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Hallo, freut mich, das du auf meinem Profil bist. Meinen ersten "Fahrrad-Kontakt" hatte ich mit 11. Ich sah ein silbernes Rennrad, hab mein ganzes Taschengeld zusammengespart und an dem Tag als ich es bekommen habe...war ich weg! Wenn ich Sonntags bereits früh aufgestanden bin, gingen bei meiner Mutter immer schon die Alarmsirenen an. Mit den Worten "ich fahr dann mal ein bischen rum" wusste meine Mutter schon, jetzt kommt er erst wieder nachts im dunkeln heim. Tagestouren bis 300 km, immer am Ziel das Ortschild abklatschen und wieder zurück. Weiss bis heute nicht, welcher Dämon Besitz von mir ergriffen hat. Damals führte ich ein kleines gelbes Buch, indem ich nach jeder Tour die Route, Distanz, Fahrzeit usw. eintrug. War ich vielleicht am Ende der eigentliches Erfinder des zukünftigen Komoot?🙄Mit Erhalt eines erdölverbrennenden Fortbewegungsmittels verschoben sich langsam meine sportlichen Outdoor-Interessen Richtung europäische Motorrad-Touren, Windsurfen, Skaten, Snowboarden und Mountainbiken.Auch wenn ich heute noch jedes Jahr meine Tour de France schaue, ein Rennrad für mich der Inbegriff von Ästhetik ist und ich jeden TdF-Teamfahrer bewundere, bin ich dann doch auf MTB umgestiegen, a bisserl Action hat halt seinen Reiz. Dabei ist es mir herzlich egal, ob einer elektrisch oder Bio fährt, Respekt für jeden der draussen ist, anstatt zuhause vor der Glotze hockt. Wer mit mir zusammen touren will, kann mir gerne schreiben. Tour planen und mich dazu einladen. Einkehrseidla geht auf mich😉😅Grüssla🙋‍♂️

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  1. Frank went mountain biking.

    4 days ago

    34.7 mi
    9.8 mph
    4,650 ft
    4,625 ft
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    1. Frank

      Meimeimei, these are awesome single trails that the Fichtelgebirglers have there ...Started today above Goldkronach, near Brandholz, from here you can go straight into the first trail and up to the Fürstensteinfelsen. The paths branch off here and no matter which one you take, they are all amazing. I turn right and head towards the Panoramaweg. A first-class high-altitude trail with a wonderful view of Warmensteinach, always beautifully along the slope. Perfect!From the Panoramaweg you go straight to the Jägersteig, although less panoramic, but the trail is really fun. Jetties, bridges, hairpin bends, mossy springs that you cross, simply a dream.Thinking about going the Schamusiweg, but it's really original. Someone with a knitting fetish knits a hundred fantasy figures, gives them names and then hangs them on the trees with a description. Almost everyone has something attached to them. Sometimes really very creative and interesting. The time up to the Gänskopfhütte flies by. At the top of the hut you also have a beautiful view of the valley.A 6 km long feeder route leads to Jägersteig Number 2. The path to the Bayreuther Hütte is wonderful. Closed, but anyone who drives tours on Mondays shouldn't be surprised either ... 😅Over the Brunnenweg, to the left of the ski slope, a chic, moss-covered downhill trail goes quickly down west of Mehlmeisel.Continue to Fichtelberg and because it's so beautiful, turn right there again into the forest to the Bocksgrabensteig.
      A well-rooted path that takes you up towards the Ochsenkopf. I drove last time, but it's always nice. Similar to the whale trails, a stream runs along the right.
      In honor of Tom, I hopped the Rock Block Hop and then pounded down the enduro trail up at the Ochsenkopf. At the bottom it joins the Bullhead Mountain Trail ... then it fits ...On the way back there was another real treat. The south way down on firewood. Very flowing, gently sloping, very narrow and densely overgrown with really green conifers, you forget the forest dieback for a moment. A dream again at the end.If I could just do it all over again.Greetings

