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    1. **geri**

      Casual Kraxelei on NovembergratFrom the parking lot at the chairlift in Losenheim, the path leads without chairlift first direction north Grafensteig.
      If you have reached this one follows the path and first crosses the Breite Ries and after a forest section also the Krumme Ries.
      At the next slope on the so-called "Sitzstatt" the trail branches off unmarked to the Novembergrat.
      After a short stretch of forest, the trail is not only steeper but also always rocky and soon hand use is required (climbing gloves are on the rough rock of advantage).
      The numerous red and later also blue polka dot markings are already quite faded and you have to pay close attention to the way.
      The permanent impressive view leads to endless photo and viewing breaks. Something extraordinary appears when a squirrel hops over the rocks instead of Gams or Capricorn (# 12).
      At the end of the climb you are expected by a powerful Steinmann.
      Numerous others point after the exit the way through pines and past two large sinkholes to Damböckhaus.
      From here, follow the constant stream of salamander and over the ox bottom goes briskly up to the monastery coat of arms for a "touch-and-go" summit visit.
      The same applies to the Kaiserstein behind the Fischerhütte.
      Then it goes to the descent, which leads over the chimney stone. A loose mountain pine field invites you for a snack break, before it goes through partly rocky and screey mountain lagoons down to the Kremplhütte and past the butcher memorial stone.
      Then follow the signs to Edelweißhütte, which initially leads through an idyllic forest and then a longer piece on a gravel road. The last 30 "lead again through a forest before you reach the wayside node at the Edelweißhütte.
      From here still only briefly through then forest and later along the slope to the valley, until you finally reached the starting point again.

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      Who does not dare .....From the parking lot at the Niederalp Pass, follow the forest road, whose mark points to the Rotsohlalm. Change forest road and forest road until you meet the first signpost to Sohlenalm.
      Shortly before the Sohlenalm - here not signposted or marked - turn right onto an alpine trail and up a piece of the alpine meadow, where you soon again on the trail marker (# 405), which finally follows up to the Gingatzwiese. At this intersection, turn right to take the path up to the Hohe Veitsch.
      The reason for the need of many people to build the Jausenlager exactly at or best at the summit cross will remain hidden forever. Again, it was only possible after unnecessary discussion, a summit picture without shy and partly half-naked "Wanderer" to get.After a short dead straight descent on the alpine meadow, then go in the arc back to Gingatzwiese.
      The cows here are obviously used to hikers, but it is always and forever: "Keep your distance!". And if such a cattle 🐄 on 10 km² felt just your hiking trail for the rest has chosen to let the breakfast again go through his head, then the rule "never leave the makrierten trails" just once exceptionally not.
      Back on the Gingatzwiese, the actual goal of this round opens up: The Big Wildkamm.
      It starts high on a steep meadow trail, which ends in front of a small rock formation.
      The upcoming tightrope walk may also be a mental tightrope walk for one or the other. But: whoever does not dare, who does not win, and who is assured of every sincerity with surefootedness and a head for heights - that is quite feasible👍.
      After a really short climb you have to circle around a rocky outcrop, before heading uphill along the ridge towards the summit cross of the Großer Wildkamm.
      This section as well as most of the following path towards the Kleiner Wildkamm offers great views to the Ötscher.
      The summit of the Kleine Wildkamm is quite inaccessible in a group of pine trees.
      It follows the partially crisp descent direction Sohlenalm, which runs mainly in Latschengassen.
      After the Sohlenalm there's a last look back on the Great Wildkamm before you cross a wooded area or logging down the descent and get back to the pass Niederalpl.

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      From the famous car park in front of the Green Lake in Tragöß-Oberort, take a bit down the valley and then follow the cycle path to the Laming. Here begins the cozy climb to Hiaslegg (on some old signs also Hieslegg) on the well-marked path No. 835.There sharp right and just follow the mark direction high tower, where only forest roads and forest roads alternate.
      The edelweiss floor is named twice. First, it is a soil and thus flatter and second are here - although in bloom - countless edelweiss.
      Steep and airier passages follow again, as well as a dip that has concealed the planned height profile.
      It becomes a trickier track before the last ascent to the summit over an unmarked but at the beginning easily recognizable, initially slightly gravelly, then rocky trail that leads to the summit plateau.
      The well-visited summit offers a brilliant all-round view. The descent then leads to the marked zigzag path back to the crossing, which then continues westwards and past the Leobner Wall to the Lamingsattel.
      Here turn right and steeply downhill and then follow the path over the pasture to the Laming-Alm (🍺).
      After a short rest, continue down the valley until you meet the pasture just before the vicar minerals. On a parallel to the road Waldsteig then go to the Green Lake, which has currently lost greatly because of its extremely low water level of its beauty. Then you go back to the starting point on the road.

