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  2. Rainer went hiking.


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    1. Rainer

      With a Czech acquaintance our visit to Prague was even more beautiful, because you do not speak (much) much German, even if you get along well with English. Kilometers of magnificent rows of houses with imposing facades, ancient churches and magnificent buildings everywhere. And everything has been refurbished at its finest so that one wonders how such a thing can be affordable! But the old town is also packed with tourists, many from Asia. Every moment, it seems, there is a wedding somewhere. It whirrs, laughs and bubbles everywhere. Prague is a very vital city. You pay in kroner, 25 of them are about 1 €. The fastest way to calculate it is to double the price in kroner twice and then divide by 100. And one more advice from our companion: Tipping is not included in the restaurant and you round the bill by about 10%.
      Prague is definitely worth a visit, even if the price level is no longer a bargain. But you can still find it in the back alleys, away from the tourist crowds!

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      • 06/12/2019

  4. Rainer went hiking.


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    2,150 ft
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    1. bart dozier

      nice photos

      • 05/29/2019

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