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  1. Sebastian went hiking.


    1. Tom Rambler

      Your pictures are always stunning. I still lack stages 1-3 and 10-11 from the Cologne trail and must say that there are more interesting ways.

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      • 04/19/2019

  2. Sebastian went hiking.


  3. Sebastian went hiking.


    1. Tom Rambler

      Great photos on all stages, especially the close-ups, the early autumn mood well captured. I also downloaded the trail but there is still so much to do.

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      • 09/27/2018

  4. Sebastian went hiking.


  5. Sebastian went hiking.


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    1. Keith

      Class Tour ... is still on my to-do list

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      • 09/25/2018

  6. Sebastian went hiking.


  7. Sebastian went hiking.


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  8. Sebastian went hiking.


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    1. Tom Rambler

      This is really one of the most beautiful stages of the Neanderlandsteig

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      • 03/04/2018

  10. Sebastian planned a hike.


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    1. Tom Rambler

      Since you have a lot planned on my doorstep

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      • 03/04/2018

Sebastian’s Tour Stats

Distance140 mi
Time40:50 h