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  1. Karin went running.

    2 days ago

    10.1 mi
    5.4 mph
    1,825 ft
    1,800 ft
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    1. Karin

      Just go for it in dream weather, just wonderful 😅☀️

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      • 2 days ago

  2. Karin went mountain biking.

    6 days ago

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    1. Karin

      Dog peak, very steep had to push a little bit 🙈 and at the top the whole way was just digged, so no summit picture 🙃 turned right before.
      Continue on beautiful paths u. Landscape to the Hochgrat valley station in the lonely Ehrenschwangertal in dream weather ☀️. Wonderful varied route, with a few hm😅 to the Naturfreunde Haus. Quick detour to the Gschwendnerhorn, on foot. Descent over the bear trap.

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      • 6 days ago

  3. Karin went for a hike.

    November 15, 2020

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  4. Karin went mountain biking.

    November 11, 2020

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    1. Karin

      Wheel u. Mountain tour to the southernmost point of Germany. With the bike through the Rappental to the Speicherhütte super nice bike tour. Continue on foot to the border stone with a view of Warth, just a few steps to Austria, but on the whole tour I met a hiker, absolute calm😀. Back over the Schrofenpass, oh somebody pulled the footbridge away, thought I had to go all the way back, luckily it was a tightrope😅. Great descent back. A great day just wonderful☀️😀. Melchior, I've saved your tour, thank you.

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      • November 11, 2020

  5. Karin went mountaineering.

    November 8, 2020

    11.1 mi
    3.2 mph
    4,525 ft
    4,800 ft
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    1. Karin

      Up the Iseler, Kühngundkopf, Wannenjoch, Bschießer, Ponten and on the Rohnenspitze also a beautiful summit. Today it was very quiet in the mountains almost no people, also nice the quiet☀️.

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      • November 8, 2020

  6. Karin went mountaineering.

    November 5, 2020

    13.9 mi
    4.4 mph
    4,475 ft
    4,475 ft
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    1. Karin

      Buron lift up to Reuterwanne, a detour to Pfeiferberg, on to Alpspitze. The fog did not clear today, the view was wonderful 🤣🙃 well, I had to be careful not to walk past the summit cross🙈. A mystical mountain tour in the fog today, also an experience😄.

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      • November 5, 2020

  7. Karin went running.

    November 3, 2020

    7.55 mi
    5.7 mph
    375 ft
    375 ft
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  8. Karin went running.

    November 1, 2020

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    1. Karin

      The slope path goes from Eschach to the Kreuztal. I'm up to the Fürstenbrunnen, thought what kind of beautiful well is coming, well an old wooden well 🤣. You could go to Kreuzleshöh, but that was too far for me.

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      • November 1, 2020

  9. Karin went running.

    October 31, 2020

    5.34 mi
    5.6 mph
    850 ft
    950 ft
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  10. Karin went mountaineering.

    October 25, 2020

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    1. Karin

      Thought it would be quieter around the time of year 🙈 ascent to the Schrecksee, but it was very busy again. Immediately on to the Rauhhorn it was quieter. The ascent to the Rauhhorn is interesting, you really have to climb up there, you should definitely have a head for heights. be sure-footed. The view, just wonderful. I'm still on the Gaishorn, because it was so beautiful, great panoramic views a dream. The descent via s Zierleseck is also quite steep. Long descent over the Willersalpe. I'm still over the Wildfräulein Steig, very nice, to Hinterstein. The tour lasted about 8.5 hours with small breaks, in great weather ☀️.

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      • October 25, 2020

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