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    1. Lutz - Berlin

      Now at the end of this hike, the same thing happened to Silvia yesterday. The tour was just there and I already wrote and saved the first little comment. Then I wanted to add Frank Meyer as a tour participant and boom, she was gone, the tour. Fortunately, Floh also recorded, so that at least we still have the original course.
      More details and photos will follow later. Just one quick thing: it was a lot of fun to run with Florian mega. Lovely again.
      Now I wish Cornell a nice tour from Strausberg for tomorrow.

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      • 4 days ago

  2. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    7 days ago

    28.8 mi
    3.6 mph
    350 ft
    350 ft
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    1. Lutz - Berlin

      I have been spared problems with the Komoot app for the past few weeks and months, but it hit me hard today. I started the tour at Lichtenrade S-Bahn station, but after 3.82 km the fun was over. Total crash. I only had to restart, so the first few kilometers are missing in the recording. After that, the navigation continued with severe restrictions. Sometimes the tour and Komoot were over 70m apart. It was only after about 3 hours that the spook was over and our beloved WanderApp was working normally again.Actually, I only wanted to walk about half of the Green Main Trail No. 5. But since I was already 25 km behind me at 10:00 a.m. and still felt fit, I continued. If I had known about the upcoming route problems at that time, my decision would have been different. Approx. 8 kilometers before the end there was suddenly no longer a bridge over the A114. It is being rebuilt and according to my assessment of the progress of the construction, the end of the construction work is not expected before December 2021. This situation gave me a detour of almost 4 kilometers.Overall, I found the tour to be quite varied and interesting. The route only got boring north of Pankow. Almost only paved pedestrian / cycle path combinations. Tiring and without highlights.

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      • 7 days ago

  3. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    May 17, 2020

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    1. Lutz - Berlin

      Another section on the Baruther line, this time from Blankenfelde. The Rangsdorfer See is very beautiful, but its banks are unfortunately very littered. The lido was also pretty dirty, but there is hope that a cleanup will take place at the beginning of the season.
      The absolute highlight today was a visit to breakfast at Wanderpurzel Mandy. Silvia and Cornell were also there and we enjoyed it, of course at a proper distance. Thank you again, Mandy.

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      • May 17, 2020

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    1. Frank Meyer

      Dear hiking friends,this time I would like to encourage you to a very special hiking event that I worked out together with the komoot community management.In view of the restrictive external circumstances, the aim is to strengthen the cohesion of the community and to set up a joint virtual tour. The principle is as follows: At the start I hike a tour from A to B, one of you then hikes from B to C, the next person from C to D etc.I hope that we can manage a tour as a 'virtual hiking group' every day until the end of May. This event should be about participants from the greater Berlin / Potsdam area, of course you can also travel to contribute a stage.Which route you hike and how long it is entirely up to you, you just have to take your own starting point from the end point of your respective predecessor. It is definitely not a question of 'higher-faster-further' and measuring your strength, but that each participant is actually part of the matter and makes his or her individual contribution to the overall result.-----The following rules apply:
      - for sure this is a 'fun event', please go about it with the necessary seriousness and think in terms of community
      - Your stage should be at least three kilometers long, there is no limit to the top, but please do not overdo it
      - please only contribute A-to-B stages, no round trips
      - The destination of your stage should be easily accessible by local or regional public transport. This helps you as well as the person who has to continue at the point.
      - After completing your stage, please put it online at komoot as soon as possible, so that the following person has enough time to plan your own stage. You can then edit images, etc.
      To allocate the 'slots', i.e. the daily allocations:
      I set up a doodle at:
      If you are interested in this campaign, please register there. You only enter the name under which you are active at komoot, I do not need any further data. Pick your desired day and send the form. The following applies: first come, first served and free choice. Please only grab a free 'slot' if you actually intend to hike your stage that day.
      I will start on May 15th. starting at the komoot HQ in Potsdam, you can then from 16.05. until May 31 continue. If there is a lot of demand and if all days are quickly allocated without gaps, we may extend the campaign.Should you still not be able to meet your specified date, send me an email to so that I can release the day again for other interested parties. If necessary, I will step in in the event of short-term failures so that the chain does not break.-----I am looking forward to your feedback and hope that numerous participants will be there. I sent an invitation to this virtual event to some of you who I follow and who are hiking in the Berlin area. All others who read here are of course also invited. As always, feel free to share your opinion and ask questions here in the comments or contact me by email at
      Here are all participants and the links to their profiles:
      May 15 Frank Meyer & Joe Penner | |
      May 16 Kerstin & Francesca | |
      05/17 Heiner |
      May 18 Andree Sadilek |
      May 19 espunkt kapunkt |
      20.05. erwin |
      May 21 BJN |
      May 22 Anette |
      May 23 Silvia |
      May 24 Lutz - Berlin |
      25.05. Cornell Paasche |
      May 26 Frank from Hönow |
      May 27 Kathrin |
      28/05 Mandy |
      05/29 Olaf 1 / Omega |
      May 30 Thomas from EF |
      May 31 Lucy Lu |
      01.06. Frank Meyer |
      Here is the link to the overall collection in my profile:

