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  1. Günter Bertling went for a bike ride.

    2 days ago

    29.8 mi
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    1. Günter Bertling

      repeatedly postponed tour, which was originally built on the way in or out of the Ruhr area back, was now covered on a day of vacation.It was an advantage that I set off with the travel MTB. I had forgotten myself that I supplemented the route proposed by Komoot a few weeks ago with some trail passages.Very nice area, hardly any traffic on the streets, contradictory impressions from the villages: a lot of "built - up cityscape" and vacancies in the city center, bacon - / (tofu -?) Belt - like settlements on the periphery.

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      • 2 days ago

  2. Günter Bertling went for a bike ride.


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    1. Günter Bertling

      Threesome on ice cream parade tour to Heepen and back. In the green between BI and Stieghorst were rarely so many cyclists on the road as at noon today. Frommer desire: the more people in the free time to explore the various side roads and cross-connections, the more likely one or the other comes on top of it to try it in everyday life often times by bike.
      The ambitious goal of halving car traffic in a few years will not be different. However, if you look at the condition of many cycle paths in mind, I wonder why we should continue to take the privilege of on relatively smooth asphalt comfortable next to us rolling car traffic.
      Anyway, our strawberries bought on the way were as good as flat after 4.5 km. There are supposed to be people who deliberately use the shaking energy for the environmentally friendly preparation of smoothies !?

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      • 06/10/2019

  3. Günter Bertling went cycling.


    21.7 mi
    14.7 mph
    975 ft
    950 ft
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    1. Günter Bertling

      One of my favorite road bike rides here in the area, which was once again excited by @Markus Bianchi yesterday. The climb to Ascheloh I just get up just without descending. The musculature, which is responsible for the Wiegetritt on the mountain and on which I could rely quite well, has meanwhile quite "left" me. It has to be worked on!
      In this respect, the assessment of Komoot, it should be an easy tour, not quite understandable.

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      • 06/05/2019

  4. Günter Bertling went cycling.


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    1. Günter Bertling

      ... as long as I am allowed to create a reference track like today's with an average speed of 25 km / h, there is no thought about motorisation (which does not mean that I could not understand the decision of many people for their e-bike ).
      Out of town, it goes over challenging hillocks, while the way back is a bit more moderate, concerning the slopes.
      I was lucky with the weather, as well as with the mud piles lying on the streets due to the rain of the last days. The one who wanted to bring me down in a curve but still fall, then I knew to defuse "with superior control".
      To celebrate the day, my ancient mountain jersey earned in the circle of friends was finally created. Twenty years predominantly sedentary work in the job make you look a bit old, which unfortunately makes me in disguise unfortunately the impostor, but it is funny anyway.

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      • 06/03/2019

  5. Günter Bertling went cycling.


    21.9 mi
    12.7 mph
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    1. Günter Bertling

      ... hopefully no infection, sore muscles, etc.?
      Senile Bettflucht-Runde about Milse, Jöllenbeck, Theesen and Schildesche.
      First test drive with the latest retro bike project, a Centurion Toscana in Meralrahmenform with mostly old Suntour components. Drives surprisingly well and without the many photos anyway some breaks to adjust the saddle, etc. even a quite passable cut would come out.
      Such a slowly growing city and its environment in the morning between 07:00 & 08:30 o'clock has something for itself, an hour or so would be guaranteed even more exciting. A pleasure that I begrudge myself - as a born late sleepers - far too rare.

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      • 06/01/2019

  6. Günter Bertling went for a bike ride.


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    1. Günter Bertling

      Short round on familiar routes to buy pretty much the first of this year's Brackwede outdoor strawberries. On the way back for a long time again stop for "happiness and sickness". Strawberry jam is now cooked and filled in jars.

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      • 05/27/2019

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    1. Günter Bertling

      Demo for better working conditions in the North Rhine-Westphalian day care centers, quasi compulsory program also for former Kita leader. Away there may or may not be, although some sections are quite surprising. The entrance to Dusseldorf has lengths, the state capital is not a shining example for cycling in the big city. Turnaround likely to cause some resistance?

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      • 05/23/2019

  8. Günter Bertling went for a bike ride.


    11.1 mi
    12.3 mph
    500 ft
    550 ft
    1. Günter Bertling

      ... well, Bremen did not convince me today despite the different insights. Publishing the tour also more for completeness and maybe because it was my 333rd tour with Komoot that was not deleted again.

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      • 05/05/2019

  9. Günter Bertling recorded a Tour.


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    1. Günter Bertling

      After HH to enjoy in the "Hafenklang" ingenious crash of "Kann Karate" (D) and "Charly Bliss" (US). Hotels on HH in HH hardly to pay, therefore accommodation just outside the city. On hitherto unknown routes from district Stellingen in Schanzenviertel. Dinner like most of the time "Unter den Linden". Legs did not really want today, so short drive through completely parked, narrow streets by taxi.

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      • 05/05/2019

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