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  1. Denis went for a hike.

    November 21, 2021

    3.69 mi
    2.8 mph
    325 ft
    300 ft
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  2. Denis went mountain biking.

    October 1, 2021

    11.2 mi
    7.8 mph
    2,600 ft
    2,600 ft
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    1. Denis

      I'll be back 😎

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      • October 1, 2021

  3. Denis went mountain biking.

    September 25, 2021

    17.5 mi
    8.8 mph
    2,575 ft
    2,475 ft
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    1. Denis

      Took the spindle trail under the tunnels for the first time today. Quite flat, with a few interesting, steeper parts. That's fun
      Then rode both versions of the Slaughter Trail. The junction to the right in the middle part is steep, but manageable.
      On the EBT-Trail in the upper part, I groped my way a little to the jumps and finally I went back around the quarry to the parking lot.
      Fantastic weather and great trails! 😍

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      • September 25, 2021

  4. Denis went for a hike.

    September 12, 2021

    3.79 mi
    1.7 mph
    400 ft
    400 ft
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    1. Denis

      Beautifully laid out paths with information boards and stations to play and discover. The little ones had a lot of fun and exhausted themselves 😁

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      • September 12, 2021

  5. Denis went mountain biking.

    September 8, 2021

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    1. Denis

      For this tour, I have resolved not to ride anything that is outside of my comfort zone.
      Started at just after 9 with an uphill to take a trail in the opposite direction. Was nice to warm up. Then it went up towards the Grubighütte. Already from the way I saw the Forest Aisle Trail and decided to destroy the trampled 400hm immediately. Very nice descent. Blocked and steep in places. Was still within my comfort zone 😂.
      I left my bike at the Grubighütte and went to the Grubigstein summit. Not easy to walk but the view makes up for everything. Back down, I strengthened myself a little and took the Grubigalm Trail down. The upper part is very steep with loose scree. Lower part also very steep and blocked with roots and high settlements. Gabs are a few that were outside of my comfort zone 😂. The Blind Sea Trail. The view of the Blindsee and the Fernpass is gigantic 🤩. The trail is very steep in places, blocked and with loose scree. Pushed again in a few places because I didn't dare to drive. We continued to Nassereith and from there up to the Marienberg Alm. Very steep uphill. From the Alm a bit up to the Marienberg Joch and from there only down. The Barbarasteig Trail was within my comfort zone and did the right thing
      Fun. At 7 p.m. I was back at the car. It was a very nice tour, with great trails and gigantic views 🤩😍

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      • September 8, 2021

  6. Denis went mountain biking.

    September 4, 2021

    35.5 mi
    9.3 mph
    5,275 ft
    5,175 ft
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    1. Denis

      Fantastic weather! The knee works again. It was time to do a lap again. What can I say? It was very nice! Although the "Tannenzäpfle" put an ugly damper on me. I kissed the roots twice 😢😂. All the same! It was nice 😍

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      • September 4, 2021

  7. Denis went on a Tour.

    July 26, 2021

    2.10 mi
    2.0 mph
    75 ft
    50 ft
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  8. Denis went mountain biking.

    July 25, 2021

    11.8 mi
    7.8 mph
    1,400 ft
    1,400 ft
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    1. Denis

      It was greasy and muddy today

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      • July 25, 2021

  9. Denis went mountain biking.

    July 21, 2021

    18.4 mi
    7.4 mph
    2,700 ft
    2,625 ft
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    1. Denis

      Almost perfect conditions on the trails, with a pinch of mud 😂New tires tested successfully and I am very satisfied 😀 (but almost everything is better than the would-be MTB tire "Smart Sam" 🙄)

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      • July 21, 2021

  10. Denis went mountain biking.

    July 18, 2021

    31.6 mi
    11.7 mph
    1,475 ft
    1,475 ft
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    1. Denis

      Plenty of mud and slippery roots on the trail near Kapfenburg

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      • July 18, 2021

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