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Mein Name ist Daniel und ich bin viel + oft mit meiner MTB- oder Rennrad - 🥕 unterwegs, je nach Lust und Laune und was so auf dem 🗓 steht!! 😊
Mindestens genauso gern bin ich draußen in den ⛰ und 👀 mir den Sonnenaufgang oder Sonnenuntergang an oder gehe einfach ganz normal wandern!! 😊
Falls sich jetzt jemand angesprochen fühlen, dann meldet euch am besten via WhatsApp unter 0172/2592696 und vielleicht ergibt sich ja mal eine gemeinsame Tour?! 😊Instagram ➡️ kalter_lachsBleibt gesund + sportlich und vielleicht bis bald im Wald?! 😉Liebe Grüße Dani ✌🏻

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18,464 mi

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1604:32 h

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  1. Daniel went cycling.

    2 days ago

    43.9 mi
    16.6 mph
    2,450 ft
    2,375 ft
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    1. Daniel

      once again did the 🚂 together with Daniel + Knusperkopp Albi… was it windy ?? 😅😅😅😅

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  2. Daniel went cycling.

    6 days ago

    35.2 mi
    19.5 mph
    2,025 ft
    2,750 ft
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    1. Daniel

      Dear Frank,and here follows the continuation, hope Susanne brought the next ☕️ ... 😅and so it went on for us and in fact it only took another 2️⃣5️⃣ km to the next ⏸, because of course it came as it had to come and it went to crouch! 😍
      So over the ⛰🏠🛣 out of Neustadt and through the forest to Hohn🧱 and serpentines ⬇️ and again ⬆️ ... THINKSTE !! At some point it's good too and since we've been driving here 2️⃣8️⃣x in the last few weeks ... it was just before Mockery🧱 the scythe to ⬇️ direction Porschdorf… and since I now also enjoy descents, it was head down and 🔥 free ... of course it always benefits me positively that I often know the routes in my home of the Saxon 🇨🇭 very well !! 😊
      When we arrived in Porschdorf, we turned sharply to the right and the 🐐back ⬆️ to crouch ... is not my favorite now, as there are quite a few 🚗 on the way here ... but for reasons it had to be today ... and since I knew that there would be another ⏸ crouching at the top ... we took out everything that was in the 🦵🏻🦵🏻 again ...
      the ascent begins of course with a 2️⃣-digit ramp and you first had to find your rhythm ... Max + Albi and I slowly settled down ... and it should be a hot dance! 👍🏻
      Max took the lead with a bit of a gap, but shortly after Waltersdorf I had his rear wheel right in front of me and also shaken off Albi ... from the hiking car park in Waltersdorf it was "just" a duel ... and I was glad to have him could catch up again at all !! 🥵
      the next section is then again such a nasty ramp, but I wanted to hold his rear wheel as long as possible ... we reached the next parking lot, which is in the curve together ... I knew that it would go on wavy ... that meant for me who 🌊 try to push full throttle and relax in the small descents ... and so it turned out that I was even able to overtake Max ...
      when I see the forest as 1️⃣. left, with Max right behind me, I got everything out again in the last little 🌊 and on the next straight I was completely 🔵 and I thought that if Max starts now he will be gone ... but to my surprise Max was gone, but towards the back… I would have thought a lot, but I didn't have the 🌂 that Max had to tear down, and so I actually came as a 1️⃣. crouch down !! 🥳
      Max, that was a great duel and it did right 🐏, even if I almost 🤢🤮 had at the back… 😅
      The reward was a delicious ☕️, but without a 🍰, because we were all still full ... Thanks also to Albi for the invitation to the drinks here !! 😊the way back then went via Lohmen ➡️ Porschendorf ➡️ Wünschendorf ➡️ Eschdorf ➡️ Schullwitz ➡️ Weißig
      and in the descent of the Grund🛣 it was said one last time 🔥 free ... and that’s really going on, on average it was just over 522 km / h for the entire Grund🛣 !! 😊
      then the tour was over and everyone cranked to 🏠 !! 👍🏻 Men, that was once again a great tour, with lots of fun and delicious food and a bit of sport on the side ➡️ THANK YOU 😊 everyone is healthy in the new week and see you soon !! 😉Greetings Dani

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  3. Daniel went cycling.

