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  1. Wanderin 🥾🐞🌲 and Huebenbaecker went on a Tour.

    3 days ago

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    1. Wanderin 🥾🐞🌲

      Small round outside the city center along the towpath (path along the Ilmenau, on which draft animals used to pull the ships across the water) and past the Lüne Abbey.😱You are already measuring the area around the garage (my favorite disco “centuries ago 😂). Unfortunately Corona fell victim. Will not be reopened and the site will appear to be used for other purposes. 🤷‍♀️

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      • 3 days ago

  2. Wanderin 🥾🐞🌲 and Huebenbaecker went on a Tour.

    7 days ago

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    1. Wanderin 🥾🐞🌲

      The driving school time of the “little ones” (🤔 easily surpasses me) and enjoyed a small, slow lap on the Ilmenau. The inflamed toe just fits into the minimalist hiking shoes 🤷🏼‍♀️, better than sitting around 🦶

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      • 7 days ago

  3. Huebenbaecker went for a hike.

    July 19, 2020

    1. Huebenbaecker

      Today went a nice round tour. Old town, stairs, banks of the Elbe, nature .. everything is worth it.
      The way back on the high bank of the Elbe was once again adventurous. Overgrown with thorns, nettle, shrubs and mosquitoes. This is fun in shorts and a shirt ... At home we found out. Yes there are ticks there ... But it was nice anyway. Where it was windless it was a bit too warm, but with a gentle breeze on the Elbe it was a dream. We even saw a kingfisher (watch hike from hiker komoot.de/tour/222655110?ref=itd)

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      • July 19, 2020

    1. Huebenbaecker

      Visited Spotan's friends in your vacation spot and spent a great day. The weather was better than the forecast, so we could enjoy the day. There were several fish sandwiches, fresh crabs packed for loved ones at home. Strolled a bit in the mudflats, enjoyed the sea air and finally had a nice meal. I would say perfect day.

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      • July 3, 2020

  4. Huebenbaecker went for a hike.

    June 26, 2020

    7.62 mi
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    50 ft
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    1. Huebenbaecker

      The mudflat times fit. Forecast sun all day ... so spontaneous day trip to the North Sea.
      We "need" the mud flats at least once a year. And this time it was also fantastic. In addition, there were hardly any people in the mudflats. Was it Corona or was it because of the peak season that had not yet started? No matter, the main thing alone.
      Which was also very gratifying that we didn't find a piece of garbage in the mudflats. That was different ....
      As always, there was a picnic in the mudflats. Look for the edge, large plastic bags under the buttocks and the dry seat is ready.The route makes a direct detour on land. This can be explained with Cappucino-Jieper. The pontoon cafe is also worth a detour.Then it went towards the flood and with it back to the beach. It's always a great experience what nature shows you.

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      • June 27, 2020

  5. Wanderin 🥾🐞🌲 and Huebenbaecker went for a hike.

    June 20, 2020

    9.89 mi
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    325 ft
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    1. Wanderin 🥾🐞🌲

      The Westergellersen water nature trail was set up in 2010 and extends over a distance of approx. 16 km, including along the Brünbach from its source to the mouth of the Luhe.
      Display boards along the way provide information on the topic of water, from rainwater use to natural forests and ecosystems to water supply for residents.
      Unfortunately we found out today that not all signposts are there anymore. But we had already chosen the route beforehand.The stairwell built in 1603 is also on the way, it was used as a shelter for cattle until mid-1980, until it was restored with great effort in 1984.
      The building material of the storage facility comes from the local environment: the solid timber frame is made of oak from Eckersfeld, the typical landscape tree of Lower Saxony, as are the exterior stairs and the trapezoidal planks of the infill.
      The roof is thatched from the former bog below the Schilsberg and covered with sods from the Westergellerser Heide.

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      • June 20, 2020

  6. Wanderin 🥾🐞🌲 and Huebenbaecker went for a hike.

    June 14, 2020

    6.72 mi
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    200 ft
    200 ft
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    1. Wanderin 🥾🐞🌲

      Today we hiked the Westergellerser water trail in reverse order. Slightly shortened and against the current 🐟 🌊.
      But if it fits, hike it the right way next weekend, because it is well signposted. So it makes sense the other way around.
      But this smaller round is also varied and instructive. Many display boards, almost all of which point to highlights not yet worked out and plenty of seating.

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      • June 14, 2020

  7. Wanderin 🥾🐞🌲 and Huebenbaecker went for a hike.

    June 13, 2020

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    1. Wanderin 🥾🐞🌲

      Quickly put on your hiking shoes before the announced storm and head for the Landwehr. This time we shortened the lap a bit, because there was already a lot of grumbling around us. Almost stayed dry.The Alte Landwehr was built from 1397 to 1406 about 4 kilometers west of the city gates of Lüneburg. The Landwehr consisted of up to five earth walls, which were separated by moats up to two meters deep. Starting at the Ilmenau near the Goseburg in Lüneburg, the Landwehr initially led south of Bardowick westwards to the area of Vögelsen. Here it bent south and led west past Reppenstedt, from there we started to the Hasenburger Bach.
      From then on it ran along the dammed up water to the red lock on the llmenau. Watchtowers were installed at the checkpoints south of Bardowick and at Reppenstedt, and another watchtower on the Hasenburger Bach was preserved between 1450 and 1480.
      I don't know exactly whether the Königsweg at the gates of Lüneburg is Via Regia, the salt road to Mölln. However, it is obvious.

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      • June 13, 2020

    1. Wanderin 🥾🐞🌲

      Today hike the city, Rothenburgsort and Moorfleet.
      We did not know the water art so far, but will definitely come again when it is open to visitors again.
      The filter system was decommissioned in 1990 and the 22 water basins with their slide houses were left to nature. A few years ago, a small part of the site was opened to the public. Most of the area is still fenced and reserved for nature and animals. The valve houses can therefore only be inspected up close during opening hours (Tue-Sun in April-October 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., November-March 10 a.m. to 5 p.m .; info: wasserkunst-hamburg.de). Otherwise you have a nice view of the area from the opposite dike.
      The island of Kaltehofe is practically car-free, as the cars can only drive to the water park's parking lot.

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      • May 20, 2020

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    1. Wanderin 🥾🐞🌲

      Started today from Bienenbüttel with a great varied round. It's always great along the Ilmenau, but the NSG Diecksbeck incident was impressive.In the 15th - 19th centuries, the Lüneburgers used the Diecksbach as an extension of the New Landwehr. The water was dammed up to large ponds with dams, so that no moving trader could cross the stream unhindered. Instead, one had to drive into Lüneburg via special, toll roads. In the Diecksbeck NSG, the old dams and ponds are to be preserved as part of the “Lüneburg Landwehr” cultural monument.

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      • May 18, 2020