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Hallo, ich bin Verena, die fotografierende und schreibende Outdoor-Begeisterte hinter dem Outdoor- und Reiseblog "Hinter dem Horizont". Vom kleinen Spaziergang bis zur Mehrtagestour... Wandern ist für mich der perfekte Ausgleich zum Alltag und meine bevorzugte Art, draußen unterwegs zu sein. Deshalb wandere ich nicht nur vor der eigenen Haustür, sondern auch sehr gerne auf Reisen.Obwohl ich eigentlich zügig wandere, komme ich oft nur langsam voran. Denn für mich ist immer der Weg das Ziel und ich genieße jeden Moment in der Natur - mit all den kleinen Details am Wegrand, die mich so oft fasziniert anhalten lassen 💚Wenn Wandern für dich auch kein Leistungssport ist, dann bist du hier genau richtig 😀

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  1. Hinter dem Horizont went for a hike.

    2 days ago

    13.8 mi
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    1. Hinter dem Horizont

      The best weather made me swap my home office for a hiking trail. A good deal I think 😀😉 And this path started in Langenzenn (west of Fürth): the Hohenzollern hiking trail.The market square of Langenzenn welcomed me with magnificent buildings. The church of the former Augustinian monastery is in the second row, but it towers over the backdrop and is already basking in the low morning sun.At the start I noticed that the trail markings on the Hohenzollern hiking and cycling trail look the same and often overlap. So you have to be careful which sign you follow. However, since the cycle path always appears together with the green cycle path arrow, you quickly get the hang of it.I left the town and followed a ditch with a meandering stream. Soon I reached a forest in which some fog had persisted. The sun's rays were therefore clearly visible and created a mystical atmosphere.The small Rossendorf was quickly crossed and through fields and forest I was soon in front of the Cadolzburg, a mighty Hohenzollern fortress. The path leads past their gates, so that you can risk a look behind the walls. The Burggarten is said to be very beautiful, but it is probably more worthwhile at a different time of the year.I left Cadolzburg and then got annoyed about the missing markings. It doesn't matter, what else do I have the GPX data for 😉 Something similar awaited me after the large facility of the Pliekershof. Somehow I found my way over the fortunately mostly frozen ground. The last forest work had left deep marks and as a muddy path that would have been very unpleasant.I passed the Kernmühle, an event barn, and soon after could see my destination: Roßtal. The town center is formed by the large St. Laurentius Church, which is surrounded by a large cemetery. The gate that connects the cemetery with the market square is very beautiful.Please visit my outdoor and travel blog at

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      • a day ago

  2. Hinter dem Horizont went for a hike.

    January 6, 2022

    13.0 mi
    2.5 mph
    425 ft
    450 ft
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    1. Hinter dem Horizont

      The heavy rain of the past few days made the choice for today's hike difficult. On the one hand I didn't want to sink up to my knees in the mud, on the other hand I didn't want to just wander aimlessly through the vineyards.After much back and forth it became the first stage of HW4, a long-distance hiking trail of the Swabian Alb Association, which runs for around 400km from Würzburg to Ulm. The entire section on the Main to Ochsenfurt runs on the bike path, vineyard trails and through the wine villages. This at least ensured that I wouldn't be completely filthy afterwards 😉 But I had another problem: flooding.It started at the Old Main Bridge in Würzburg and with the fortress on the right, I walked along the promenade. It didn't take long before the first foothills of the Main blocked the sidewalk.The flooded areas turned out to be a playground for ducks and geese. The latter were the strangest encounter on my tour, because in Randersacker they crossed my path while swimming. I then had to look for an alternative route, because the water had already flooded benches up to above the seat.The sun smiled in my face the entire way and made this January day seem like spring. The songbirds, too, were blown away and chirped entire symphonies. And so the singing of blackbirds, robins & Co. accompanied me on my way through Eibelstadt, Sommerhausen and Kleinochsenfurt.Over the Main Bridge I reached the old town of Ochsenfurt and shortly afterwards the train station. The long-distance hiking trail, on the other hand, branches off from the old town in the direction of Taubertal and then continues to Ulm ... Small information for everyone who is still looking for a project for the good "move more" resolutions 2022 ... 😉Please visit my outdoor and travel blog at

