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Mein Name ist Daniel und ich bin viel + oft mit meinem MTB unterwegs. Manchmal ganz klassisch auf der Straße oder einem Radweg, aber gern auch im Gelände, je nach Lust + Laune... :)Leider bin ich ehrlich gesagt nicht so gut im Fahren richtiger MTB - Trails. Da ich es nie gelernt habe, fehlt mir das schlicht und einfach das Können, würde mich da aber echt gern verbessern und sicherer werden.Vielleicht kennt jemanden jemand, der jemanden kennt usw. der auch gern im Gelände unterwegs ist und Lust + Zeit hätte, mal gemeinsam eine Tour zu machen und mir paar Tipps + Tricks zeigen könnte, theoretisch wie praktisch, damit ich mein fahrerisches Können verbessern kann.Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn es da vielleicht einen motivierten MTB - Fahrer gäbe, am besten ihr meldet euch via WhatsApp unter 0172/2592696. ;)Ihr könnt euch auch gern melden, wenn ihr keine hilfreichen Tipps habt, aber Lust auf eine gemeinsame Fahrt in/um Dresden... :)Liebe Grüße DanielPS: Auch eine Rennrad- oder Wandertour ist natürlich möglich!! 😊

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  1. Daniel went mountain biking.

    about 6 hours ago

    16.6 mi
    6.0 mph
    3,750 ft
    3,750 ft
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    1. Daniel

      There it was, the last day of our tour !! 😢 BUT, after the weather gods had a lot of water left for us the last two days, there was ☀️ full and a lot ❄️ on the ⛰⛰ today !! 😍So after breakfast we set off again for a short lap with the goal ➡️ Archenkanzel
      and this trip really became the i - point of our entire Trans - Alp Tour! what we 👀 and experienced today was just amazing and fantastically beautiful !! 😊
      What came down as 🌧 the last few days in Berchtesgaden and at Königssee was in the ⛰ natural ❄️ and with the blue sky and the radiant ☀️, just wow !!We went up a forest path to our destination and always had the Watzmann on our right side in view !! 😍 soooo beautiful ... please forgive me if I rave about it so much and one or the other 📸 has become more ... but I just couldn't help it !!The last few meters were then officially only to be used as a “footpath”, admittedly it would not have worked otherwise ... 😅 Of course, the people looked a bit incredulous, especially since Flo was also relaxed and short 👖 on the way and that at ❄️ !! 😅 The Archenkanzel itself is a “must” at Königssee for many and so it was not really surprising that there was a lot going on ... but that was or is no wonder with this view !! 😍 It wasn't that easy to find some peace for yourself with all the people, but somehow it worked out anyway ... it was soooo nice !! 😊 #kopfausThe descent was then a bit adventurous, not that easy on the paths with snow + ice and overturned 🌲🌲, the brakes had a lot to do ... For the Stoneman ➡️ Mission ich I think I need some new brake pads !! 😅Conclusion of our Trans-Alp in a nutshell ➡️ REPEAT NEED !!!!!!!! 🚲🤙🏻

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  2. Daniel went for a hike.

    a day ago

    12.1 mi
    3.0 mph
    1,400 ft
    1,375 ft
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    1. Daniel

      But 💩 on it, the Königssee is only once a year !! 😃
      Who does not know the famous Malle hit? 😅
      So despite the weather and out into the 🌧, I would like to finally see the Königssee with my own 👀 ... 😊 Since Flo didn't feel like leaving the 🛌 in the crap weather, I started on my own !!"Wander👟👟" dressed and first buy it at Rewe ➡️ ☂️ !! 😅
      after 8 minutes, the dry was resolved, but whatever ... I want to go to the lake !!!! 😊
      Along the "Königsseer Ache" we went briskly, we were still a few meters to the goal ... on the way there we saw a dynamic salamander again !! 😊Shortly before the lake again briefly oriented and first turned to the bobsleigh and toboggan run at the north / western tip of the lake !! 👍🏻 I wanted to take a look at that and I really had it up there at the start and on the track ... not a soul !! In my mind I was with my friend Martin Grothkopp (#ohnebartkeinleistungs), who has pushed Francesco Friedrich's bobsleigh umpteen times !! 😃💪🏻 in 🖥 it all seems somehow bigger when I imagine how these machines push and steer the bob through the narrow channel here, 🎩 !! 👍🏻
      The view from the starting point was also outstanding, because opposite was the Jenner with covered in 🌫, that had something !! 👌🏻
      So I walked the train in peace and said hello to another 🦊 who probably wanted to take a look at the train! 😅
      My hike then went straight to the lake, on the eastern bank you come a little way to Malerwinkel !! 👌🏻 and if you don't take the hints + recommendations so exactly, then send a Komoot straight to the shore ... just wonderful, because there wasn't much left of the tourist hustle and bustle! 😊 Not everyone has this great app ... 😜
      the tranquility ... right on the lake ... which is surrounded by the leichter ... lighter B ... balm for the soul ... #kopfaus
      I continued on my exploration tour to the view on the "Rabenwand", there you had another great view from "above" over the lake !! and what should I talk about the bush for a long time, it was just a great look !! 😊 and the rain had something good in the end, because there was always a light mist in the air ... 😍Then it went back along the "Königsseer Arche" to Berchtesgaden !! 👍🏻Just got + 🧊☕️ for a relaxing afternoon at 🛌 and get ready for Sporti ➡️ ⚽️Tomorrow is the departure in the late afternoon and if the weather cooperates, we will do a little round with the MTB - 🥕 at the Königssee, maybe the ☀️ will show up again, that would be great !! 😊Have a nice weekend and see you the days ✌🏻

