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    1. Jugger64

      The views from the platforms on the Eglise at the top of Dauphin are breathtakingly beautiful. The rise, however, in the midday sun also extremely sweaty.

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      • 06/16/2019

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    1. Jugger64

      One could probably have made one or the other in Saint-Tropez a highlight. However, I have taken photos with the Nikon and so no images on the smartphone.
      By bike, Saint-Tropez can be explored perfectly.
      The journey alone works better than in the permanent traffic jam of motor vehicles. 😃
      Parking fees are also not due. ☺️
      Whether at the harbor, in the narrow streets, the paths directly on the water or on the hill of the citadel, you can easily reach everything.

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      • 06/13/2019

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    1. Jugger64

      ... with a sobering outcome.Before coming from interested readers of the comments on the "evening round with start collision and driver escape", I clarify it directly.
      Today, right at the first attempt after the accident, I found the vehicle of the person responsible for the accident and the driver's exodus in the parking lot of the BSA Seumannstraße, near the scene of the accident. Today it had badges on the plates.
      The called police patrol has dealt with the case in detail and found the following.
      The facts and additional research taken on the day of the accident showed that no further measures had to be taken.
      The fact that I, because of the insignificance of bodily injury and property damage, refrained from making claims immediately, there is virtually no casualties and therefore no accident. Without an accident, there can be no driver's escape. According to the registration office, the vehicle was registered on the "accident day". That the license plates are not badges ...

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      • 05/23/2019

  8. Jugger64 went for a bike ride.


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    1. Michael Willuweit

      Hit and run?

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      • 05/13/2019

  9. Jugger64 went hiking.


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    1. Jugger64

      The situation at the northern end of the nature route is diffuse. I did not find out any further and just followed the detour I had been aware of, which was no longer signposted.

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      • 04/18/2019

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