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    about 17 hours ago

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    1. Oliver Tausend

      Trail appraisal after yesterday's apocalypse: While hail mountains are still piling up in the city center and a number of trees were defoliated, nothing was to be seen in the Unterjesingen area. Sure, the paths were wet, the branches pressed down and there were gullies in the paths, but nothing compared to what happened in the city center. Unfortunately, the Tübingen vaccination center is also affected and has to close for at least two weeks. There are total agricultural failures on the hardships between Tübingen and Reutlingen. The outermost west of Tübingen (Unterjesingen) and Ammerbuch have been lucky, at least for the time being, the next thunderstorm front is already coming.For today's mountain intervals, I have therefore chosen my local mountain so that I can get home quickly: the Weinsteige, that's exactly 105 meters in altitude. The same dogs that annoyed me yesterday were on the road again today, so I wanted to give myself permission to forego the mountain intervals because I would have to walk past them 2x6 times. But I dared and by the fourth repetition they disappeared, only to reappear on the downhill after the fifth ascent. For the sixth repetition, I looked for another climb (Bayler Cape). This was not ideal for this purpose, as the steep passages were very slippery and I couldn't keep my power in them. The steps at the cemetery were covered with gravel. But this is what trail running is like: you never know exactly what to expect, like with a lucky bag. In the uphill intervals, my rate of ascent (VAM) was consistently between 1,050 and 1,150 m / h, which is okay for the average incline of approx. 12% (last repetition 13%).Consumption during running training: 500 ml Maurten 160After my virtual bike ride on Zwift, I can / have to rest for 3 days (!!!).

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      • about 16 hours ago

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    1. Oliver Tausend

      It was high time to break up the Ultra Shuffle. After I still had slight muscle soreness in my buttocks from Monday this morning and therefore I did not want to repeat the same or similar training immediately, today an endurance run in HR zone 2 (in climbs partially zone 3) with a few meters of altitude and finally the mountain sprints, to get used to it, initially with a few repetitions. In the downhills I went to work carefully where the ground was softened, otherwise I didn't let my pulse drop in zone 1 downhill either. At the Weinsteige I was slowed down by the special dog whose owner thinks he owns the network of trails around his vineyard. Nice round in which the time flew by. After yesterday's rest day, however, the HR a little too high for the pace or the pace a little too slow for the given HR, more than 36 hours of recovery are already too much of a good thing 😂 It should have leveled off again tomorrow.Catering: 500 ml Maurten 160 "hand held"

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      • 2 days ago

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    1. Oliver Tausend

      Start Metzingen train station, destination Reutlingen Hbf. Strava has chosen a different route from Metzingen to the lower Glems reservoir today. Although this was pleasant to walk in terms of traffic (via Metzingen Neuhausen), it was almost completely asphalted up to the beginning of the Grasbergtrail. The other variant includes a beautiful…. Crossing the street in Metzingen (I hate Metzingen as a city), but after crossing the B28, it is completely a trail. If I had known that the Ermstalbahn was going to Dettingen again, I would have got off in Neuhausen. But no matter, the goal today was to get the pulse into the anaerobic threshold on "my" grass mountain, where I pretty much shot myself at this time last year. I succeeded, in the downhill I went slowly, firstly because of the relaxation and secondly because it was slippery and the trail shortly after the vantage point (seen from the downhill), well, sometimes didn't really exist. An ascent of 150 m covers a length of 800 m, which means it is quite steep.Anaerobic threshold and then in zone 2 to Reutlingen, on the downward slope partly in zone 1, but in the following climbs (Gutenberg, Rangenbergle & Achalm) a bit in zone 3. My goodness, I had forgotten how steep the climbs on the Achalm are . So I didn't dawdle and rest after the 4x150 m, but tried to teach my body how to recycle lactate again. The way down from the Achalm includes a short passage at the very beginning where you have to climb. Briefly, but already climbing properly, backwards and hold on with your hands. Especially when it's humid like today, certainly not for everyone. But it's not really dangerous if you take your time. Unfortunately I was too slow down from the Achalm on the last stretch into the city because of the many steps to catch my train at just before 12:30. Overall, it took me longer than I estimated (I thought 3 hours would be a lot), but of course that doesn't matter and is part of the essence of trail running. I drank a liter of Tailwind while running and another half a liter of Tailwind and half a liter of elderflower spritzer at the train station. Everything from the backpack. I ate three ClifGels (one in every downhill from Grasberg) and a stick of ClifBloks (6 bloks). At the train station a protein bar from RawBite and a ClifBar. I didn't even have to buy anything, the backpack was a bit heavy.For information: If you want to follow the route without the 4x150 m, you save 6x800 m = 4.8 km.