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  3. Daniel went mountain biking.

    2 days ago

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    1. Daniel

      7️⃣. Stage “Trans - Alp 👔 + 👖” ⛰ Ruhpolding ➡️ BerchtesgadenHow quickly it goes by, crazy ... there are “👔 + 👖” in Munich and starting their tour, they are already sitting at the breakfast table and are about to start their last tour !! 💪🏻First of all, thanks go to the dear weather god, who has done a really great job in the last few days !! 👍🏻 we forgive you that you probably took a “rest day” today ... 😅 you should be allowed after the great work in the last few days !! 😉Since complaining does not bring anything and we were soooo close to the goal, it was thermal and put on things and let's go !! 💪🏻The 1️⃣. The destination worth seeing today was the "dustfall", which is right on the border between 🇩🇪 and 🇦🇹 !! the way there, however, only to reach 🦶🏻 ... but until the time came, it went for a few kilometers on the „along the“ Weißen Traun ”and the“ Fischbach ”until it was finally down from 🚲 and push after ⬆️ !!
      On the way there one saw again and again various small waterfalls, which came directly from the rock walls and flowed far into the depths, very spectacular! and then suddenly we were there, at the main attraction ➡️ Dustfall
      It was really mega oil how it managed to get down over you ... really amazing !! I had to get my 📱 out of the freezer bag, which was needed today due to the amount of water, so there is hardly any 📸 today, please forgive me! But I just couldn't help it ... 👍🏻
      Then it went a little further by 🦶🏻, da and we don't want to get into trouble !! 😇 Back on the 🚲 it was first a little bit ⬇️, which was not a 🎁 today, because it was just das through all the water, but luckily it went up again shortly ⏱ later ⛰ !! 😅
      We passed the national border again and on the last 20️⃣ km it was said “everything is better than federal road”, but today this sentence was not that important to us and we went up the ⛰ one last time on our “Trans-Alp” a super-developed federal highway, which is certainly more busy on other days, but today it was ... and through the 🌧 the ⛰ partly beautiful in the 🌫, looked good !! 😊
      and then ... yes and then ... it was only full throttle on the road + 🚲weg and before we knew it, we were at our destination ➡️ Berchtesgaden 🏁🥳we actually made it and a lot of different feelings go through your head and that ❤️ !!
      On the one hand, of course, totally happy and proud that we mastered our joint “Trans-Alp” so well ... 😊👌🏻
      but on the other hand a bit sad that our beautiful tour is slowly coming to an end !! 😔 on 🏁 we are already, now we have 1️⃣, 5️⃣ days here in Berchtesgaden before we go back to Munich !! Let's hope that the 🌧 takes another break and we can visit the Königssee in the dry, of course with the MTB - 🥕, have already got a great view into the 👁 ... please press the ✊🏻, it works !! 😊
      But now let's take a break from the "Trans - Alp" and enjoy the time !! 👌🏻Kind regards Webbs ✌🏻

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  4. Daniel went mountain biking.

