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About Lutz - Berlin

Ich wandere und fotografiere gern in der Stadt, auf dem Land und in den Bergen.Ich freue mich auf Touren mit Gleichgesinnten, vor allem, wenn auch sie vom Fotovirus befallen sind :-).
Bei Interesse einfach auf einer meiner Touren einen entsprechenden Kommentar abgeben oder folgende Mail benutzen:

Distance travelled

4,423 mi

Time in motion

1478:36 h

Recent Activity
  1. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    August 9, 2023

    Schweiz - Tell-Trail - Etappe 7 von 8 von der Älggialp nach Lungern

    9.29 mi
    2.4 mph
    1,300 ft
    3,350 ft
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    1. Lutz - Berlin

      After visiting the center of Switzerland, it was mostly downhill today, away from the high mountains. It mainly went through dense forests with few views into the distance. The view of the Lungerersee with its wonderful color was all the more surprising.

      Finally we went to a restaurant at the Brüning

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      August 26, 2023
  2. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    August 8, 2023

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    1. With our luck this year, to be on the safe side, we called the evening before to inquire whether the planned route from the Jochpass to the Ägglialp was passable at all after the snowfall. Thumbs up!


      With the Titlisbahn we went up to the middle station. From there, the first chairlift of the day should

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      August 26, 2023
  3. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    August 7, 2023

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    1. In the morning in Stans we took the first funicular towards the Stanserhorn. At the middle station we changed to the cabrio train and let the icy air blow in our faces. The Stanserhorn welcomed us with a temperature of +1°C. We had enough clothes with us, although I still had gloves on in Berlin, but

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      August 23, 2023
  4. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    August 6, 2023

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    1. Unfortunately, all your good wishes for better weather didn't help, at least not until now. In Brunnen, where we stayed, it poured throughout the night and continued throughout the morning. Yesterday's destination, the Rigi, a 1,798m high mountain, lay invisibly in front of us, wrapped in thick clouds

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      August 16, 2023
  5. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    August 4, 2023

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    1. Our second stage began in the Muotathal with a nice ascent to Stoos, a small town that mutates into a mega ski town in winter. The futuristic-looking Stoosbahn, which takes tourists to the top in just a few minutes, is also well known. It took us a little longer to do this, as there were inclines of

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      August 4, 2023
  6. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    August 3, 2023

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    1. My son Alex and I started this year's Swiss adventure in the capital of Altdorf in the canton of Uri. Wilhelm Tell, the Swiss folk hero, lived in this canton and was born not far from Altdorf. It goes without saying that there is a monument in honor of Tell in almost every town.

      Our 8-day long-distance

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      August 3, 2023
  7. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    July 23, 2023

    1. Great round together with nature lover Regina and Fredchau. Lots of nature, grandiose silence and a bit of adventure on an off-grid section of 2.5 kilometers in length on the Nieplitz in front of Stangenhagen. Mosquitoes, thistles, stinging nettles and head-high dense grass gave us a task :-). Then the

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      July 25, 2023
  8. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    June 4, 2023

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    1. Everything has an end, including this wonderful long-distance hike. In terms of landscape, today was another fantastic highlight through the Wehratal Gorge. Dense forest, moss-covered trees and rocks, narrow paths, steepest slopes and of course the babbling, jumping, foaming, hissing and murmuring Wehra

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      June 23, 2023
  9. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    June 3, 2023

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    1. And the sun smiled again. I was 20 minutes earlier in front of the hotel at the start of the hike and still had time to use the beautiful light for 3 photos.


      The trail started again with a good climb. We were rewarded with a beautiful review of St. Blasien. Now we followed the paths through the Upper

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      June 22, 2023
  10. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    June 2, 2023

    Berlin2007, W. R.🇩🇪☮️🇺🇦, and 12 others like this.
    1. Stage 4: We follow the Bildsteinweg first up to the overcrowded viewpoint Bildstein and then steeply down to the Schluchsee. Now we actually have really open terrain for the first time with some very nice views of the surroundings. Behind the hamlet of Althütte we dive back into the forest and a little

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      June 18, 2023
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