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  1. Ralle went hiking.

    7 days ago

    8.38 mi
    1.9 mph
    3,925 ft
    3,925 ft
    1. Ralle

      The first half of the tour leads through the forest, then it goes over the open mountain meadow. The whole tour is technically very easy, but not to be underestimated because of the distance. The view on the summit is sensational. By train in the summit area with tourists can be expected.

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      • 7 days ago

  2. Ralle went hiking.


    5.59 mi
    1.8 mph
    2,475 ft
    2,450 ft
    1. Ralle

      Great tour, unfortunately I had to turn around 300m before the summit. Far too much snow.

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      • 06/08/2019

  3. Ralle went hiking.


    7.03 mi
    2.0 mph
    3,100 ft
    3,050 ft
    1. Ralle

      The start was a bit unlucky, because the navigation help misguided me. Actually I wanted to drive up to the Sausteigalm because of the heat and start the tour there. However, this approach ended in a dead end in St. Gilgen. So I parked (this 4,50 Euro were ripped off) and started from here the tour. The ascent to the Sausteigalm takes place mainly on wide forest roads. On the roundabout, I decided to go right around what was a mistake in retrospect. The path on the right over the Stubneralm is another forest path to just below the summit and usually in the blazing sun. The descent from the summit then went over the so-called Sausteig. It is a mountain path through the forest. The Sausteig up and the forest road down would have been convenient here. At the summit it is extremely overcrowded, because here the train drives up many tourists. 100m below the summit, but nothing is seen. The view on the Zwölferhorn is sensational. The cabins make a very good impression, I have tested these - because of the annoying parking fee - but not.

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      • 06/05/2019

  4. Ralle planned a hike.


    6.37 mi
    1.4 mph
    2,275 ft
    2,275 ft
  5. Ralle planned a hike.


    7.66 mi
    1.3 mph
    3,700 ft
    3,700 ft
  6. Ralle went mountaineering.


    1. Ralle

      The path is a very narrow and steep trail. Unfortunately, tons of fallen trees were in the way. The street noise was the first 2 km very uncomfortable. Because of a lot of snow I had to turn back prematurely. About 100 meters below the summit, it was just too dangerous. Pity

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      • 05/17/2019

  7. Ralle went hiking.


    1. Ralle

      Scenic a dream. The view of the Hintersee is unique. Unfortunately, only half the tour was recorded by the app

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      • 05/11/2019

  8. Ralle went hiking.


    1. Ralle

      One of my favorite tours at the beginning of the season or still fast after work.The tour begins with a wide forest road and then continues on a mountain path towards the summit. If you still have some air, you can go further up to the Spechtenkopf or the Predigtstuhl mountain station.At Dözenkopf you have a wonderful view of Bad Reichenhall and the surrounding mountains.

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      • 05/07/2019

  9. Ralle went mountaineering.


  10. Ralle went mountaineering.


    3.01 mi
    2.4 mph
    1,075 ft
    75 ft

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