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Paddeln & Radtouren, überwiegend um Berlin und im Paderborner Land. Tourenfahrer, kein Sportler. 🐷

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  1. Bromptosaurus went for a bike ride.

    July 25, 2021

    8.88 mi
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  2. Bromptosaurus went for a bike ride.

    July 25, 2021

    28.1 mi
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  3. Bromptosaurus went for a bike ride.

    July 23, 2021

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  4. Bromptosaurus went for a bike ride.

    July 22, 2021

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  5. Bromptosaurus went gravel riding.

    July 20, 2021

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    1. Bromptosaurus

      The last stage was tough: there are plenty of hills between the Harz and Paderborner Land.The Solling alone is damn big and was enough for several ascents and descents. My highlight here was the Ahlequelle: A spring pot with wonderfully cold, clear water for the drinking bottles. Unfortunately no mouflons could be seen. I then left the Solling in free fall on a straight forest path. Tempo 64 is enough on gravel. 🙄The rest of the tour looked very familiar and was peppered with small hills. I felt I drove over the harrow twice: At Siebenstern there were still two hills around, so the route planner didn’t mess up.The "real" ascent to the Eggekamm at Bad Driburger Trappistenhof was a tough one and for me with luggage and the standard 2x11 translation was just about feasible. In the end, the knees said: That's enough then. PhewFrom there "home turf" to the Almetal, where flambéed salmon and cold non-alcoholic shandy were waiting. Done! 😀

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      • July 21, 2021

  6. Bromptosaurus went gravel riding.

    July 19, 2021

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    1. Bromptosaurus

      Woke up in the morning at 5:20 a.m. by the first chainsaws about 1 km away. Really romantic! 😘 You are nowhere safe from forest machinery in the Harz Mountains. Blocked paths in the course of the stage due to forest work: three. At one point seven trucks were lining up in the forest. It's amazing how much is being cut down there.Before the driveway to the Brocken we went briefly to the snore cliffs. The rocks themselves are fascinating - how did they get there and why are they shaped like that? The view is okay, but not as beautiful as the one on the previous stage in the Selketal.On the Brocken it was not over the Brockenstraße, but in conformity with the gravel via the Oberer Königsberger Weg. Where there was a wonderful place to fill up the water bottle. Cold, clear chunk of water straight from the forest, right after the water supply is running low - sometimes the timing is just perfect. 😊 One of the biggest worries on tours like this is always the water supply.The weather wasn't perfect for the Brocken visit - hardly any sun and no foresight. But I'm glad it didn't rain - that would have been uncomfortable. So: put on warm clothes, eat limp French fries and it's down again. The paths through the national park were pretty. The last descent from the Harz was great and deserved a MTB.Since I was still in a good mood today, it was still a long way out of the Harz Mountains. The biggest obstacle on the way was the A7: four bridges over the autobahn were renovated at the same time. For drivers there are of course diversion signs long beforehand, but as a cyclist who races in from the dirt road, you are lost and cycle unsuccessfully from bridge to bridge. When the next underpass was also closed, I felt too stupid and slipped through the construction site. 🙄The end of the day: the Ahlsburg mountain range. The CXB route planner did its best and made a special detour to take this altitude with it. You can't say no to that. 😉

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      • July 21, 2021

  7. Bromptosaurus went gravel riding.

    July 18, 2021

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    1. Bromptosaurus

      Goal of stage 2: at least get to the edge of the Harz. First we went to Barby on the Elbe and there over the old railway bridge, which is now only there for cyclists and pedestrians. It's always nice on the Elbe anyway.Then it went further up the tributaries: Saale, Wipper, Eine. Little going on and nice paths.I then left one at Welbsleben, and at Meisdorf / Falkenstein I went to the Harz Mountains. Before I cycled further up from the Selketal, there was a fresh water source behind Meisdorf, where I could fill up all the bottles (2x 0.75 l Keego on the Woho Saddle Stabilizer, 0.6 l Fidlock on the down tube, 0.6 l Soft bottle in the frame pocket, 0.6 l Katadyn BeFree).Speaking of which: that was the first time the water filter was used. Super practical, I like it a lot better than a Sawyer Mini. You have filled all the other bottles in no time because the flow is really great. End of the promotional event. 🙊Because I was in a good mood, I didn't just go to the edge of the Harz Mountains, but also just before the Rappbode Dam. The highlight on the way was certainly the beautiful view over the Selketal and Falkenstein Castle. Worthwhile detour! Shortly afterwards there was a lost place on the way.In the afternoon the Garmin Edge did the tackle. All settings were mixed up and not a single street was displayed. That makes the navigation a bit, uh, exhausting, and I promptly drove wrong a couple of times. Only during the next stage did the Edge learn again that there are such things as roads.The search for a place to sleep was then not that easy - there isn't much in the narrow stream valleys, and you have demands ... 😉 But then I found two beautiful beeches for the hammock, and later I got a visit from wild boars (including youngsters ). 🐗 I get a bit queasy there. But there was just a grunt of surprise, and then they fled.💤

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      • July 21, 2021

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