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      • 4 days ago

    1. Frank

      Hello, after work again quickly over to Coburg and immersed in the Callenberger Forest near Scheuerfeld and looked to see if there are a few trails to be found. Many write that they keep getting lost, now I know why🙄 ...Well, if I'm already at the Callenberg Castle, I can go over to the Heldburg right away.
      So after an initial incorrect navigation, then leveled out on the way towards Mönchsberg. Past the fabulous root tree that a woman has just tried to climb up. To be honest, I couldn't watch it, as steep as it was. But well, you drive root trails yourself, I have pavement in my backpack😄 ... Shortly before the Hofmannsteiche ponds, a chic flowtrail with curves goes down to the ponds😎.
      Tried the black single trail near Schlettach and promptly landed in the thicket, shouldn't be the last time for today.At Eckertsberg crossed the Kolonnenweg, thank God crossed, I thought to myself and 5 minutes later I would rattle along ...Continuing along the beautiful path to the Lehnengrundsee, suddenly popped out in the middle of the spa center of Bad Colburg and I could remember that I was here as a child. The old spa center already has a somewhat morbid charm and will probably be the next lost place (or already is?) 🤨The journey continues over the Tonberg Trail, really a great single trail. At a crossroads, followed the tip of a euphoric local local and took the route via Kuhsee. And suddenly it appears, enthroned over the mountain: the Heldburg. Very impressive with all its turrets. Always with the castle in mind, it just criss-crossed fields and meadows, up 800-year-old oak trees straight up the castle hill.Well, while I'm already there, I can pedal over to the Straufhain ruins right away. Followed the Komoot route and took the downhill run. It was completely overgrown, just not with bushes, but with young trees that somehow didn't want to move to the side. Yes, I don't know either, left and right in the forest they all fall over and then in the middle of the path they grow ... Down then across the field
      to fail miserably on a vertical 3-meter trench. Right in front of the street🙈 ...
      Finally arrived on the road, a touring biker cycled past me. After 20 meters we both turned around at the same time and thought about it. Komootler? 🤨As a reward, there was another fancy column path (death strip) right in front of Straufhain, past a toilet with a forest (?!?) And then up to Straufhain. The ruin is not very big, actually only 4 walls, but from here you have a fabulous all-round view and on the opposite side you can see the Heldburg towering over the valley on a lonely hill.The very steep Straufhain downhill is down the airline in no time. The way back goes over the Georgenkeller, it is also high time for a break ...
      Of course, approached from the wrong side and had to push what felt like 100 steps up🙈. Out of the cellar, into the Georgentrail and via Jägersruh, Mühlberg and Tannenberg we went back to the Callenberger Forest via the forest motorway.
      It's good that I didn't think of more castles, otherwise I wouldn't have come home to Grandma's cake ...Greetings

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      • October 9, 2021

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    1. Frank

      Because it was so nice ... today again Giechburg - Reloaded!It started shortly after Scheetz over the Kälberberg in the direction of Friesener Warte. The trail to the Almadlerhütte goes over the beautiful Dragonerspitze viewing rock.Unfortunately, evil forest goblins dragged my helmet into their hiding place there, which I take as a compliment for my good helmet taste.Over the rock plateau Seigelstein near Tiefenpölz you have a wonderful view over the whole valley and you can look over to Greifenstein Castle.A flowing trail leads in a gorge from Herzogenreuth to Tiefenellern along the stream.All in all a nice tour with many viewpoints over Franconian Switzerland, rock formations and huts ...
      Thank you for putting together Markus and for the group

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      • October 3, 2021

    1. Frank

      ... dragged away from Nintendo to be forced to ride to Grandma's.In the willow labyrinth, the running times of all participants are stopped, the winner gets the biggest ice cream😉.Caribbean corner is gone by next year.Only 1 large bar of milk chocolate fuel was burned over the entire distance.Greetings