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      • January 6, 2022

  3. Hinter dem Horizont went for a hike.

    January 1, 2022

    1. Hinter dem Horizont

      I wish you all a happy new year with lots of great outdoor experiences and exciting adventures 😀This morning I started the hiking year 2022 with a little New Year's walk. I didn't want to lug the camera with me and that's why, for once, there are only cellphone pictures.From the Würzburger Steinbachtal it went through the Annaschlucht up to the Frankenwarte. Unfortunately, the observation tower is still closed, so that the hoped-for view over Würzburg was canceled.Under the eyes of the army of Buddha sculptures in the garden opposite, we went on to the stairs that lead down to Leistenstrasse. After a bit on the bike path, a branch lured into the vineyards of the Inner Bar. Here the path runs below the Marienberg Fortress and the Maschikuliturm and is much more attractive than the cycle path along the road.From the Löwenbrücke the bike path was the better choice to get back to the Steinbachtal: the pedestrian path next to it is currently quite muddy. At least I made it this far without sucking in my pants ... I didn't want to change that in the last few meters 😉It wasn't a particularly spectacular route, but it was still a good start into the new hiking year 😀Please visit my outdoor and travel blog at

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      • January 1, 2022

  4. Hinter dem Horizont went for a hike.

    December 21, 2021

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    1. Hinter dem Horizont

      Höhenweg - the word sounds like a spectacular mountain hike and a view over snow-covered peaks. We think a little smaller around Würzburg 😂 And so this summit storm led up to the highest mountain, er hill, in the main triangle: the Breitfeldplatte with an impressive 387m 😮😉The start was at the Thüngersheim train station and from there it went straight to the vineyards. I was in a hurry: there were only a few minutes until sunrise, which I really wanted to photograph. Fortunately, the sun still had to climb the vineyards. That bought me some time to enjoy the glittering ice landscape ❄🤩I stopped at a rest area. The few meters in altitude already gave me a nice view over the foggy landscape and a lantern on a stylized vine tendril offered an interesting motif.The sun first illuminated the tops of the vineyards and then slowly spread over the banks of fog. I climbed a little higher when she finally climbed over the horizon. It was a wonderful light mood when the dreary vineyards were bathed in shining gold 🤩I left the vineyard and came to a Christmas tree. Who says it always has to be a conifer? The Christmas decorator of the deciduous tree probably thought that too.Then I reached Mount Widefield. It all sounds more impressive in English, doesn't it? Okay, that doesn't make the Breitfeldplatte higher ... but it was worth a try 😉 Würzburg, Spessart, Rhön and Steigerwald are located in the four cardinal directions, each with their typical rock.We continued across the fields until the path turned into a wooded area. Here in the shade of trees and hills I was back in the glittering fairytale landscape. Nevertheless, I was happy when I got back to Thüngersheim and the warming sunshine.Please visit my outdoor and travel blog at

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      • December 22, 2021

  5. Hinter dem Horizont went for a hike.

    December 5, 2021

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    1. Hinter dem Horizont

      After the Christmas markets were banned in Bavaria, it was clear: another year without mulled wine on the Würzburg market, with the smell of bratwurst and roasted almonds in the nose. I missed that last year 😌 I should have taken my chance in Hamburg in November ... Too late.But there has to be a mulled wine somewhere away from your own living room! So today I used the nice weather to go looking.Since there is a ban on alcohol in outdoor restaurants in Würzburg, the route led in the other direction to Randersacker. Following the cycle path, I was soon standing at the Randersacker lock. For a long time I didn't even know that there was a way to the other side of the Main. And so I used it for the first time today.On the other side, the little wine village awaited me with its giant bench. I even climbed up once for a photo and then walked on with my bum wet 😅The vinotheque at the main parking lot sounded promising and, according to a sign, was already open from 10 a.m. An outdated information, because at the entrance it was then 12 o'clock. Wait 35 minutes? No, my need for a mulled wine wasn't that urgent after all 😉So I continued on the bike path, where I came across the kilometer stone of the Camino de Santiago: 2743km to Santiago de Compostela. An ambitious route 😮 Maybe another time 😉😂At the Main House I found what I was looking for: mulled wine to go. The one-way coffee mug and the area around the restaurant parking lot didn't manage to create that long-awaited Christmas market feeling, but the mulled wine was all the more delicious.The starting point of the tour was soon reached again via the Kneipp footbridge. And I was at least a little reconciled with this messed up pre-Christmas time 😉Please visit my outdoor and travel blog at