    3 days ago

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    1. Daniel

      6️⃣. Stage “Trans - Alp 👔 + 👖” ⛰ Aschau ➡️ RuhpoldingBelieve it or not, the 🦵🏻🦵🏻 are getting more tired and on the mental level it is so slow to hold out and bite !! 💪🏻
      Since yesterday, the "roll-in phase" of every stage in the realm of fairy tales has been put ... there you have max. Another short passage after ⬇️ when you stumble totally tired from the 🛌 towards breakfast ... 😅 by the way, we had a really good stop here again, for a few 💰 the 🍽 were really full, that's how we like it and for breakfast too a super nice and attentive service and buffet, that's how we praise ourselves! 👌🏻
      But as I said before, the tour is currently not so curled up, so straight into the ⛰ from 0️⃣ to 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 📈🥵 !! In general, today's profile was very demanding in the first half, 3 ⛰ with the classification “HC” on the first almost 30 km and they were not from bad parents, my dear Mr. Gesangs Verein and Holla the forest fairy had their fingers in here Game!! 😅
      and if you consider that we were on the road for almost 4 hours for this route ... but it's not the Elbradweg Friends of the ☀️ !!
      The 1️⃣. The ascent went through the forest on a typical, solid Fortstweg in the direction of "Großstaffen", unfortunately without an alpine pasture and therefore without a reward ... wir But we just got it at the end of the 2nd. Made up for the promotion ... and that was more than deserved!After we could and were allowed to recover well through a nice descent, the ⬆️ came to the “Joch⛰alm” ... again we went 10 km up a forest path, the step no longer quite so easy, but with the knowledge that this Today the last long ⬆️ was supposed to be and a delicious drink would be waiting for us upstairs, it made it a bit easier ... and it got even better, upstairs there was even 🍰, we definitely couldn't ❌ say, so in with it !! 🤤Then it was time to quickly wax the skis again and reload the 🔫 magazines and off to the biathlon in Ruhpolding !! 👌🏻 Crouch down and 🔥 free the “Wappbach Trail” down into the valley, that did it right 🐏, you just had to take off the gas here and there, because one or the other hiker was on the way with 🦮 !!
      Then use the free technique on a relaxed path at the “Weitsee” ➡️ “Mittersee” ➡️ “Lödensee” ➡️ “Förchensee” directly into the Chiemgau arena, set up at the shooting range 1️⃣6️⃣, lying 5x ... zack zack zack zack zack ... The windows of ⚫️ opened 5 times and we were allowed to continue our tour without a penalty loop under the 👏🏻 of the numerous spectators to Ruhpolding !! 🥳
      Arrived at the hotel it is now max. Regeneration and tomorrow deliver again properly and then we made it ➡️ Berchtesgaden + Königssee 🥰But until the time comes, the 🔋 will first be filled with a rich supper !! 👌🏻A Guuudn ✌🏻

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  5. Daniel went for a hike.

    4 days ago

    1.22 mi
    2.6 mph
    150 ft
    150 ft
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  6. Daniel went mountain biking.

    4 days ago

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    1. Daniel

      5️⃣. Stage "Trans - Alp 👔 + 👖" ⛰ Bavarian Zell ➡️ AschauDay 5️⃣As is well known, on every big tour in the mountains there is always a rest day in between and so we treated ourselves to a somewhat quieter day today! 😃 The tour was adapted and “only” 4️⃣0️⃣ instead of 6️⃣0️⃣ km and 1️⃣2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ instead of 19️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Hm, that was at least the plan. The weather shouldn't be so exhilarating ...Today there was nothing with the curling phase or the same, we started straight away ... something is known to be liked !! Directly any gravel road ⏫, which ⛷🏂 I think is used for the teilweise ... sometimes you couldn't do anything with the 🚲 ... 🤷🏻‍♂️ “everything is better than federal road”, but here it would be with the way next to it was definitely better !! 😅👍🏻 But we got to the top anyway ... but you don't believe how much 🧭 you can use for 2️⃣, 5️⃣ km, in that time others bake you 🥧 !!Then recovered briefly in the descent and then, as so often down here, into the next "pasture property" and that was really soooo 🐮l located ... right and left Wiede with slope + rocks + 🌲🌳 and in the middle a heap 🐄🐑🐐. .. a great sight and the rocks in the 🌫🌫, I enjoyed it very much as always !! 👌🏻So 🐍 the way today through the woods to ⏫ and ⏬, without much speed ... a typical tour on the day of rest, although there were always trails that were not suitable for ⏬ driving and it doesn't score any points if you then fly on the 👄 and do something ... then prefer SCHUB, even if it's not a lot of fun ...shortly before the end, unfortunately, another typical trail that was simply not rideable under the current circumstances ... what was I cursing inside because it was really the last km of our tour to Aschau !! and yesterday I checked the route again ... and of course, sometimes there is simply no plan B ... but this "S3️⃣" was definitely avoidable, as there would not have been a more relaxed path not far from it ... would have 🚲 Lock!!In the end we made it safely down and, due to the short tour, also at time at the hotel, in connection with a yeast dumpling + vanilla sauce, highly recommended !! 👌🏻Immediately afterwards a digestive walk to the 🏰 Hohenaschau, so that there is again space for dinner !! 😃Tomorrow’s going to Ruhpolding, some of them should ring the bell ... absolutely correct, this place is also known beyond the national borders due to the resident "SV Ruhpolding" association, which is at least in the 4th. District class is on the hunt for points !! 😃💪🏻 Oh and bissl biathlon is done here in winter too, I think ... 🤷🏻‍♂️😅See you later, Peter ✌🏻

