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    1. Nicole

      Today I was traveling with a friend near Rust. The children were in the Europapark 🎢 and camped with their group right next to the park. We used Saturday to explore the area around our guesthouse. Main goal was the castle Hohengeroldseck. The route passed over wide forest paths past several shelters. The most beautiful of these is the Guttahütte. There you can enjoy a wonderful view. When we arrived after a long walk as planned at the castle, we were very impressed. The way was worth it! However, since there was no rest stop, we made our way to the Bruckerhof. There we took a short rest and shortly thereafter my cell phone said goodbye - battery empty. 🙈 We walked along the road to Reichenbach and from there to Kuhbach. There we took the bus to Friesenheim and ran the last two kilometers again. (+1.5 hours walk and about 7 km). The delicious food at Dino's, where we also stayed reasonably priced, we had earned it. 🍝

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      • about 10 hours ago

  1. Nicole went Nordic walking.

    4 days ago

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    1. Wodi

      Nice photos Nicole👌! The pine tree is my favorite

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      • 4 days ago

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    1. Nicole

      Today, the four-day Fjord Horse Tournament in Zweibrücken Landgestüt comes to an end. The photos show the action course. Friendly, calm and rather unpretentious - that is the character of the Fjord horses with their mostly short standing manes and the typical eel line on the back. Even today, this breed is the national symbol of Norway.

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      • 08/04/2019

  3. Nicole went hiking.


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    1. Wodi

      What happens in October? 🤔

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      • 07/28/2019

  4. Nicole went Nordic walking.


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    1. Nicole

      After more than two weeks I was finally back in the local forest. Nature is feeling exploded at this time. Surprisingly, despite the beautiful weather, hardly any people were traveling. A really nice evening round 🌳☀️🦋🐦🌳!

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      • 07/15/2019

  5. Nicole went hiking.


    1. Nicole

      This is THE beach on the Gulf of St. Tropez. With good luck you can catch the eye on a celebrity. Even Elton John should have driven up here with his yacht. Unfortunately not today. Refreshments are available; a scene club is the Club 55, which also has its own jetty. Parking is available on site for 4.50 € / day.

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      • 07/10/2019

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    1. Nicole

      Excursion with the bateaux verts 🛥️from Port Grimaud to St. Tropez. Really a successful day! 🌅 In St. Tropez we have eaten at Barbarac an excellent, but also expensive ice cream. It was definitely worth the money! Then we strolled through the little streets and visited the gendarmerie,, which served as a film set in the Louis de Funès films. After a little break at the harbor we are back to Port Grimaud. The bateaux verts run every half hour.

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      • 07/03/2019

    1. Nicole

      Had to go out between volunteer, household u.s.w times ...

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      • 06/23/2019

  7. Nicole went Nordic walking.


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    1. Nicole

      Today I wanted to run one of my favorite tours. Unfortunately, the route from the parking lot on the Käshofer road has proven to be difficult: I needed my sticks more for the way-free-hitting than for walking. The mosquitoes loved me very much. After the renewed crossing of the Käshofer road the further planned route wg was. Forest workers locked. That's how I came to a very nice part of the Schlossberg tour. This then led me back to my originally planned path.

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      • 06/20/2019

  8. Nicole went hiking.


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    1. Wodi

      There was a lot going on! And original panels were also available. Thanks for the impressions!

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      • 06/13/2019

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