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      • October 2, 2021

    1. Frank

      Today 11:30 am, after work, off to the bike ...Warm-up training up the Banzer Berg. At the Waldschänke a meeting with Tom from Ebern was arranged for a group. The downhill trail brings you back down to Hausen in a jiffy, over the weir, past the Reundorf bathing lake and straight back up to Vierzehnheiligen.First of all, headed for the Trunk brewery, queued up, thought about what to eat, stepped out of the queue and then on to the Metzgerbräu in the direction of Ützing. A beautiful, shady S0 trail leads over the high path in the forest near Oberlangheim, at the crossroads on the right it goes down to Ützing.At the butcher's, the queue is twice as long as at the drink ... 🙈 ... it doesn't matter ... employed and took 2 beers with you, just to be on the safe side ... (a precaution?). After us queue away ... 😭.With full bellies then rolled back chilled over Stublang and Loffelt. So chilled that my remaining time indicator on the bike keeps rising and rising ... at the end of the day, 150km left?!? 😮🤣. I really have to learn to cruise more ...We drove together to the Egg Mountains, our paths split and I still hover around a little in the Egg Mountains. Right at the top is the "Maintalblick", a very beautiful vantage point with a table and bench and a wonderful view of the valley. If you drive around the mountain, you can enjoy the view of Banz Castle on the other side, which towers high up on the mountain. That's where it should go, so let's go downstairs ...The path first leads up to the Steglitzberg. From there it goes steeply down and nice thorn bushes await you. Reminds me a little of Crocodile Dundee with the Wait-a-while-TreeSeemingly completely unimpressed, the swallow Hans Dampf roll me on to the magnificent Carlspfad, this time driven from the side, not bad either. There is only one thing left to do: the Maximilianspfad, as beautiful as ever, wonderfully along the slope, a real pleasure.And because it's so beautiful, down the valley, up the valley and over to the hostel trails. I'm still early, then all the trails up and down. I keep the S2 trail as a treat until the end, but now it's getting scary. Halfway along a sign in the lonely forest: "Trees will be planted here". What? On the way or how? I read on: "Sensible people don't ride bicycles here". 😡🤯🤬. Lichtenfels only has one decent S2 trail and what are they doing? Plant trees on it. There is no thought of getting through, first of all, huge branches are thrown down (goes), barrier tape (goes) and then a km-long transverse fence set in concrete with iron bars (goes net). A cordon and barricade like when crossing the GDR border. Why don't they make their fences around the trees they have planted, that would make sense then.
      Nobody drives or runs off the road. The path is not blocked from below and is not marked as blocked. Anyone who walks up to the top doesn't know anything and can turn back down at the top or walk 1km horizontally around a fence. At least now I know that I am an "unreasonable" person. Approve a mini-hop trail on the Krappenberg in an advertising-effective manner and hop over from the district administrator with press support, but shut everything down, ne ne ne ... 🙈
      To calm down, I first drove through Köstener Gründla, a wonderful path through the forest along a babbling brook, you get out at the Schönsreuther Mühle with its ponds, in which the forest is wonderfully reflected. Relaxed back ...
      It was nice again ...Greetings

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      • September 23, 2021

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    1. Markus ✌️

      You were in my area today ... would have written something 😉I would have cycled with you. Even thought I saw you Cool round 👍💪

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      • September 19, 2021

  4. Frank went mountain biking.

    September 12, 2021

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    1. Frank

      After the Bayreuth forest hut always smiles at me in the Komoot pictures, today the Bareith tour. Of course not without collecting all the highlights around it.The start is just before the hut, but I first turn left and come straight into wonderful blueberry trails. Further on to Dörnröschen's "magic gate" and further on a forest trail directly along the red Main you will immediately get in the mood.Wonderful high-altitude trails lead me to the sand pit in the forest. A small trail park is built at the end of the pit.
      Can be done, does not have to be. In any case, the rescue helicopter that landed here the other day came too late, the man with his dog told me. Then it's better to continue quickly towards Theta ...
      And there is also the chic Markgrafenweg, which is really fun. Magnificent high-altitude trails through blueberries and mushrooms lead up to the Hochtheta restaurant, a truly romantic restaurant.The further way towards Bayreuth shows itself from the uncomfortable side, steep ramps and wild carpets of roots, yo, I'll take ... 😅After the dry spell of the Bayreuth Stadt trail has been overcome, it goes back into the forest at Oberobsang and the next ones were already shoveling and building a few trails and jumps. Time to tumble over it, thank you very much for shoveling and on to Dörrnhof.Wonderful area, a single trail landscape in a rock labyrinth. The whole thing then culminates at the Teufelsloch, a very narrow, steep gorge that is really impressive. Another world. Immediately after getting in, it gets freezing. In the middle of the gorge you can repeatedly walk over small bridges to admire fairytale moss landscapes.More is not possible, I'll drive to the forest hut. Contrary to the usual horrible experience some Komootler had ... it was open! 😅After the snack, off through the bushes and back to Pleofen. 50 km of manageable paths, it was clear that the last 5 had to be harvested unconsciously with mud puddles, and finally man and machine ... well, it doesn't matter ... it was nice with you.Greetings