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  7. Daniel went mountain biking.

    5 days ago

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    1. Daniel

      Day 4️⃣The wild ride continues and today there are 4️⃣ crisp ⛰ on the 🗓, shouldn't be boring! 😅
      The night was more so-so, so all alone in a double room ... mhhhh, Flo probably missed his company a little! 😅
      Today we had the 🍀 again to have a relatively long + relaxed roll-in phase and so we could roll the first 2 „0️⃣ / 8️⃣0️⃣km easily along the "Jachen" in the best weather! 👌🏻 I really have to praise the weather gods, so far there is nothing to complain about, even the rainy afternoon yesterday was all in all not so wild ... tomorrow it will probably look different, but tomorrow is tomorrow and today today is ➡️ 💰🐷the 🦶🏻 des ⛰ was reached and so it went through the forest up to the "Hirschbach saddle" always along the ... absolutely correct ➡️ Hirschbach 😊 a crisp slope, which was easy to ride due to the firm nature ... was a children's birthday party it still not !! 🥵We waited briefly above and discussed the situation, because the next section should definitely not be for driving ... we already sat there yesterday and 👀 whether we can somehow bypass this and reschedule, but unfortunately without success ... 🤷🏻‍♂️ and so the MTB - 🥕 pushed the impassable + steep piece downhill, which was a challenge, no idea how people manage to get down here safely without falling ?!
      So it may well be that the dear 👑 Maximilian walked here at some point, but does Komoot really have to let the routes run here ?! 🤔 I can really only ask everyone to look for a suitable alternative in advance! 👍🏻
      the next stop was the “Schwarzentenn Alm” ➡️ 🇷🇺🍺👌🏻 after all we still have just under 50 km on the 🕰 !! also here briefly the adventurous way again evaluated, whereby Flo was even a little wilder on the way and carried one or the other dirt stain on him! 😅 but hey ➡️ it's MTB and no road bike on the Elbradweg !! 🚲🤙🏻We received the next reward with a great descent to the "Weißbach" and continued our tour there in the same gorge !! 😊 here we could let it run smoothly and collected something 🔋 for the next ⬆️ to the Bayr - Alm, this time without a break, you can't take a break at every alpine hut or hut, you wouldn't really get ahead here in the Alps !! 😅 unfortunately we became a 2️⃣ afterwards. Sometimes not rewarded for all the effort in the ascent, the descent was a very nice house number and not really feasible for me, so down from 🐎 and on to 🦶🏻 !! 😊 For Master Pinzel this was only possible to a limited extent and he could take the “descent” on the 🚲 !! In general, I have to say that I have a lot of respect for his performance and his driving skills, especially when it comes to,, because he has it all! 💪🏻But after almost every descent, as is well known, the next and at the same time last ascent of today comes ➡️ to the Elendalm, which is really called that ... 😅 here we had to bite the 🦷🦷 again and everything from the quadtriceps femoris dexter + sinister muscle get out, of course 👆🏻 the M. gluteus max. reported slowly, but one last time we had to go through there again and the reward for all the effort today was a super great descent with the at least equally outstanding name ➡️ misery saddle - Trail into Kloo - Ascher - Tal 😊 simply a terrific trail, absolutely my thing! also went over a typical Bavarian pasture with free-range 🐮🐮👌🏻The last 5️⃣ km were then again absolute MTB enjoyment, a flowing trail next to the main road, and as is well known, everything is better than a main road, led us directly to our today's destination ➡️ Bayrisch Zell 👌🏻Tour number 4️⃣✅Tomorrow we will probably adjust the tour due to the route (Komoot has already prepared something in advance 😅) and the hot weather ...Have a nice evening and see you tomorrow !! ✌🏻PS: Julia, if you should read the reports to Ms. R. again, please give her a warm greeting and show her yesterday's favorite picture! 😊

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  8. Daniel went mountain biking.

