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  1. Netdigi went mountain biking.

    October 9, 2021

    40.8 mi
    9.1 mph
    2,725 ft
    2,575 ft
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    1. Netdigi

      From Neudrossenfeld through the Rot-Main Aue, Melkendorf, Burghaig barrage to Ziegelhütten.
      Ascent to the Kirchleuser Platte via Unter and Oberdornlach. Along the ridge path to the Samelstein.
      Departure via Schimmerndorf, Eichberg, Rothwind back to the Main. At the power station ascent via Buchau to the Görauer Anger. Continue via Lindenberg Döllnitz, Hutschdorf back to Neudrossenfeld.
      Very nice route with great views and some crisp climbs. The roads are consistently good.

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      • October 9, 2021

  2. Netdigi went mountain biking.

    September 23, 2021

    33.6 mi
    9.3 mph
    1,675 ft
    1,575 ft
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    1. Netdigi

      Very varied route with all types of flooring.
      From Neudrossenfeld via Bindlach, Laineck on small side streets and cycle paths. Then over field and meadow paths to Aichig. From there on small trails and hiking trails over the Bodenmühle to Wolfsbach.
      The trails around the Schafssteg are a bit more challenging to ride.
      Continue via Fürsetz, Studentenwald, Lerchenbühl towards Geigenreuth. Over the new mistletoe bridge and past the Fantasie and Teufelsgraben palace gardens, Oberwaiz and the forest hut back to Neudrossenfeld.
      Although the city of Bayreuth is hardly left, the impressions on the route could not be more different.

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      • September 24, 2021

  3. Netdigi went mountain biking.

    September 7, 2021

    28.8 mi
    10.1 mph
    1,375 ft
    1,300 ft
  4. Netdigi went mountain biking.

    August 14, 2021

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    1. Netdigi

      From Creußen over the Kalvarienberg and Kirchenthumbach to Eschenbach. Continue through the Eschenbacher Weihergebiet, Schlammersdorf, Funkendorf, Neuhaidhof back to Creußen.

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      • August 14, 2021

  5. Netdigi went gravel riding.

    August 5, 2021

    24.0 mi
    11.1 mph
    975 ft
    975 ft
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    1. Bergmuffel

      Great cover picture !!!

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      • August 5, 2021

  6. Netdigi went mountain biking.

    August 3, 2021

    29.5 mi
    9.9 mph
    1,125 ft
    1,075 ft
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    1. Netdigi

      Due to the uncertain weather conditions ⛈ just set off. With a view to the weather development, the route then expanded spontaneously.
      So the approaching thunderstorm was precisely avoided.
      Start towards Harsdorf in the Trebgasttal. Before Schlömen then along the Main through the floodplains over the Baille-Maille-Allee to Lanzendorf.
      Strengthened with coffee and cake 🍩☕ on to the Bindlacher Berg. Past Bayreuth airfield via Bindlach, Bayreuth through the Rotmaintal back to Neudrossenfeld.

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      • August 3, 2021

  7. Netdigi went mountain biking.

    July 29, 2021

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    1. Netdigi

      Via Kemmern and Breitengüßbach to Daschendorf.
      Ascent to the Kreiberg.
      After the information board for the Burgstall, an involuntary pushing round, as the path marked was not even present.
      Back on the old way, further over the Dachsbau to Freudeneck.
      Now always along the Itz to Untermerzbach.
      Over the Bretzenstein (good visibility) it went back to Kemmern via Ebern, Baunach and the trail on the Main.

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      • July 29, 2021

  8. Netdigi went mountain biking.

    July 27, 2021

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    1. Netdigi

      Very varied route with all surfaces. Due to road construction, diversion from Burgstall to Hochstadt necessary.

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      • July 27, 2021

  9. Netdigi went mountain biking.

    July 21, 2021

    33.1 mi
    5.8 mph
    1,925 ft
    1,875 ft
    1. Netdigi

      Start at the hiking car park on the A70 near Stadelhofen with the Paradiestal circular route. Continue via Schederndorf, Rothmannsthal, Köttel through the Köttler Grund down to the Weihersmühle.
      Following the single trail to Weismain and further on the educational lime trail in the direction of Krassach. At the Drei-Brüder-Marter right up to the Kalkberg. From there towards Geißknock, Modschiedel, Fesselsdorf back to Stadelhofen.

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      • July 21, 2021

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    1. Netdigi

      Used the weather change at short notice to visit the Breitenlesauer Kerwa at Krug Bräu

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      • July 16, 2021

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