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    1. Manfred R.K.

      Schömberg Heilklima hiking trail no.4I did not start this hike at the town hall, but at the Bühl car park.
      A circular hike around Schömberg through the Eulenbachtal to Langenbrand.
      The tour should go back from Langenbrand over the Weinsträßle and the game reserve at Bühlhof, but this was not possible due to the "tree felling" barrier. A related detour via Rossgrund and Rossgrundhütte extended the tour.
      Bühlhof hiking car park - Poststrasse - sports field - Schömberg clinic - Eulenbachtal - Black Forest clinic - Langenbrand - Weinsträßle - Rossgrund - Rosshütte - Bühlhof hiking car parkSource and further information:

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      • 2 days ago

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    1. Manfred R.K.

      From Holzgerlingen to Weil im Schönbuch
      Finally again🌞
      Today I took the 🚗PKW to Weil im Schönbuch and took the 🚈Schönbuchbahn to Holzgerlingen. The hike to the destination started at Holzgerlingen train station. It leads via Altdorf, 🦆Birkensee and ⛳Schaichhof back to Weil im Schönbuch.

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      • 6 days ago

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    1. Manfred R.K.

      Today again with friends - hiked this 🌫Tour “in and around Rottenburg”.
      It started at the Volksbank-Arena Rottenburg at 10:00 a.m. It was cold and foggy, but still a beautiful and varied hike that led across fields to the Weggental pilgrimage church.
      Just as varied, we continued through Rottenburg and left and right along the Neckar back to the Volksbank-Arena.

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      • November 21, 2021

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    1. Manfred R.K.

      This tour in Lenningen-Torfgrube at
      👼Alben angels started hoping the 🌫mist will recede.
      Unfortunately nothing came of it, the high fog remained. It's a shame, under normal conditions it is a scenic hiking route that I have already been able to experience.
      One more reason to go on the tour again.
      Refreshments: 🥗🍺Otto-Hoffmeister-Haus (Albengel)

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      • November 20, 2021

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    1. Manfred R.K.

      City and lake tourA hike in cloudy weather, so not so far from homeStarted at Goldbachsee (Goldbachstüble) in Sindelfingen.
      Past the Hofmeister, mineral thermal baths and armored barracks to Böblingen.
      Through the pool blade and gardens to the Ganssee, past the Murkenbachsee, on through the Böblinger Stadtgarten to the Upper and Lower Lake (refreshment stops in the boathouse). It goes back over Elbenplatz, Sindelfingerstraße and Goldberg.

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      • November 18, 2021

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    1. Manfred R.K.

      This guided hike (GTW) was offered by the DVV regional association. and for the Int. National sports badge valued.
      A varied hike starting at the Ehmetsklinge.
      At 11:00 a.m., the hikers were welcomed by Karl Braun, assessor in the Baden-Württemberg State Association.
      It was announced that there are 7 and 11 km routes available.
      The Drei-Seenweg (hiking triad ZA1) leads in a dreamlike landscape between Stromberg and Heuchelberg along water, meadows, forest and wine. The largest tour of the hiking triad connects the three idyllic lakes around Zaberfeld.Source and further information:
      Most of the hike led on the Wanderdreiklang ZA1 path and was extended with part of the Brunnenweg.

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      • November 13, 2021

    1. Manfred R.K.

      Schönaich - hiking in the Schönbuch clearingInspired by Rudolf, today we went to the Schönbuch clearing to Schönaich and hiked round tour no.3. Thank you for sharing.The Laubach car park is the start and finish of the tour.Routing:
      Laubach parking lot - Totenbachtal - Weil im Schönbuch fire brigade lake - Neuweiler - Laubach parking lot
      Source of inspiration:

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      • November 12, 2021

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    1. Manfred R.K.

      The permanent hiking trail (PW) is offered by Wanderfreunde Darmsheim. The path leads from the Ehningen train station to the Würm and Maurener Tal, through the Ketterlenshalde forest and via Krebsbachaue back to Ehningen.Due to a construction site (which cannot be crossed) on the way to the Maurener Valley, I changed the tour via IBM-Allee.I had overlooked the diversion from the start to the Maurener Tal is via Bahnhofstrasse.The hiking trail is laid out according to the guidelines of the German People's Sports Association. V. (DVV) in the IVV. There are four self-check points on the 11 km route.Source and further information:
      https: ///

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      • November 10, 2021

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    1. Manfred R.K.

      By kindly providing the route plans from earlier hiking days, I was able to follow today's tour of the IVV Volkswandertag from October 21, 2000 of the Wanderfreunde Enzweihingen.A tour on mostly tarred paths with viewpoints in the Glems and Enz valleys.The start and finish of the hike is at the gym, Schulstr., 71665 Vaihingen

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      • November 9, 2021

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    1. Manfred R.K.

      42nd IVV Volkswandertag in Stetten am HeuchelbergThe Volkswandern department of TSV Stetten has invited to the International Volkswandertag (IVV).
      Start and finish: multi-purpose hall at the sports park in 74193 Stetten, three hiking trails were offered, 6, 11 and 20 kilometers.
      The hike was rated for the IVV national sports badge.
      Today I decided on the 11 km route. It led through the vineyards, fields and orchards.

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      • November 7, 2021

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