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  1. Axel went for a bike ride.

    4 days ago

    11.0 mi
    9.9 mph
    1,175 ft
    1,225 ft
  2. Axel went for a bike ride.

    7 days ago

    12.1 mi
    11.6 mph
    1,100 ft
    1,100 ft
    1. Tim 🚴

      And hut 😁

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      • 7 days ago

  3. Axel went for a bike ride.

    July 11, 2021

    11.0 mi
    8.8 mph
    900 ft
    875 ft
    1. Axel

      Was instructed that Gelderswoog would be written with "t". So Flux edit the name ...

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      • July 11, 2021

  4. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️ and Axel went mountain biking.

    July 11, 2021

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    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      On Friday we already did the preliminary tour and found the Schweinstal to be childrens bike tour friendly, today we all started from the Gelterswoog and drove along the Walzweiher to the old rolling mill. Then along the Schweinstal and further into the Walkmühltal. There is a wonderful spot with a spring that I knew from a winter hike in the snow with Juliet. It was also clear: I would like to come back here in the summer!
      We passed many ponds and returned to the Gelterswoog.
      Everyone enjoyed the tour, especially my daughter. My e-bike got them and I rode my old bike 🚲! 😅

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      • July 11, 2021

  5. Axel went for a bike ride.

    July 7, 2021

    18.1 mi
    11.6 mph
    2,125 ft
    2,125 ft
    1. Axel

      A little "off through the forest". After the rains, some paths are pretty washed out. So uffbasse!

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      • July 7, 2021

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    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      Today we started again from the Bethof on day 2. We headed for Lake Silzer through beautiful meadow valleys. It went on to the Eichelberg with rocks and a beautiful view. Over a few trails we went towards Lindelbrunn with a stop at the Cramerhaus beer garden. Via the Keeshütte, it went on to the Frauenwoog and always along the Portzbachtal to the Seehofweiher to the Hedwigbrunnen. On the Glasbach it went steeply uphill over the Pfälzer Hütte and over a beautiful trail to the Hirzeckhaus, to then drive back into the valley and along the many ponds back to the Bethof. There was another delicious dinner waiting for us in the beer garden! 😊

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      • July 3, 2021

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    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      We stayed for a long weekend at the Bethof campsite with Axel's VW bus. This is really out of everyday life and into nature. It is quiet and contemplative here and the complex is very well maintained.
      From here we started a nice bike tour towards Bad Bergzabern. The landscape is really very attractive. We continued over the Liebfrauenberg and Bismarck Tower. We drove very varied routes with roads and great trails.
      The Abtkopf was a small highlight with a nice up and downhill section.

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      • July 2, 2021

  8. Axel went for a bike ride.

    June 27, 2021

    11.6 mi
    11.0 mph
    875 ft
    825 ft
    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      Perfect 👌 beautiful ... I'm very happy!

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      • June 27, 2021

  9. Axel went for a bike ride.

    June 20, 2021

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    1. Axel

      After the day's work was done and the first train was missed, we started from the Eiswoog around 12. Partly well-trodden paths, partly new trails.
      Since I was on the road with the road cruiser, I let myself be guided along the wider forest paths.
      I partly took Tim's recommendation to drive from Weilach via Rothsteig to Weisenheim ...
      Schää it was!

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      • June 20, 2021

  10. Axel went for a bike ride.

    June 16, 2021

    14.3 mi
    12.8 mph
    1,950 ft
    1,900 ft
    1. Axel

      After the days of thievingly enforced abstinence from cycling, I am now back in the countryside again. As you can see, I am quite frugal for the small daily round ... 😁

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      • June 16, 2021

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