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  1. Son Ja ⭐ went for a hike.

    about 20 hours ago

    3.92 mi
    3.4 mph
    525 ft
    650 ft
    1. Son Ja ⭐

      +++ Anti 🐖🐕 poem +++He's really annoying, the inner bastard 🐖🐕.
      It never seems to get too colorful for him!
      He wiggles his long ears
      if you don't do anything, you've already lost 🤷‍♀️.
      I bit him pretty deep in his fat pig cheek 🤣🤣
      and he quietly retreated to his warm barracks 🙈.
      So I successfully won the fight ⚔🔫 against him 💪,
      I wasn't very well disposed towards the 🐖🐕 for today 🥳😁✌.
      Thank you 🙏 @Berggirl and @HB for the necessary nudge in the late afternoon 😁✌

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      • about 20 hours ago

  2. Son Ja ⭐ went for a bike ride.

    5 days ago

    63.9 mi
    13.9 mph
    3,625 ft
    3,625 ft
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    1. Son Ja ⭐

      ++ On the road in the name and on behalf of Major Tom ++>>> The secret order was:
      In 7.5 hours 1 x to the moon 🌕 and back again 😇 <<<
      Completely detached from the earth, the spaceship 🚀 "E-selsprise" 🐎 floated completely heavy... over the NDDW (=New German Danube Wave 🌊🤣).
      On the unmanned spacecraft with flight no. 0815 there was only 1 woman:
      Mrs. Spuck, chief astronaut 🙃.
      Successful launch of the rocket 🚀 was at 12 p.m. with the midday ding-dong bang and the landing took place punctually and without any special incidents at 7.34 p.m. back at the Passau spaceship station 😁.🎤🎶🎵 🎹🎙🗣Codo from afar
      of shining stars ⭐⭐⭐:
      I love jetting through space 🚀.
      And I jet, jet, jet, jet at a fast pace 🐎
      And bring the love ❤ with me from my sky ride.
      Because love, love, love, love, it's a lot of fun
      Much more fun than anything... 🎶🎵 buzz buzz buzz...🤣🙃

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      • 5 days ago

  3. Son Ja ⭐ went for a hike.

    January 16, 2022

    4.94 mi
    2.6 mph
    875 ft
    825 ft
    1. Son Ja ⭐

      This afternoon it was another great, cozy little, relaxed hike with a friend on what I personally think is the most beautiful river in Passau, the Ilz.Since there was no sun all day today and there was hoarfrost from the morning, I "tried" to snap beautiful ice crystal pictures on the Ilz today.Simply leaf through the pictures and enjoy the wintry hoarfrost mood 😉.

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      • January 16, 2022

  4. Son Ja ⭐ went for a hike.

    January 15, 2022

    7.83 mi
    2.9 mph
    1,325 ft
    1,275 ft
    1. Son Ja ⭐

      ...then I just have to get on my own delicate little deer legs 🦌👩‍🦯🤭.All good talk didn't help, "E"sel 🐎 stayed stubborn today and absolutely couldn't be moved outside. The Herz♥️tour last Tuesday was probably a bit too much...💔🤷‍♀️So today I started my "1st attempts at walking" alone, I hadn't quite forgotten how to ride my bike (of course I had hiking sticks with me to help...😜).
      Went quite well with running 👩‍🦯🙈🙃🥳.
      Since today's hiking tour was very spontaneous (because I actually wanted to escape the dreary gray weather here in PA) - and a friend of mine was unfortunately unable to hike with me - I only drove towards Freyung, Bay around 1 p.m. forest away.Unfortunately, my plan with the "escape to the sun 🌞" to higher altitudes didn't work out.
      The sun couldn't get through here either, it was gray and later thick fog came up again.
      It's really a pity, because from the Geyersberg in Freyung (800 m) you have a fantastic view of the Bavarian Forest and the Alps (Dachstein Mountains & Co.) when the visibility is good.
      But a beautiful winter landscape awaited me anyway ⛄❄.
      After a short pit stop in front of the Bavaria Clinic Freyung - where I worked as a dietician for over 7 years until 2010 - I returned to the car in the very popular small restaurant "Danibauer" in Falkenbach.
      An absolute "must" when you are here, because everything (whether cake or anything else) is homemade 😋.
      The culmination of the day was a very spontaneous, funny and entertaining meeting with a friend and 2 other people in a pizzeria in Freyung 🍷☕ (of course I couldn't eat anymore ..😅) until late at night.Summary of the day:
      Even if the "E"sel 🐎 doesn't feel like it 🐏, such a "planless" day can still have very nice small & big surprises in store 🎉🥰...