    6 days ago

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    1. Daniel

      3️⃣. Stage "Trans - Alp 👔 + 👖" ⛰ Leutasch ➡️ JachenauDay 3️⃣Welcome dear fellow readers and interested followers of our Trans - Alp, today 👔 + 👖 have swung back on 🚲 and should have the greatest / best / most beautiful / ... oh there are simply too many or no words for it ... See the highlight of the tour so far, but we didn't know that at the start ...First of all we had to go back from 🇦🇹 ➡️ nach and after a short roll-in phase of 1️⃣0️⃣ km the highlight followed ... the ascent to the “roof” of our entire “Trans-Alp” ➡️ Karwendelhaus at about 1️⃣8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣m altitude !!
      As with the other climbs or descents, everyone drove their own pace and we said goodbye with a friendly greeting! ✌🏻
      2️⃣0️⃣ breathtaking kilometers followed ... steadily ⬆️ ... without any real breather ... along the Karwendelbach ... in the valley of the mountain range left and right ... I actually can't really put it into words ... it was easy unbelievable ... what my 👀 saw there ... what I thought and felt ... and besides, I (Flo, of course 😅) had to pedal hard, because we drive with "e for honest" 😉
      Meter by meter, kilometer by kilometer, I came closer to the goal and after about 2️⃣h I reached the top ... absolute flood of emotions and the pictures ... the ⛰ ... the ☀️ + ☁️, it was just perfect !!
      I could enjoy everything to the full and waited for Flo with 2 Flo cold drinks !! 😊 I can recommend this ascent to 1 „0️⃣0stieg% with the “Karwendelhaus” as a goal !! 👌🏻
      This was followed by another very demanding descent, I let the master go first and I followed at my pace with a little distance and after 2️⃣, 5️⃣ days I also started the 1️⃣. Sometimes easier 🌧, but actually this didn't really bother me ... I was still too impressed by what I saw !! 😍It really went downhill for a while into the valley along the Johannesbach, again great, what we were able to see ... how this brook has sought and made its way between the rocks over the centuries ... and as almost always in the last few days, absolutely clear water !! 👌🏻Slowly but surely we made ourselves mentally ready for the last crisp ascent of today and it should be tough again ... once a narrow + steep trail up the forest, a completely different character than the ascent to the "Karwendelhaus" !! It was really tough and technically it was anything but easy ... 🥵
      But we also managed this after exhausting kilometers and it was followed by a nice descent to "Walchensee" !! 😊
      I have never heard of this lake before, but Flo said it was one of the most beautiful in Bavaria and what can I say ➡️ he is right !! we enjoyed the quiet at the lake for a few minutes ... don't say anything ... close your eyes and take a deep breath and let all the impressions of today's, but also the last tours, pass by before the spiritual 👁 ... a really special moment for a very special one special lake !! 👌🏻The last kilometers to Jachenau followed and zack ... Day 3️⃣✅
      But there was still a pretty funny story to follow !! We opened the 📬 at the inn to get our 🔑, there were 2️⃣ ✉️ in it with the names “Pinzel” and “Weber” !! We thought nothing of it, both taken and in ... we both had a double room, sometimes oil !! 👍🏻 But we still had no idea that something might not be quite right ...
      The resolution followed a few minutes later, when the “boss” knocked on Flo's room and asked if he had seen the ✉️ with “Weber” ... well ... it's just a stupid coincidence, but it actually was not meant for me ... 😂😂 the end of the song, the "Weber" family got another room and we pay 2️⃣ double rooms ... 😅 but hey, we made an absolute bargain for that last night !! 😊
      Tomorrow there will probably be something like the 👑stage, we sat down again earlier, went through the tour again and saw whether it can be adjusted / changed here and there ... we didn't quite succeed at one point and with a high probability it will be thrust again tomorrow !!
      But that is the problem of the future travel group "👔 + 👖" 😅 now it's first 😴 and the 🔋 recharge !! 💪🏻
      We'll write and read each other again tomorrow evening !! ✌🏻🚲🤙🏻

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  9. Daniel went mountain biking.