    6 days ago

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    1. Daniel

      Dear Frank,Today is your 🍀day, because Dani still has some "problems" with his new Garmin and so it was in Neustadt / Sa. the tour has been declared over ... 🤦🏻‍♂️ and so you, and of course all the other Komootler, enjoy reading 2️⃣ reports ... I wish you a lot of fun !! 😊You have surely noticed that our tours are not about the pure kilometers and meters in altitude, it is much more important to us that there are culinary highs and that was of course again today, because I was allowed to plan a nice tour again, what I really like to do !! 😊 and delicious food is known to make you happy too !! 😊So it went from the 🌾erplatz together with namesake Daniel, the Knusperkopp Albi and my sweetheart Steffen 🇨🇿 to Mikulasovice in my place of trust for a delicious 🧄🍜 !! 😊 of course not in the direct way, that would be 🥱
      on the rise of the Grund🛣 a ⚡️ came by from behind… and at first I thought… oh dear… what's going on here ?! but hey, Max is simply an absolute 🚀 and had no 🐏 to drive alone today and joined our illustrious lap ➡️ it's nice and I'm really very happy that you are back on the racing 🥕 !! 😊 However, it was immediately clear to me at that moment that there would be no ☕️ trip today !! 😅
      and so it was first out of Dresden quickly enough 🎿🐏 and on to Neukirch + Sohland, there to cross the border to 🇨🇿 ... the pace was already brisk, so that here and there we lost Max out of the 👀 ... Steffen occasionally also said that Max would be bored to drive with us ... 😅 but I only think so to a certain extent, he was in the front as 🚂 in 🌬 in almost every situation !! 👍🏻When we arrived in Sluknov we went to the sizable market ⬅️ and the next section to Brtnyki was a dream for every cyclist, the finest asphalt through the forest and hardly any traffic, that was really great !! 😊
      one last climb to ⬆️ and we were there ➡️ noon 😊
      Of course, there was no saving in calories here, but everything has to be done, because as I said, it happened pretty quickly !! 😅
      and the nice thing, in just under 2.5 miles there’s something ➡️ at my mom’s home again !! 😍
      So back to 🇩🇪 via Sebnitz and first of all to Unger⛰⬆️… Albi was not that enthusiastic according to his report, but it was important for the calorie balance as a sports fan! 😅
      here I tried Max to keep up with his pace ... but well ... it didn't quite work out, the guy is just 💪🏻 !! unfortunately we missed the end of the Strava segment ... 😅 we have to go there again and just to be on the safe side 🥒 do a 🥒 turn around the 🗼 ... 😅
      short 📸 by the expert Steffen and from time to time Mommy's Zupf🍰 with plums !! 😊 As always, the 🍰 was delicious and the boys were really happy ... I finished the tour out of shock, as already described, but that happens every time ... I'm still a beginner !! 😅Sequel follows…

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  4. Daniel and Nicol went cycling.