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      • January 15, 2022

  5. Son Ja ⭐ went for a bike ride.

    January 11, 2022

    48.0 mi
    11.9 mph
    5,550 ft
    5,625 ft
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    1. Son Ja ⭐

      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤A somewhat unusual tour from me in a somewhat thoughtful, but also extremely grateful way 🙏.The idea to do a heart tour instead of a-snail came up just two days ago, on Sunday 9.1.22.The reason for this is private, but I would like to briefly tell you how it came about on today's occasion:
      Last Sunday was the 2nd anniversary of the death of a long-time and best friend of mine - I was allowed to accompany her on her last journey for several weeks.
      For me it was a very formative life experience that I have never had before in my life from a person close to me.
      Just 3 months later (April 20th, 2020) I had to let my loyal, long-time fur nose 🐕‍🦺 Benny go over the 🌈. He was also something very special to me and I would also like to dedicate this unique Herzerl❤tour to him.So on Sunday I just "komootelte" a huge ❤ into the Passau landscape and into the Bavarian Forest.
      The reason that the apex of the heart should begin and end directly on the Danube was for the simple reason that my friend came from Dillingen / Danube. In my opinion, a river can also "connect amicably" 😉.
      I also dedicate this ❤ tour especially to my dear family and my closest and most important circle of friends 🥰 - also to all the people here in Komoot 🤗.Because it goes very well with it, I will now close with a favorite quote (also from me by the way 🐺 ..) and also refer to a comment from @oidawolf's discontinued tour >> Sinus << from January 8th. (see also picture drawing in the photo story):>>> Charly Brown:
      "Snoopy, one day we will all die"
      "Right, but all the other days we won't."
      I decided on the other days and that makes life worth living 🥰. <<<In this sense:
      Enjoy Life🍀 and have a lot of fun and joy with everything
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • January 11, 2022

  6. Son Ja ⭐ went for a bike ride.

    January 5, 2022

    17.5 mi
    14.6 mph
    725 ft
    750 ft
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    1. Son Ja ⭐

      Mum: "We still need fresh rolls"⭐ me: "Ok, I'll get some, but with my bike"Mum (big eyes 😳, very wide mouth): "In the cold ??? Are you totally crazy now 😱 ???"⭐: "No, I'm not crazy, just a little 🌀GAGA🌀🙃🙈"No sooner said than done 💪💪😁.
      Warmly dressed and off we went shopping to Gunzenhausen. Not by car - as usual - but with the 🐎😁.
      At first there was a sleet shower, then a magnificent sun-cloud mix 🌤 - sometimes very windy - at a mere 1.5 ° C 🌀❄🤣🏇🤘🌀.Come back just before 2 and the 🌞 completely disappeared a few minutes later 🤣🙃🙈.@oidawolf: I stole the idea from you 😁. What @ oida🐺 can do, little Son🌞Ja had to try out right away 😁👍🌀 ...

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      • January 5, 2022

  7. Son Ja ⭐ went for a bike ride.

    January 3, 2022

    28.0 mi
    13.6 mph
    1,875 ft
    1,950 ft
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    1. Son Ja ⭐

      After the wonderful turn of the year with great weather in the foothills of the Alps, I have been staying in my home in Central Franconia for a few days since then.At around half past three in the afternoon, I spontaneously decided to take a lap to the Hesselberg.The Hesselberg is actually quite well known through radio and TV through the Bavarian Evangelical Church Congress, which "before Corona" always took place outdoors on Pentecost Sunday.It must also be mentioned that it is the "highest elevation" here at 689 m - so also the "Zugspitze Middle Franconia" 🤣🙈.After cycling in a light drizzle (🐷🐕 defeated 💪😅!) These 3 hours turned out to be a really great (and dry ⛅, but very gusty !!) ride 😊👌.