    7 days ago

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    1. Daniel

      2️⃣. Stage "Trans - Alp 👔 + 👖" ⛰ Ettal ➡️ LeutaschDay 2️⃣Arriving early ensures good seats, which is why we were assigned to breakfast at the early hour 🕖 ... 👍🏻 the 👀 open and looked out the window, the ⛰ shrouded in fog !! 🥰Breakfast was, as always, plentiful and great and shortly after sa we were sitting on the 🚲 !! first of all 4 km full 🥕 ⬇️⬇️ and a relaxed 3️⃣8️⃣ cut !! We then thought that we should take something out, otherwise we will be there in 2️⃣h, brings my points !! 😅
      The change was extremely 🐮l when we arrived down in Oberau and drove straight into the fog !! we started "up" at a shining ☀️ and so there was nothing to see from the ⛰ !!
      1️⃣. Intermediate destination was Garmisch - Partenkirchen, the fog gradually cleared and only enveloped a few ⛰, with the ☀️ together resulted in the really great 📸 !! of course we had to stop at the ski jump when we were there !! 😊2️⃣. Intermediate goal should be Reintalangerhütte (1️⃣3️⃣7️⃣0️⃣m) and that means that it should go uphill for a long lange, so let's go, we are not here to 🥚🥚 swing !! 😅 💪🏻At the beginning the path was really steep, but at least the path was well paved, which in turn came towards us! 👍🏻 and so we do meter by meter, meter by meter and came closer to our goal !! The weather is great, the view of the ⛰ is simply unbelievably beautiful and it is a great feeling and I am grateful to have the opportunity to see something like that and to actively work on it on the 🚲 !! 😊
      The path led us through the forest and it was really great, but the higher we got, the more difficult and demanding the path became! 🥵 along the Partnach it went on and on, but here and there nothing was going on in terms of driving, the only thing that helped was to get off and push !! and so it was a constant change of these two possibilities, but the look at the ⛰ left and right made up for it !! 😊 and after more than 2️⃣h ascent of a special kind the Reintalangerhütte was reached !! 🥳 I've already ordered our drinks and waited for Flo ➡️ Cheers and a break first! 😊
      We saved the way to the source, even if it hadn't been far, this way would have been more thrust than drive again! So let's go down ... ⬇️ On the descent, I gave the master ritt the right of way, he is simply a lot better and I am happy when I can heal such demanding descents with loose gravel + co Luck did it too !! 👌🏻Then it was really super flowing through the forest back into the valley, such descents are more for me! 😊
      At the Partnachklamm it was called back down from Schub and thrust, with what felt like 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ tourists together to the “Kaiserschmarrn Alm” (greetings to Grit go out ✌🏻) but we had no need for the rush, nor were we sure whether we would we can afford it in terms of time ... and on to the next alpine pasture, on the way there the picture of the day ... you just want to go up the ascent, if you come across a 🐮 on the way, wonderful !! we all had to laugh briefly and we didn't really know now, but there was nothing more than a quick sniff and we could continue on our way! 👌🏻
      We then left the Alm on the left and continued towards the goal, one or the other highlight was still on the way! 👍🏻 z. B. the Ferchensee with a great view of the "Untere + Obere Wettersteinspitze" + "Rotplattenspitze", what an extreme difference in altitude when you are down there by the lake! 😳
      At the next lake ➡️ Lautersee, Flo had to take a “bathing break” again, after all, he doesn't have his swimming trunks with him for nothing !! 😅
      After the short revitalizing break, we went on the last few kilometers, by taking a shortcut we could leave Mittenwald on the left and we went on the road to ⬆️ gen 🇦🇹 to today's destination ➡️ Leutasch
      an absolutely magnificent sight on arrival, ⛰ + ☁️ + ☀️, wonderful !! 😊
      A little note about the inn at the accommodation, it was sooooo delicious that I had to eat 4️⃣ courses + 3️⃣ drinks and all for 38 thalers, without words ... great taste! 👌🏻 Large portions !! 👌🏻 uuuuund, if my mom should read this, please forgive me, today I ate the most delicious goulash of my life !! 🤤 what kind of culinary taste was that ?! Wow...and so day 2️⃣ comes to an end and let's see what awaits us tomorrow, just thunderstorm and it's raining, but maybe it will be over tomorrow morning ?! 🤷🏻‍♂️Good night and see you tomorrow ✌🏻PS: if there are grammatical errors, it is due to the lack of oxygen due to the altitude here! 😅

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      • 7 days ago

  10. Daniel went mountain biking.

    September 19, 2020

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    1. Rene

      Well then I hope for you that the weather plays along the days.
      But now you had to go back to the grammar of your text 😅

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      • September 19, 2020

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