    7 days ago

    72.7 mi
    15.0 mph
    5,850 ft
    5,750 ft
    1. Daniel

      "Whether you ma ..." 😂😂 oh man, oh man, that will probably go through the 👄 one or two times over the next few weeks ... but it feels like you have to give Albi a lecture before he sends his 📸 ... but until it does to said sentence came at our last 🍰 - station ➡️ Kawa Espresso Bar in the Neustadt, we had to crank a bit first ... 👍🏻the weather was a bit inconsistent and ⏱ for the really big things is also slowly over and “short sports equipment” is out of the question ... and so I cobbled a little tour for us, that was Knusperkopp Albi and Nicol without today E, together to the best bakery here in the area ➡️ Pfützner in Schmiede⛰
      Konrad, one of the bakers + makers, is well known in Renn🚲 circles! 😊
      Today my new Garmin also celebrated its premiere, to good cooperation and always the best navigation and great values! 😊out of Dresden it first went south ➡️ Rippien + Possendorf + Dippser Heide (goes great with the Renn - 🥕😊) + Reichstädt to 🏰 + 🌬mühle) and on to the Lehnmühle dam !! 😊
      the further south we got, the lower the temperatures became 🌡⬇️ ... but logical, because the meters in altitude increased and with it the exertion !! 🥵
      But it didn't take long and our "with the Pfützner bakery in Schmiede" was reached !! 🥳
      on your marks ... get set, go ... the 🍰🐛🐛 are coming !! 😅 Albi and I ordered a stable 3️⃣ pieces… unfortunately there was no vegan 🍰 on offer for Nicol ➡️ Konrad that is a # market niche 🤷🏻‍♂️
      Well fed, we went back to Dresden for us, although we did not choose the direct route and preferred a few more meters in altitude via Falkenhain ➡️ Johnsbach ➡️ Glashütte ➡️ Luchau ➡️ Reinhardtsgrimma and down to the Lungkwitztal 🚲💨 here and there a bit of spray started, but that didn't really bother ...after Kleba ⬆️ I turned the watt measurement briefly and wanted to do something on the Strava segment 👀 whatever goes ... 😅 and hey, in the end it was 5th place ... full 🐮l !! 😊 after that I almost fell from the racing - 🥕, pumped like a May🪲… 🥵then we rolled back to DD and drove to a last 🍰⏸ in the Kawa Espresso Bar, where there was an outstanding Oreo 🧀🍰, just 👌🏻👌🏻
      and here it came to said conversation as described in the introduction ➡️ whether you ma ... wonderful !! 😂😂
      Albi and I said goodbye to Nicol and then shot another 🥒 in Albi's part of town, the boy doesn’t find himself in 🏠… 😅 and when that was done, it was enough for me too 🏠 !! 😊Thanks to the tour together, it was great fun as always and #lachenistgesund 😃
      and should I tell you something else, tomorrow is also another day ... 🥳🥳
      Kind regards Dani ✌🏻

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    1. Daniel

      yes is it already Thursday ?! 😅unfortunately no, but due to the weather forecast for the rest of the week, the round was changed from Thursday to Tuesday ... I unceremoniously changed my appointment at the barber 💈 to Thursday and the Luziiie left again today ... 👍🏻Stamm - Co - Guide Daniel was unfortunately not there today 🚢 and so Knusperkopp Albi took over his place !! 😊Accordingly, it quickly became clear that this "normal" group would also be a bit faster again ... even if you don't really want it, but it just happens automatically and so we had to discipline ourselves from time to time or the group regulated it with a "shorter" ... 😅but with increasing duration it worked and so it went to the evening hour through the south of Dresden via one or the other village in a really great evening mood! 😊one or the other ⛰ was also there, where you were allowed to pedal a little harder !! 😊and what shouldn't be missing ?! the traditional visit to our falafel afterwards - 🚛 of trust !! 😊in this sense, have a nice week !! ✌🏻

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      • September 14, 2021

  6. Daniel went for a hike.

    September 12, 2021

    19.0 mi
    2.9 mph
    3,500 ft
    3,250 ft
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    1. Daniel