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    1. **geri**

      The big WAB final
      (last season from the series "Unterwegs am Wiener Alpenbogen")
      -> today: WAB 17, 18 and last - over 3 stages leading - and more than 43 km long section of the Viennese Alpine arc goes from Pernitz through the Myrafälle on the house stone in Muggendorf.
      The Myrafälle for the price of 5, - € for just under 10 minutes are pure luxury for this endeavor, but the way is the goal.
      After the circumnavigation of the Hausstein, you can quickly climb up to its summit to the viewpoint.
      Next, the path leads repeatedly downhill and then uphill over the Karnerwirt, the Jagasitz, the "neck", the Waxeneckhaus (closed until August 15) and finally to the highest point of this section - the Hohe Mandling.
      Continue to follow the direction of the market Piesting, where after crossing the village a rise past the forest pool and into the last forest section follows.
      The famous four-seater unfortunately loses the so far excellent mark of the WAB.
      (some ways are definitely not available in this section).
      After a short walk through the thicket you will suddenly find in the area of the Fidlerwiese again WAB markings.
      Just before you reach the provincial road again shows a WAB sign fix in the wrong direction.
      If one follows the direction indicated, one nevertheless goes on a marked way which leads later also on the last viewpoint of the WAB (Blumberg).
      From here it is only a short distance to the valley, where at the church in Bad Fischau is the end point of the Viennese Alpine arc (and nice enough already the 'taxi' is waiting.Conclusion:
      297.9 km
      11340 hm +
      11330 hm +
      71:15 h walking time

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      • 08/10/2019

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      Old acquaintances - new variant
      (finally the venerable Rax again)
      From the parking lot in Hinternasswald only a bit back the road and then on the consistently very well color-marked Schüttersteig up.
      The path runs continuously in the forest and is dementsptechend not very promising, but only very little committed.
      At half height you meet a forest road. Rather flat, follow the signs to the Habsburghaus until you reach the Kaisersteig, which you then climb up to the Habsburghaus in the ZickeZacke and with nice vantage points.
      Break and food on / in / at the Habsburghaus is always a highlight.Back on the Kaisersteig, where in the lower part of the devastation of the last winter can be seen, which have also provided for some Steiganpassungen.
      Past the valley station of the HaHa material cable car for a forest road then to the start-destination.

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      • 08/04/2019

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    1. **geri**

      extremely casual final roundFrom Filzmoos not completely carbon neutral on the toll road (5.50 €) to the Oberhofalmen. From the parking lot follow the signs towards Hofpürglhütte, where you initially walk on kitschy beautiful Almsteigerln.
      At the Linzersteig it gets a bit scrapery.
      From about half of the steady hide-and-seek begins the Hofpürglhütte, as the climb when crossing many scree channels not only the direction but also changes the height.
      When you finally reach the Hofpürglhütte, neck pain is not surprising due to the constant look up into the rock walls and the observation of the climbers.
      The terrace of the hut offers a brilliant panorama and should be enjoyed during a long break (keyword: Kaiserschmarrn !!)
      A few meters on the way back begins the ca 1stündig zigzag descent to the Hofalmen.

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      • 07/23/2019

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      Route 66 in the Dachstein massif
      (this is how the king's stage turns into the imperial stage!)
      From Wagnerhof along the Ramsaubach to the Alte Mühle and then follow the silver signs to the Silberkarklamm.
      For € 4.20 maintenance amount you then climb over many steps and walkways up the gorge from which also some via ferrata branch off.
      After the gorge you soon have the Silberkarhütte in front of you to pass then in zigzag mode the somewhat steeper terrain to hike.
      After the Stanglalm (1850m), the area has a short alpine atmosphere until you reach the junction for Silberkarsee at Grubach.
      Here you also separate for some time from the Queen Stage, which leads from here further uphill, while the lake goes downhill crisp.
      The lake in the Hölltal is located on the Route 66 of the Dachstein (ie on the path no. 66) and is worth the detour and a break!
      After the lake, the next ascent follows to first get on the path No. 616 and then direction Feisterscharte.
      On this section are still some snow fields and short insured jobs to deal with, but the overall problem.
      At the Feisterscharte (between Sinabell and donkey stone) you have the Guttenberghaus already within your grasp, but first you have to descend into a cauldron, where the riser is laid in some places with snow and ice and where a climbing rope was attached as an up / down aid ,
      (may require 2 to 3 more nerves)
      Once you have mastered this, there is nothing in the way of an extended rest in the Guttenberghaus.
      Then it goes on scudgy, but flat Serpentinenwegerln downhill.
      After passing the valley station of the material cable car, you continue on steep gravel roads to the Lärchbodenalm, which is recommended for another short break because of its extremely lovely design.
      The rest of the way back to the starting point is on forest roads, meadows and very short stretches of road.

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      • 07/22/2019

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      After the descent with the gondola out of the rainy cloud out, the weather station certifies at the Türlwandhütte quite passable "Gehwetter" (cf. "thunderstorm", which would be much less reliable).So you can do without the bus and goes quite comfortably and relaxed mainly on forest roads via Brandalm and Dachsteinhaus to the inn Edelbrunn and then on the signposted Ramsau-way to the center of Ramsau.
      At the end of the village turn right to reach the Philosophenweg along the stream, which leads to Kulm and then to the Wegerl back to the starting point of the 3-part tour.

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      • 07/21/2019

    1. **geri**

      Dachstein 1.0
      (servus Hunerkogel)
      With the gondola you are in 6 minutes from the valley station on Hunerkogel.Tip:
      With the summer card (from 2 nights) the gondola ride is free.
      Unfortunately, the Dachstein does not show itself from its sunniest side today. A walk over the Skywalk and the suspension bridge and a short hike to the Dachsteinwarte (= Seethaler hut) is also possible in light rain.Depending on the seat and eating habits, the Styrian and Upper Austrian provincial border marches several times during the lunch break in the panoramic tarmac (see floor markings).
      These and other information are u.A. also in the menu to read.

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      • 07/21/2019

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      up .... on the Dachstein ....
      First of all from the Wagnerhof on the Wegerl, which leads to Kulm, where the bus from the info office (number 690) to the Türlwandhütte (valley station of the Dachsteinbahn) drives.
      Just for info:
      The bus is free with the Sommercard and parking problems are then not up!

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      • 07/21/2019

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