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Baujahr 1964 - Als sehr aktiver Wasserballer und Leistungsschwimmer in den 80ern aufs Rennrad gekommen. Anfang der 90er auf dem Mountainbike dem Straßenverkehr den Rücken gekehrt. Ende 2016 das E-MTB für sich entdeckt, und damit die neue Liebe zum Mountainbike fahren. Durch die Corona Pandemie aus dem Reistrott gerissen und entschleunigt......

Distance travelled

6,284 mi

Time in motion

493:15 h

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  1. Powderman64 and Hans B. went mountain biking.

    3 days ago

    30.5 mi
    10.5 mph
    1,650 ft
    1,650 ft
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    1. Rudi⚙️⚙️

      Looks like a super trail👍👍
      Typically Dutch 🔝🔝

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      • 3 days ago

  2. Powderman64 and Joe 🎉 🚵🏻‍♂️ 🤩 went for a bike ride.

    5 days ago

    32.1 mi
    11.0 mph
    1,325 ft
    1,350 ft
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    1. Powderman64

      Last night we decided to do a tour together with Joe - today we drove a varied route through my home territory without much planning. A bit of everything was there - towpath on the RHK, deep morass on the bridle paths, beautiful single trails, forest highway, creek crossings, short uphills, blocked root trail downhills, gravel, cobblestone trails and asphalt. At the end, a strong, cold south-west wind picked up. At least it stayed dry from above.

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      • 5 days ago

  3. Powderman64 went mountain biking.

    January 6, 2022

    25.3 mi
    13.2 mph
    1,025 ft
    1,050 ft
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    1. Powderman64

      After days of rain and a lot of wind, the cold and sunny morning invited to a little door. Quickly put on the wool socks freshly made by the Göttingen knit fairy for the test round and off we went. The continuous rain of the last few days has left a lot of puddles and muddy paths. In several bends my rear wheel smeared on the icy asphalt road. Due to the cold weather there was a good view from the Handel Halde, where there was apparently a big dog meeting today. Otherwise it was a nice standard lap.

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      • January 6, 2022

  4. Powderman64 and Emitter1 went mountain biking.

    December 31, 2021

    22.7 mi
    9.5 mph
    2,450 ft
    2,450 ft
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    1. Chris

      Nice end-of-year round! Happy New Year!

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      • December 31, 2021

  5. Powderman64 went mountain biking.

    December 26, 2021

    27.8 mi
    13.3 mph
    1,025 ft
    1,025 ft
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    1. Powderman64

      After goose on Christmas Eve and beef roulade on Christmas Day, there were a few calories to burn. The frost did the paths good - there was hardly any mud 👍

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      • December 26, 2021

  6. Powderman64 and Uwe F. aus O. went mountain biking.

    December 22, 2021

    35.2 mi
    12.1 mph
    1,100 ft
    1,100 ft
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    1. Powderman64

      It was pretty fresh -3 ° C when we left this morning. The frozen muddy ground had the advantage that some climbs where the rear wheel would otherwise have spun, were easily manageable. With the first rays of sun on your face, it immediately became more pleasant.

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      • December 22, 2021

  7. Powderman64 went mountain biking.

    December 15, 2021

    33.8 mi
    12.9 mph
    1,800 ft
    1,825 ft
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    1. Powderman64

      I thought the idea of drawing a figure on the map with the route was really cool. That's why I saved it in September. I finally drove it this afternoon. It was my first time mountain biking in the Haard and found the area to be quite varied. Wide forest motorway, bridle paths, narrow, sometimes steep trails, overgrown paths - everything is included. After a long time there was also an exit over the handlebars, as the paths were mostly very deeply muddy and slippery. It just hit the handlebars sideways ☺️ - and that on an almost flat path 😳 Fortunately, the landing in 15cm of mud was then soft. So it was then redecorated with a layer of mud on the right half of the body for the last 30km. The last 90 minutes until 6:00 p.m. with light again. It was fun 👍

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      • December 15, 2021

  8. Powderman64 went mountain biking.

    December 13, 2021

    40.1 mi
    15.1 mph
    1,525 ft
    1,525 ft
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    1. Powderman64

      ..... forests and paths are deserted. Only a lot of deer could be seen in the woods. No dog handlers go for a walk. Once again it was a great night drive.

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      • December 13, 2021

  9. Powderman64 and Uwe F. aus O. went mountain biking.

    December 9, 2021

    25.0 mi
    12.8 mph
    950 ft
    975 ft
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    1. Rudi⚙️⚙️

      Up the heap again? I also liked it three weeks ago, it was just nice… weather, everything gray and foggy. Have you ever descended the steep trail behind the steles? From below it looked great, but from above, no ... not in this life any more until soon
      Greetings Rudi

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      • December 9, 2021

  10. Powderman64 went mountain biking.

    December 7, 2021

    23.2 mi
    13.6 mph
    925 ft
    875 ft
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    1. Powderman64

      The sun has lured us to a small standard lap.

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      • December 7, 2021

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