      heute war es nach vielen Wochen endlich mal wieder soweit und es ging zum 🌄 in die Sächsische 🇨🇭 und welcher ⛰ war im Jahr 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ „mein“ absoluter Liebling und hat mir viele tolle Momente gegeben?!Großer Zschirn🧱, mein absoluter Liebling und ihr wollt wissen warum, dann schaut euch bitte folgende Videos an…1️⃣. 2️⃣. zudem habe ich hier meine Silversternacht verbracht ➡️ komoot.de/tour/299884106begleitet wurde ich heute von einer ganz besonderen Person ➡️ Johanna, die Tochter von Komoot - Legende Frank (für deine morgige OP drücke ich dir ganz fest die ✊🏻✊🏻 und schon bald 👀 wir uns bei bester Gesundheit wieder in Rathewalde 😊)der ⏰ klingelte bereits 0️⃣3️⃣:2️⃣8️⃣, fix den 🎒 gepackt und ab ins 🚗, Johanna abgeholt (sie wusste im Übrigen nicht wo es hingeht) und ab nach Kleingießhübel!! 😊
      🚗 abgestellt und ab Richtung Gipfel, welchen wir nach dem einen oder anderen Schweiß💦 pünktlich erreichten… und was haben unsere 👀 dann gesehen?! NEBEL und leichte Bewölkung, das sollte einen tollen 🌄 versprechen!! 😍
      Stativ schnell aufgestellt, 📱 eingespannt und 📽 ab!! 👌🏻
      danach hieß es hinsetzen und genießen… einfach diese Ruhe und diese unwirklich wirkende Nebellandschaft im Tal!! 😊
      Johanna nutzte die ⏱ und zeigte mir ein paar 🧘‍♀️übungen, wobei und schnell klar wurde, dass bei mir Hopfen + Malz verloren ist!! 😅 oh Gott bin ich beweglich - überhaupt NICHT!! 😅
      alleine beim 👀 bei Johannas - Verrenkungen verspürte ich ein leichtes Ziehen in meinem Körper… unfassbar was dieses Frau mit ihrem Körper kann/macht ➡️ da ziehe ich meine Propeller🧢 😅
      irgendwann zeigte sich dann die ☀️ und der 📽 war im Kasten ➡️
      es war einfach ein mystischer Morgen!! 😊
      wir setzten unsere 🥾🥾 fort, es standen ja noch paar ⛰⛰ auf dem 🗓!! 👍🏻
      zuerst wollten wir zum Zirkel🧱, aber nicht über den typischen Weg, der diese gaaaanz lange Waldautobahn bedeutet hätte, sondern ich baute mit Hilfe von Komoot eine kleine 🥒 ein… zuerst lief alles auch ganz gut bis sich ein typischer „darum haben wir Komoot alle sooooo gern“ Weg bzw. Nicht - Weg vor uns auftat… Junge Junge Junge, da haben wir bissl rumgezinselt!! 😅
      auf dem Zirkel🧱 selbst war dann nix mit einer Sicht… der Nebel stand da wie eine 1️⃣… naja, wir machten trotzdem eine kurze Frühstücks⏸… u. a. mein mal wieder gut schmeckendes selbst gebackenes 🍞!! 😊
      wir setzten unsere Reise fort und machten erstmal etwas Strecke über den Mittelhangweg mit teilweiser schöner Aussicht Richtung Elbe und Schramm🧱!!
      dann setzte plötzlich ein starker 🌧 ein und wir suchten + fanden Schutz unter einem Felsvorsprung und nutzten die ⏱ um tief durchzuatmen, denn frische 🌧luft ist was ganz tolles!! 😊
      irgendwann war der ganze 🪄 vorbei und wir setzten unseren Weg in Richtung Kohlborn🧱 fort… hier machten wir die nächste ⏸ und dieses Mal hatten wir auch etwas mehr Glück mit dem Nebel und wir fanden eine mystische Sicht Richtung Elbtal vor!! 😊
      hier gab es von Johanna noch etwas 🤴🏻schmarrn, voll lecker!! 🤤
      aber da jede ⏸ auch mal zu Ende ist, ging es weiter zum nächsten ⛰ ➡️ Papst🧱
      hier sollten wir dann das 1️⃣. Mal so richtig auf ein paar Menschen mehr treffen, ist halt ein typischer Hotspot, vorher waren wir auf ziemlich unbekannten Wegen unterwegs… einer war dabei besonders sehenswert ➡️ Weg am Liethenbach, der auch zu einem kleinen Wasserfall wurde, mit der einstrahlenden ☀️ ergab dies ein super Bild!! 🥰
      auf dem Papst🧱 selbst machten wir dann auch nochmal eine kleine ⏸ und für mich gab es dann endlich 🍰!! 😊
      frisch gestärkt ging es dann für uns auf den letzten ⛰ und da kommt, wenn man da in der Nähr ist nur einer in Frage ➡️ Gohrisch
      der 👀 von hier Richtung Westen zum Pfaffen🧱 oder der Festung 🤴🏻🧱 und den Lilien🧱 ist einfach toll… und was sieht man noch so Tolles von da?! absolut richtig ➡️ die Hock🧱schänke, wo wir später noch einkehren wollten uuuund… sollten!! 🥰
      wir wählten den Abstieg über die Falkenschlucht, bissl Action nochmal zum Sonntagnachmittag!! 😊
      unten angekommen ging es dann für uns zurück nach Kleingießhübel zum 🚗… leider beendete Komoot ➡️ Danke Merkel, die Aufzeichnung vorzeitig, so dass in etwa 2️⃣,6️⃣ Km und ca. 5️⃣0️⃣ Hm in der Statistik fehlt… aber hey… da 💩 doch der 🐶 was drauf!! 😅
      am Parkplatz machten wir nochmal eine kurze Rast auf einer Bank in der ☀️… einfach herrlich!! 😊
      und wie bereits geschrieben hielten wir nochmal an der „Hocke“, hier saßen wir einfach absolut entspannt davor auf der Mauer und genossen nochmal leckeren 🍰 + ☀️!! 😊
      so ging ein echt langer und absolut toller Tag zu Ende!! 😊 vielen Dank für den gemeinsamen Ausflug liebe Johanna und die Einführung in die Kunst des 🧘‍♀️!! 😊im Übrigen hat ab diesem WE das Leben wieder einen Sinn… es ist wieder 🏈, jeden verdammten Sonntag!! 😍🤩allen also viel Spaß beim Schauen und morgen einen schönen Start in die neue Woche!! 👍🏻 ich schau jetzt etwas 🏈 und später noch 🎾 und esse noch ein Stück 🍰, da Johannas Mama so lieb war und der 🐛 namens Dani noch ein Stück mitgab!! 😅Liebe Grüße Dani ✌🏻