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      • December 5, 2021

  6. Hinter dem Horizont went for a hike.

    November 27, 2021

    12.5 mi
    2.0 mph
    325 ft
    425 ft
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    1. Hinter dem Horizont

      My last day near Hamburg led me to go hiking in the city. Yes, IN the city, on the southern Alster hiking trail. It is part of the Via Baltica aka North German Way of St. James and always leads along the water to the confluence of the Alster and the Elbe.If you want to hike the whole 37km, you start in Keyhude outside the city with the northern section. The southern one then begins at the Poppenbüttel (my starting point) or Ohlsdorf S-Bahn stations, depending on your fitness level.First of all: I kept to the yellow arrows that marked the Camino de Santiago. The course is indicated differently on some maps. However, this only means that you may hike on the other side of the Alster.I started in Poppenbüttel and after a few rainy days the path had turned into a mosaic of puddles, mud holes and halfway accessible places. After 1km I was no longer socially acceptable 😂 But I didn't care, because I enjoyed the completely flat, wide path that always led along the Alster.The Alster became wider and wider and the first kayakers measured themselves on the river. Meanwhile it rained continuously with a mixture of normal wet and snow. Everyone can hike in fair weather 😉 and the kayak drivers apparently didn't mind the weather either.The path also changed: the mud was replaced by pavement, concrete or asphalt and the forest-like environment was transformed into allotment gardens and parks.I reached the Outer Alster, a 164 hectare lake. The path led along the bank and in good weather the view of the surrounding city would have been great. After going around a construction site, I reached the Inner Alster and slowly could see something more through the rain curtain: in front of me was the Jungfernstieg, which shone in the glow of the Christmas lights.The rest of the way then led through the city, always along the canal, until the confluence of the Alster and the Elbe with a view of the Elbphilharmonie was reached.Even in the bad weather it was a nice hike 😀☔Please visit my outdoor and travel blog

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      • November 29, 2021

  7. Hinter dem Horizont went for a hike.

    November 20, 2021

    11.4 mi
    2.0 mph
    750 ft
    800 ft
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    1. Hinter dem Horizont

      After I liked stage 1 of the Heidschnuckenweg so much, stage 2 was only one day later on the plan. Since my holiday apartment is conveniently right on the way, I started shortly before sunrise and first crossed Buchholz.Before the start I had roughly freed my pants from yesterday's mud, but already in the city forest it was clear: I could have saved myself that 😂After a detour to the bakery, we went to the other side of the train tracks and then along them for a while. To be honest, I asked myself up to kilometer 7 how this stage could be chosen as the most beautiful hiking trail in Germany in 2014, because I didn't find the proximity to the tracks so tingling. The adjoining forest was also only rated "not worth remembering" from me.But then I reached the hell canyon. And I'm glad I had already read about it, because otherwise I might have overlooked this mini canyon 😉 But as small as it is - it already has something.Shortly thereafter, the NSG Brunsberg followed, which inspired me with its beautiful heathland. The mountain itself with its 129m offered a beautiful view of the heather and a few benches invited for a first small stop.It went back into the forest and after a small heather moor the beautiful heathland of the Büsenbach valley followed. Here, too, there were benches waiting at the vantage point, from which I could let my gaze wander. What I unfortunately could not discover: Heidschnucken. I really wanted to see some up close 😌The path led down into the valley and on the other side of the Büsenbach through the heathland.Forest followed again. And when I came across houses again, I was amazed: a warning sign of camels ?! The animals probably serve educational purposes and live behind the house, where I could spot them in the distance on my way. I wanted Heidschnucken up close and got camels in the distance ... you just can't have everything 😂Then it was not far to the train station in Handeloh, the end point of the second stage.Most beautiful hiking trail in Germany? I would have other candidates. But from the Höllenschlucht it was quite a nice stretch.Please visit my outdoor and travel blog at

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      • November 20, 2021

  8. Hinter dem Horizont went for a hike.

    November 19, 2021

    15.6 mi
    2.1 mph
    1,075 ft
    850 ft
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    1. Hinter dem Horizont

