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    1. Mar Plai

      Too bad that one does not learn on site why that is a job of the HWN.According to the legend, these are 3 breads that have turned to stone.
      An old heartless lady did not want to help a starving miner And then said "My 3 loaves are better turned to stone" because she has disregarded the miner, the bread grew to huge stones and pushed the woman into the ground.
      Accordingly, it should be a warning of heartlessness!

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      • 15/04/2019

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    1. Mar Plai

      The first time in the Elm Ridge been on the road and drove the Braunschweig-Elm Trail. Except for the clearing damage caused by the forestry machines, the trail was easily passable.
      Even the highest peak of Elm-Lappwald climbed the Eilumer Horn (323m).

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      • 17/03/2019

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    1. Mar Plai

      A new tour in things "mining in the Harz" was completed, this time it started from Lautenthal.
      From the center Lautenthal it went first to the "Bielstein" HWN 106 up, the way was steep but good to walk. Once at the top you were rewarded with a beautiful view of Lautenthal, hence the name "beautiful view"
      Next we went in the direction of "Maassener Gaipel" HWN 107 before there was still the "mining trail" for laymen is very well explained how the Altbergbau here in Lautenthal had worked and you can imagine how this once looked once.
      From the restaurant it went to the last checkpoint the "Grumbacher pond"
      Highlights on the tour:
      # Beautiful view (Bielstein)

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      • 01/03/2019

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