today! Just pedaling a lot without support was just enough for the crisp areas.
      The number one fun factor besides the view and the smell of fresh hay and wood was definitely the descent from the three-seat chair. First beautiful paths without traffic and hikers, there are beautiful trails. Overall, relatively little asphalt and some forest roads to make the route today. In any case, I'm flat for today - but I'm looking forward to tomorrow, it's more downhill than uphill ...

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      • August 11, 2021

  10. Michael went mountain biking.

    August 10, 2021

    1. Michael

      Day 2 on the TransBayerwald Northern Route from Passau to the Upper Palatinate. Except for the first drop of the chain through a stick, everything has been going very well so far. Thanks to a lot of driving without support, I also got there well with the battery, so that I still had enough juice available in the really tricky places and towards the evening. Three viewpoints with great views, lots of sun and a magnificent landscape - so far just a dream!

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      • August 10, 2021

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