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    1. Mike

      One does not have to be catholic to find fourteen saints beautiful. Nice due to the architecture and interior of the basilica. Nice as a place with spiritual charisma. Beautifully situated with a wide view of the Main valley, over to the Banz monastery. Nice for the contemplation. And if this is not nice enough, you may want to visit one of the beautiful beer gardens.

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      • 07/09/2019

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    1. Mike

      Wide and open, sun-drenched, sometimes lined with dense forest and enchanted by a section and mystical. This is how the Freibachtal shows. Who wants to experience the mystical reason, should go to the turning point of my tour. Here it goes down from the comfortable main path, except for the valley. The Freibach meanders through dense trees, ferns and lush vegetation. A small wooden bridge leads over the stream with crystal clear water. There are signs to the mining history of the region. From here, water was passed to the old mines in Ilmenau and the surrounding area. Today, the place is more reminiscent of the scene of free-ball casting in Weber's "Freischütz".

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      • 07/04/2019

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    1. Mike

      For Ferngucker on the Thuringian Forest a MUST! From Simmersberg at Schnett (780 m above sea level) offers a wonderful "Schauinsland"! On the summit and on a mountain side well-made boards are attached. They explain what can be seen on the horizon and until then. The view extends to well-known Thuringian mountains (Schneekopf, Großer Beerberg, Gleichberge) and far into Franconia (Veste Coburg, Staffelstein, Vierzehnheiligen). You should run around the Simmersbergkopf in order not only to enjoy the panorama from one point. Probably the most beautiful view in southern Thuringia!

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      • 07/04/2019

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    1. Mike

      Immediately at the hiking Masserberg it goes on the Rennsteig and past beautiful summer meadows in the forest, on a circuit around the Fehrenberg. Many blueberry bushes line the path and invite you to pick. Orchids, lupins, foxglove and many meadow flowers adorn the green and brown. Hay is made everywhere, it smells of herbs. Now it is also summertime at around 800 meters.

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      • 07/02/2019

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    1. Mike

      Every few years I just have to go up. Was in Eisenach and there it was time. So much has been written about the Wartburg here and in a hundred other places that I hold myself back. Only this: for me the most beautiful German castle! It's up to her overall nature. Completely preserved, Romanesque and some gothic pure. Walter von der Vogelweide sang in Pallas and Luther translated the Bible here. In addition the outstanding situation on the rock. From afar a landmark when traveling to Thuringia.

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      • 06/28/2019

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    1. Mike

      Many interesting things are hidden along the way, away from the big routes. Such as the moated castle in Oberstadt, the Celtic cross on the Questenberg or the story of Johann Georg von Langen, the Norwegian Generalforstmeister.Oberstadt (southern flank of the Thuringian Forest, where Thuringia is already Franconian, Hildburghausen district) is a village with about 350 inhabitants, 200 years old village linden and three highlights, which I have recorded on the round.

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      • 06/15/2019

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    1. Mike

      At this time of year, the mountain meadows on the Donkey Mountain are in full splendor. The Eselsberg is an 841m above NHN high mountain in the west of the Thuringian Slate Mountains. It is located directly on the Rennsteig near Masserberg. Here many round trips are possible in the triangle between Rennsteigwarte, Eisfelder Ausspanne and Werraquelle. You can hike between 5 ... 10 ... 20 km.

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      • 06/13/2019

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    1. Mike

      Three days of criss-crossing Bad Langensalza are over. I think the pictures speak for themselves. Whether Falk Atlas, ADAC or Marco Polo map, wrongly missing there in the entries to the city yellow markings or red frame! The city is just worth seeing and should not be an insider tip! Or better yet? Otherwise come too many ;-).

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      • 06/11/2019

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    1. Mike

      10 parks and theme gardens decorate the West Thuringian town. In 2011, she made it to the title of the "most flourishing city in Europe". She proudly calls herself Kur- und Rosenstadt. And rightly so, because not only in the parks, but also in many houses rose bushes adorn the cityscape.

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      • 06/11/2019

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    1. Mike

      The first day was already successful. Lots of peace, tranquility, lush greenery in the spa promenade on the city wall. Everywhere small points of view with sculptures, plants or framework. A beautiful "outside sitting culture" invites you to Latte Macchiato & Co in many places. People interested in history and culture will be attracted by former inhabitants of the city: Brentano, Kloppstock and the big doctor Hufeland. Not to mention Hermann von Salza, contemporary of Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa and 4th Grand Master of the Teutonic Order.

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      • 06/11/2019

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