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      • May 11, 2020

  5. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    May 10, 2020

    12.2 mi
    3.6 mph
    150 ft
    150 ft
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    1. Lutz - Berlin

      After the last industrial hike, nature was needed today. Since I had enjoyed the tour from Lichtenrade to Diedersdorf so much in the last week (, I ran a similar tour today only a few kilometers to the east. It started at the Malow S-Bahn station.
      In retrospect, I would only start this tour in Blankenfelde and walk further south. From the Blankenfelde train station, the tour was really nice. First follow the Baruther line along the Glasowbach and later through extensive forests south around Blankenfelde, then return to Mahlow via dirt roads.

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      • May 10, 2020

  6. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    May 8, 2020

    13.4 mi
    3.6 mph
    150 ft
    150 ft
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    1. Lutz - Berlin

      On the holiday to think about, I put together a tour that contains no tourist highlights and no wonderful paths. Today we went to the industrial and commercial area Lichtenberg towards Marzahn via Hohenschönhausen. As expected, I didn't have to worry about the safety distance here. I was mostly alone.

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      • May 8, 2020

  7. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    May 3, 2020

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    1. Lutz - Berlin

      Another tour of the outskirts, this time in the south of Berlin. This was largely characterized by dirt roads and wide views. Even if there was not something spectacular waiting around every corner, I really enjoyed this hike. You can think about whatever in peace and relax as much as possible.
      Many cultured, but also wild animals were on display. Not all of them could be photographed properly. A squirrel was playing hide and seek with me, two deer were gone faster than they were there and the storks didn't really want to. One looked out of his nest at the street. When I was ready to take photos, he lay down to rest. Another circled across the field and took the backlight as protection and a third strutted through a stream far away, out of reach for my too short focal length.

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      • May 3, 2020

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    1. Lutz - Berlin

      After several hikes in nature, it was an urban route again. In February I ran the first stage of the Inner Parkring, No. 18 of the Green Main Paths (, today I closed the ring. The first stage was more western, the second on the eastern side.
      I have been to the different areas I have walked through before. Most of the time, however, I didn't know the ways. This made it very varied. The weather was pretty exciting, partly sunny, partly cloudy and sometimes even in a stormy mood. There was no rain.
      The nice thing about the inner park ring is that you can put together the stages yourself. There are plenty of entry opportunities with connections to the public transport system. But there have also been comooters who walked the entire distance of almost 53 kilometers in one day.

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      • May 1, 2020

  9. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    April 26, 2020

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    1. Lutz - Berlin

      Another chapter in my collection of Berlin outskirts walks. I started very early in Kladow in the direction of Sacrow. From there it went on to Groß Glienicke and back to the starting point. I took every mountain I could get with me: Luisenberge, Fuchsberge, Zedlitzberg and Mühlenberg. While the first two gave a lively up and down, I didn't even notice the other two.
      All in all a nice forest tour with the very nice highlight Sacrower Heiland Church on the Havel. However, the very straight route from Groß Glienicke back to Kladow should be saved and you should rather walk back near the Groß Glienicker See.
      At the castle park I was lucky that it was already open. I was there shortly before 7 and actually he only opens at 8 a.m.

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      • April 26, 2020

  10. Lutz - Berlin went for a hike.

    April 23, 2020

    8.24 mi
    3.4 mph
    50 ft
    75 ft
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    1. Lutz - Berlin

      I had to hike today during working hours. What luck! I was supposed to pick up a car from Renault in Köpenick. No colleague was free to go there and I was in no mood for the public transport or a taxi because of the C situation. All that remained was running and I sacrificed myself 😉.
      I left the route planning to Komoot. I only entered the start and finish.

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      • April 23, 2020

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