      • September 12, 2021

  7. Daniel went cycling.

    September 11, 2021

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    1. Daniel

      I have no idea how often I have used the weather app 👀 in the last 2️⃣ - 3️⃣ days ... actually we wanted to go to the trustworthy kebab shop in Pirna yesterday, but the weather was soooo unclear and in the end it was good that we didn't go because it has a lot of 🌧 in between ... and so I used the free evening and stacked my 🧱, I don't want to withhold this 📸 from you !! 😊and today?! it was completely unclear again ... but shortly after 🕙 it was then 💩 on and off to the beloved squat ... 🥰 and so it went together with Steffen to the racing - 🥕 !! 👌🏻
      my buddy was so nice and today he lent me his Garmin because I'm thinking about getting a new Garmin too ... I can say it in advance, I had something in the goods at Amazon.de earlier 🧺 laid !! 😅
      we rolled eastwards from the 🌾platz and drove through various villages to Dobra and since we were in good shape, I asked Steffen if I could add another 🥒 ?! “Let's go” ➡️ and so we drove via 🪖sdorf + Stolpen along the Napolen🛣 to Heese💡 and with a lot 🔥 into the Polenztal and then the beloved Serpetinen ⬆️ to the Hock🧱schänke ... 😊 and apart from a few 💦 in between we stayed mostly dry!! 👍🏻for lunch we had an outstanding 🤴🏻schmarrn with 🍎mus !! 🤤
      Unfortunately we couldn't stay for too long, because it was pretty dark from the west ... especially in the Elbe Valley 🌧 it probably did and so we drove back to DD via the Schönfeld highlands !! 👍🏻
      Since my best friend Flo is currently visiting his parents' home in Rossendorf, I said goodbye to Steffen in Gönnsdorf and set off again for a short chat, again and again very warmly at the Pinzel house! 😊and since I like to meet and have people around me, I put in a short ☕️⏸ in Ullersdorf on my way home to Dresden ... both the ☕️ and the pleasant conversation get 1️⃣0️⃣ / 1️⃣0️⃣ points from me !! 😊But since I still had something ⏱ until the sports show, I turned an additional 🥒 over Rade⛰ and 🧴ersdorf and made a few more kilometers ... up here my friend Albi also turns the bike every now and then ➡️ # no☕️ ride
      and here you can really get up to speed, it was cool !! 😊
      the end of the 🎶🎼🎵 was that I made it to 🏠e on time and was on time for the sports show on the 🛋 !! 🥳

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      • September 12, 2021

    1. Daniel

      I'm slowly starting to like guiding a group !! 😊Together with Daniel it worked out wonderfully again and due to the route it went quite quickly, so that we were at the Zschona ponds in time for sunset !! 👌🏻Continuing our tradition, we went back to the falafel - 🚛 of trust, where we had our fun again ... 😅PS: you can hardly believe it, but I didn't hurt myself! 😅