      Since my holiday apartment in Buchholz is right on Heidschnuckenweg, I took a look at the first stage of the quality trail today: Hamburg / Fischbek - Buchholz.The day started early because I had about 1 hour to get to Fischbek and I really wanted to cover the 25km before sunset. I know how much I can stroll around when I have the right motifs for taking photos 😅And this is exactly what was offered right at the beginning of the path: deer carefully looking over the low vegetation of the Fischbeker Heide. I spotted them anyway - sometimes only when I was trying to escape, sometimes because of the large ears that were pointed in my direction.In contrast to the deer, I had less luck with the heather sheep. I did see a herd, but only a long way away.But the landscape of the Fischbeker Heide was also a dream. I could even miss the gray sky 😉The path led in waves along the Lower Saxony state border, before I changed state near the Tempelberg forest settlement and continued walking in the forest for a long time. There I passed the Karlstein, a large chunk of granite that was transported here by glaciers during the Ice Age.Then I reached Langenrehm, which had some curiosities in store: on the one hand because of the figures and other decorations at the riding stables, on the other hand because at 140m it is said to be the highest village in the north German lowlands. If I hadn't read it, I wouldn't have noticed 😂A less beautiful section of the motorway followed. First via the A261 and the A1, or along them. Because of the unfavorable wind direction, the traffic noise could be heard for a long time.Then I reached the windmill in Dibbersen, which I had already visited yesterday. Since the weather wasn't significantly better, the picture is unfortunately just as gray as yesterday 😕The last stretch to Buchholz ran through the forest and the village of Steinbeck. Since my apartment is right on the way, I finished the stage on the outskirts. Normally it would lead to the Buchholz train station.A very nice stage, but I liked the first section through the Fischbeker Heide best.Please visit my outdoor and travel blog at

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      • November 19, 2021

  9. Hinter dem Horizont went for a hike.

    November 18, 2021

    5.78 mi
    2.7 mph
    300 ft
    300 ft
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    1. Hinter dem Horizont

      Last weekend I moved part of my wardrobe and my home office to Buchholz in the Nordheide to work here for two weeks. So far, unfortunately, there has been no opportunity to explore my surroundings. But today it finally worked ... and I just ignored the unpleasant weather 😉From my apartment it went through the forest and the heather, while rain and wind increased more and more. My destination was the windmill in Dibbersen, from which I then took pictures with authentic raindrops on the lens 😂The way back led me along the green lifelines that run through Buchholz. Surrounded by trees, you could almost forget that you are already in the middle of town 😍A wet, but very nice first impression of my surroundings 😀 More is already planned 😉Please visit my outdoor and travel blog at

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      • November 18, 2021

  10. Hinter dem Horizont went for a hike.

    November 6, 2021

    5.83 mi
    1.9 mph
    750 ft
    750 ft
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    1. Hinter dem Horizont

      Thick high fog lay over the landscape when we arrived at the parking lot of the Homburg ruins near Gössenheim. As so often this year, the weather report turned out to be a bad PR gag.But at least at the end of the tour we got some of the promised sunshine. So don't be surprised that the pictures of Homburg show blue skies ... for a few nice pictures I walked the few meters to the ruins after the tour 😉But now back to the beginning. The view from the ruin ended in the gray soup and so we hiked on quickly. The path led through the steppe heath with some juniper bushes between the fields.The view into the valley suggested a colorful autumn forest. But it was only when the dirt road led down to the edge of the forest and the gray veil lost its effect that the brightly colored leaves finally revealed their full color splendor.We continued into the forest, where we always had the feeling of walking through a colorful tunnel. Although many trees had already lost a large part of their leaves, the autumn magic was unbroken.It went back to the steppe heath and between the bushes and trees of the open landscape the tower of the Homburg could be seen again and again. But our way led past her into the valley, where we passed the mountain mill.The mass of kitsch and curiosities horrified and fascinated me at the same time. Figures, lanterns, plaques with slogans, etc. took up every centimeter in the garden, the courtyard and the adjoining path.Then the sky finally opened and bathed the Homburg up on the hill in a warm light. The path led back up the road to the parking lot. We passed the beautiful Maria im Weinberg chapel, which I was particularly looking forward to on the hike. And now even the sun was shining ... perfect! 😍Please visit my outdoor and travel blog

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      • November 7, 2021

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