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      • 4 days ago

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    1. Oliver Tausend

      Back to the roots on foot: Unterjesingen (Tübingen) -> Heubach on August 7th, 2021I can't get myself up to competitions with a “hygiene concept”, so I plan a few “off” runs. One of them is a trail run (with an estimated 20% asphalt share) from my current place of residence to the place in the Ostalb district where I grew up and where my running and trail running origins can be found. At that time (so from 1983/84) the few runners were often - sometimes maliciously - "cheered on" by passers-by with "hopp, hopp" and "trail running" as a discipline did not exist of course. As a teenager with the running shoe model "Dallas" from adidas (with Velcro) on the narrow, steep paths on the eaves of the Ostalb, even in winter with snow and ice, without a GPS watch, running backpack, cell phone and whatever other bells and whistles, today is considered indispensable. Yes, I am that old already.For the time being, I have set the date on Saturday, August 7th, 2021 at 0:30 a.m. - with a little flexibility for a few days earlier or later in order to avoid thunderstorms. Running time? 18 hours would be nice, but an hour or two is quickly gone on such runs.The planned route is approx. 126 km long and has approx. 3800 vertical meters, so not that many for the length of the route 😉Anyone who would like to accompany me on part of the route is welcome to contact me.P.S .: You can see the exact route here:
      (We reserve the right to make changes, of course)

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      • 5 days ago

    1. Oliver Tausend

      That's how I love it: hot, a fresh breeze every now and then. Finally real summer!

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      • 6 days ago

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    1. Oliver Tausend

      Daydreaming while trail running has never been a good idea: First I stumbled over a root on a downhill I've run a hundred times and braked against a tree, so no fall. About a minute later (still on the downhill) I rushed my head against a tree trunk at head height. In this case, probably because I was staring at the ground right in front of me instead of scanning the trail in the distance. I didn't fall here either, just braked roughly. The glasses and sunglasses are intact, the head has a scratch. All of this happened on the so-called “Kinditrail” 😂After sitting on the floor for a few minutes to see what my circulation was doing, I was able to continue the session. First carefully, then came the intervals. These went really well. Finally speed again!

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      • 7 days ago

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    1. Oliver Tausend

      A little bit of DOMS (muscle soreness) in my thighs this morning. At the beginning light pulling in both shins, I'll have to work tonight. For the first ten minutes, my cardiovascular system wasn't quite sure what to do. But that subsided, so that although the pace was a little lower than usual at this heart rate, it was completely within the framework of the circumstances, especially considering the outside temperature. And now see what it looks like on the bike.

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      • June 16, 2021

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    1. Oliver Tausend

      Today I browsed a few corners that were new to me, e.g. B. the "Oberdorf" of Pliezhausen and the Neckartrails below the Pfrondorfer Steige. It was impressive to walk under the bridges of the B 464 and B 27 - where the B 464 joins the B 27. So far I've never walked to the Einsiedel like this ... and back down again. There were a lot of steps that cost me a lot of time going down, especially in Pliezhausen and Tübingen (especially the steps from Österberg to Synagogenplatz are amazing)Today was the first time I had to buy drinks on the go this season. I started with two liters of Tailwind and had only drunk one liter of it up to TÜ-Lustnau (Egeriaplatz, until then just under a marathon mark). Nevertheless, I calculated that the remaining liter would not be enough for me for the further 18 km. So I bought 1.9 l organic sizzling in Lustnau and filled my flasks with it and drank the rest straight away. At home I still had half a liter of Tailwind. This is OK as a security reserve. I drank 3.4 liters while running.Total catering:- 4 clifbars and two naughty friends
      - 1.5 l Tailwind (a total of 9 scoops powder)
      - 0.5 l organic Zisch Mate
      - 0.7 l organic Zisch raspberry
      - 0.7 l organic zisch orange

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      • June 14, 2021

  8. Oliver Tausend went for a hike.

    June 13, 2021

    9.00 mi
    2.2 mph
    950 ft
    925 ft
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