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      • September 12, 2021

    1. Frank

      Monday morning 11.30. Where am i going You can choose from Hassberge or Franconian. Franconian would have more rocks, I think, Hassberge would not be so far ... so fewer rocks, drive more. It should turn out differently ...In Obermerzbach parked two villages further Kettenriss. Back again, drove to Ebern, no replacement chain there, only chain lock, chainring loose ... drove home ... had it repaired ... Amazon 1x Crankbrother M-19 with chain tool ordered and today
      Tuesday morning 11.30 back in Obermerzbach again.
      You drive up into the forest and off you go, Einsiedlerstein, giant rock in the forest with text and a bench in the middle of the rock.At the "old castle" in the forest past an old ruin with vaulted cellars. After that comes the Gutenfels, which once was a castle but was destroyed.From the Lichtenstein ruins then head north at rock formations without end, thief's cellar ... rock labyrith, track stone ... giant rock group, St. Mary's grotto ... rock group ... etc ... etc ...Altenstein ruins were closed, only open Wed-Sat. Anyway, return to Lichtenstein, take the legend path and continue on the Teufelssprung ... frog grotto ... bear cave ... "old horse trough" (here a stream flows out of a rock and runs into a fogged trough and further down the path ).On to the Teufelsstein, which you can climb up many stone steps. Then I once thought, would you go to the Raueneck ruins, said and done ...And because from here there was such a wonderful downhill on the Burgenweg, I thought we'd go straight to the ruins in Bramberg. Then I'll be through.Then return via Eyrichshof Castle, Rotenhan castle ruins (it doesn't matter ... I'll take that with me) via Gereuth Castle.Actually, I wanted to ride the trails south of Ebern that Waemp had described, but there was so much to see that suddenly it was already in the evening.Ergo: You don't have to go to the Franconian if you want to drive trails through rocks and marvel at castles, just drive over the Itzgrund into the Hassberge ...
      ... and take a chain tool with you! 😉

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      • September 7, 2021

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    1. Frank

      Hello, I have long been interested in how things will continue after the Görauer Anger, so today you should elegantly drive around the Anger from Geutenreuth to get to the ominous Lopper Canyon via Buchau and Lindenberg.Passing Buchauer Castle and its beer garden restaurant "zum Paul", which is well worth seeing, it goes over the Herrenstein rock and past old cross stones to the canyon.Nowhere written down, after bypassing a number of electric fences, finally found the entrance. At first thought, well, but in the end it was quite interesting and worth seeing. About a little
      Forest bridges then lead to Lopp. Past
      full of fruit trees and horse paddocks you can continue to Lindenberg.
      A tarred but really beautiful path leads here towards Kasendorf. After entering the Fritz-Hornschuch-Path, a very beautiful single trail along a gorge, you also come straight to the Kasendorfer "stone" gate, a hollow rock that can only be visited on foot.Not far from there you go to the Sun Temple, a pavilion with a wonderful view of Kasendorf. Above it is another, higher vantage point.On the continuation of the journey, do not listen to the lady from Komoot, but rather the route segment recommended by MadD straight to the Schwalbachtal.Passing rocks and caves you enter Schirradorf, where you can marvel at the ox trough, a large rock in the middle of the village from which a spring emerges.Tuesday afternoon, you can also take the small goat fields valley, which is free of tourists, with you, today everything above the valley. Also a great single trail, perfected after still through the rock-lined Mühlbachtal, the descent here is really a dream, you can't stop being amazed.Phew, now back over the Anger, I thought for a short time after the Wassmannsmühle and step up the Geisknock, FAIL, already steep below, then a vertical wall above. But turning back because of a few meters is not, I would have laughed, dragged the bike up with hands and feet, and then we continue over the Bärental run up towards Görau. Beautiful sunset in Görau, Anger left behind, now downhill on Geutenreuth ... 😁😁😁Greetings

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      • August 31, 2021

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    1. Markus ✌️

      Traffic jam at the Seidlastand 🤣… got one ☝️? Still turned a nice lap

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      • August 29, 2021

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