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Ich bin vom Joggen, über das Walken zum Wandern, zu Fuß und per eBike , gekommen. Das mache ich nun beides mit Leidenschaft, exclusiv im Nordosten Berlins. Zu Fuß oder per eBike ergründe ich hier das Umland. Ausgehend von Biesdorf, Marzahn nach Ahrensfelde, Kaulsdorf, Mahlsdorf, Köpenick, Euche, Blumberg, Altlandsberg, Hohenneuendorf, Eggersdorf u.s.w. Aber immer das Wuhletal einbeziehend.

Distance travelled

1,127 mi

Time in motion

230:47 h

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  1. Wolfgang went for a bike ride.

    September 2, 2018

    15.3 mi
    4.8 mph
    325 ft
    275 ft
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    1. Wolfgang

      Little Sunday ADFC Tour! Very, very comfortable.

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      • September 2, 2018

  2. Wolfgang went for a bike ride.

    August 31, 2018

    36.6 mi
    9.6 mph
    525 ft
    550 ft
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    1. Wolfgang

      Today again a little longer tour. Start as always in Biesdorf, continue through Marzahn, oak, Mehrow, Altlandsberg, Eggersdorf, Strausberg to Annenflies ... Herrensee.
      There was not much left of the Annenflies, nor was Herrensse. Dried out. The heatwave was too long and no rain so far. There was even life left in the little puddle, but that was probably the last thing.
      It's about time that it rains longer.
      The route offered a lot: road, cycle paths, bike paths through fields and meadows, forest roads, city and countryside. For me, that was always enough from the distance. The recovery time recommendation of my Fenix ​​I take this time seriously and gladly.

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      • August 31, 2018

  3. Wolfgang went for a bike ride.

    August 30, 2018

    20.8 mi
    9.3 mph
    275 ft
    300 ft
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    1. Wolfgang

      Just started on it ... Biesdorf, Köpenick, Wuhlheide, Mahlsdorf, Kaulsdorf Ahrensfelde ... free after snout, as it, just occurred to me and how I felt like. Partly over loose ground and gravel.
      Have been active, what made, satisfied!

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      • August 30, 2018

  4. Wolfgang went for a bike ride.

    August 29, 2018

    1.54 mi
    6.9 mph
    25 ft
    200 ft
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  5. Wolfgang went for a bike ride.

    August 29, 2018

    1.44 mi
    6.0 mph
    150 ft
    0 ft
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  6. Wolfgang went for a bike ride.

    August 28, 2018

    6.13 mi
    7.3 mph
    100 ft
    100 ft
    1. Wolfgang

      Just a little tour with errands. The detour made hats ...

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      • August 28, 2018

  7. Wolfgang went for a bike ride.

    August 27, 2018

    26.5 mi
    7.5 mph
    550 ft
    525 ft
    1. Wolfgang

      Do we already have autumn? It was very stormy. At times, I could hardly move forward, or did the wind want to throw me over.
      The tour went via Ahrensfelde, Blumberg, Sehfeld to Lögme to the lake. I like driving the track, because I have bike paths (more or less good) almost everywhere and therefore I can concentrate on my training without having to worry about the navigation system and track.
      There are not many photos today, because I did not feel like dropping off the wind again and again.

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      • August 27, 2018

  8. Wolfgang went for a hike.

    August 26, 2018

    11.3 mi
    2.3 mph
    275 ft
    275 ft
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    1. Wolfgang

      This tour had it for me in itself. It went through settlement areas, through forest and land, past lakes, through bogs, on single u. Trai paths. Start in Wilhelmsgaen, the Dämeritzsee, the Krummen Lanke, the Müggelsee, the Teufelsseemoor, back to Müggelsee, through the Spreetunnel under the Müggelspree through to the station Friedrichshagen.
      Deserves home! Enough!

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      • August 26, 2018

  9. Wolfgang went for a bike ride.

    August 22, 2018

    12.8 mi
    9.4 mph
    175 ft
    175 ft
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    1. Wolfgang

      Today a small evening tour, free to muzzle. No planned tour, just for fun. And that's what it did!

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      • August 22, 2018

  10. Wolfgang went for a bike ride.

    August 20, 2018

    14.0 mi
    8.3 mph
    175 ft
    200 ft
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    1. Wolfgang

      The photo of the source is not mine. Meanwhile, I know where she is, but you can not reach it. It is fenced in a large area and it looks like it would not be possible to enter the grounds without being unlawful. Not even the inhabitants know this source ...
      Anyway, it's always a nice tour and you do not have to overstrain yourself. The entire route goes through the parks of the Wuhletal, or on cycle paths, separated from the rest of traffic (more or less). At the start I had something to do. In this time there was actually a Klauversuch. But I always take enough time to secure the bike with two locks. Add to that my bicycle alarm system, which also tripped bravely. When I came running, the alleged thief had already paid verses. The investment was worth it. Then I was able to start my tour satisfied. The bike is and remains mine ;-)

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      • August 20, 2018

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