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      • September 9, 2021

  8. Daniel and Hagen went for a bike ride.

    September 7, 2021

    26.7 mi
    12.6 mph
    1,600 ft
    1,550 ft
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    1. Daniel

      short after-work lap with chef Hagen while the washing machine is running !! 😅the beautiful Wachwitzgrund ⬆️ and over the damm zum Dober⛰ !! 😊then the first part of the 🔫weg, which has got really tough due to the weather this year ... pretty washed out and so the roots come into their own ➡️ Greetings go out to 🇧🇪Via Zaschendorf it went on to the beloved trail from Reitzendorf to Meixmühle and down to Friedrichsgrund ... that too has suffered a lot and doesn't drive so well for a long time ... unfortunately there are also 2️⃣ 🌲🌲 across ... be careful if you are there next ⏱ long drive ...even if it wasn't exactly as I remembered it was still nice !! 😊

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      • September 7, 2021

  9. Daniel went cycling.

    September 5, 2021

    131 mi
    14.9 mph
    7,425 ft
    7,425 ft
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    1. Daniel

      Today's 🏁 was the most beautiful village in Upper Lusatia ➡️ Mittelherwigsdorf 🥰
      Hagen and his team had ⚽️spiel… 2️⃣ there today. Runde Kreis🏆 and since Hagen said that it was a “team (in the 1st there was probably an 8: 1 win), we didn't want to miss that ... at least the 1st”. We wanted to treat ourselves to half-time because we still have to go back to 🏠 ...
      the way there began at the Blue Wonder 🌁 with a lot of fog ... and yes, we can also relax and roll on the Elb🚲weg ... 😅 in Bad Schandau the ☀️ came out and we treated ourselves to a short breakfast first! 👍🏻from Hrensko we chose our beloved cream again - way into the hinterland ... and now there was finally a decent topping on it and it went like a dream! 😊😊
      later we got another well-known section under the racing 🥕 ➡️ komoot.de/tour/390909983
      but the colleague Ještêd was not our today 🏁, aaaaaaber ... if everything works out 👀 we will meet again this year !! 😊
      back in 🇩🇪 we first went to the “Hochwald” to the local hut at 7️⃣4️⃣4️⃣m, doesn’t sound high at first ... but dude 🇸🇪 the thing was steeply out at the back ... licko mio !! 🥵
      The reward was 🍝 Bolognese + 🇷🇺🍺 + blobs🍰 ... and so our lunchtime⏸ went by really quickly and we had to hurry up to be on the sports field on time 🕒 ... we also hadn't really sat down yet, it was already 0: 1 ... but Herschdorf didn't let himself get down and turned the game ... especially the goal to the 2: 1 lead was one of the "goal of the month" mark ... but this lead only lasted 48 seconds Already the equalizer to 2: 2 fell again !! 🤦🏻‍♂️
      2 € entry + 4 goals, what more could you want ...
      about the final result I now put Hagen to love the 🧥 of the 🤐 ... just so much, there were still 5 goals!
      the way back started pretty tough for me ... the last legs or generally the long 🚲 season up to here seems to be so slowly hanging in my 🦵🏻🦵🏻 ... somehow I notice that more and more !! 😅 I'm not a 3️⃣0️⃣ anymore ...one last ⏸ had to be in the beloved crouch ... recharge the 🔋 for the last few kilometers back to DD !! 👍🏻
      We spontaneously stopped by Komoot legend Frank, who was just saying goodbye to his daughter Johanna (a very pretty woman who came after her papa 👌🏻) and grandson !! 😊
      for your upcoming knee surgery again on this channel all the best, I press the ✊🏻✊🏻 !!
      afterwards Albi and I were rewarded with a great sunset and we rolled over the Elb🚲weg back to Dresden !! 😊Thank you Knusperkopp Albi for coming with us and the nice tour, even if I stopped you a little today ... yesterday I didn't slouch as much in the slipstream as you did !! 😜
      Have a good start into the new week ... I'm out first !!
      Greetings Dani

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      • September 5, 2021

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