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      • January 3, 2022

  8. Son Ja ⭐ went for a bike ride.

    January 1, 2022

    65.0 mi
    13.3 mph
    4,625 ft
    4,625 ft
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    1. Son Ja ⭐

      New Years Tour 🚴‍♂️ 1.1.22 🥂💥For the 2nd day in a row I have now spent the turn of the year 2️⃣1️⃣ ↔️ 2️⃣2️⃣ in "spring-like" imperial weather 🌞 in the beautiful south. NEVER in my life have I been on ... well, my bike or "E" sel 🐎🙃🥳 for these 2 days.
      🔥💥 Premiere 💥🔥
      Today I was drawn from yesterday's tour from Ammersee & Starnberger See east towards Chiemsee.Starting in Eggstätt, the route continued via Prien to the first stage destination, Frasdorf.
      After a happy ☕ visit to a long-time friend, the tour continued from Frasdorf to the Inn and I followed it up to Wasserburg a. Inn.
      Shortly afterwards, on the way back to Eggstätt, I enjoyed the bombastic sunset atmosphere and the soon (again 🙈) onset of darkness.
      I also found the special (Christmas) shine of lights 🎄💡🚜 through the villages and the tranquility in the landscape at night ✨ really, very beautiful.
      That was really something "magical" about this time of the year; the new year has definitely started like a dream for me😍💥✌.

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      • January 1, 2022

  9. Son Ja ⭐ went for a bike ride.

    December 31, 2021

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    1. Son Ja ⭐

      "The last tour in 2021" 🚴‍♂️💥🥂.A fabulous, eventful year is coming to an end.
      Due to the gigantic weather forecast for the south, I was magically drawn back down to the Ammersee and also to the Starnberger See a second time this week.
      Without wanting to pan around big words at the end of the year, I just want to let the wonderful pictures speak for themselves today.With this in mind, I wish all Komoot friends a happy new year 2022 🍀, stay healthy and look forward to many beautiful bike and hiking tours in the new year 🚴‍♂️🥂🌞❤

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      • December 31, 2021

  10. Son Ja ⭐ went for a bike ride.

    December 27, 2021

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    1. Son Ja ⭐

      Right on time after Christmas or "between the years", a big wish that had been going on for several months came true - a "winter bike tour around the Ammersee".Last Saturday it became clear that today's weather would be best suited for this. No sooner said than done 😁👍.With sunshine (later a little more cloudy), a fantastic alpine panorama and always in close proximity to the lake, the six of us spent a wonderful, perfect cycling day that left nothing to be desired.I have known @oidawolf and @ Karl-Heinz very well for several months 😉 and we have now spent some great, unforgettable activities together 🤩.
      Today I was able to get to know 3 fellow Komootler "only known virtually" personally:
      🔸️Luc (aka @Lucody)
      🔸️Nico (alias @NiTe) and
      🔸️ @ Martina (daughter of Karl-Heinz).
      At 10 o'clock the meeting point was at REWE / Ihle in Eching a. Ammersee. After a happy welcome / getting to know each other for the first time and a cup of coffee, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and our bike tour began with a bright blue sky and pure sunshine.With several (photo) pauses 😁 📷, the tour ran along the west side via Schondorf, Utting, Riederau to Dießen a. Ammersee - always the great, crystal clear alpine panorama in front of us 😍⛰.
      There we stopped at Ludwig (alias @sanktjohanser) in "Bohne 37".
      A highly recommended, small eatery where you can get the best café / cappuccino and delicious, home-made food 😋👍.
      After the long break with very relaxed conversations with each other, the journey then continued to the Raisting earth station and the nearby chapel of St. Johannes d. Baptist with a beautiful, worth seeing crib inside.A few km later we reached the Ammer tributary on the east side and the tour continued comfortably (... with a little break 😁) to Herrsching.
      Arrived there on the bank (unsuspecting) around 4 p.m., we all had the biggest surprise of the day:
      Sigrid - Karl-Heinz 'wife - surprised us with homemade "Harzer Brockensuppe", baguette and biscuits - on a white table, only a few meters away from the lake. With a magnificent view of the Alps 🥰⛰!
      This special atmosphere at the lake was indescribably beautiful, the soup was really delicious again and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you, dear Sigrid:
      Thank you very much 🙏 for this second super successful, delicious surprise 🎉 (for the first time you spoiled us with a very fine pumpkin cream soup 😋 on the Lechtour on October 30th, 21st with Karl-Heinz and Wolf 🐺).At about 5 p.m. when it got dark there was a mood of optimism and it went on from Herrsching to Inning. Wolf & Nico said goodbye there, they both cycled back to Munich through night and fog.
      The rest of the great group cycled to the starting point in Eching. There we stopped again for a cozy finish at Ihle's, then we parted ways and everyone started their way home either by car 🚗 (Luc & I) or 🚴‍♂️ (Karl-Heinz and Martina).
      A very nice, successful day unfortunately ended much too quickly 🤩, many thanks to everyone (including Sigrid). Gladly again at any time 🥰!P.S .: Why I have around 200 hm more on my tour recording is probably because my "E" Selchen 🐎 was jumping around with joy and I probably brought more hm together (my theory 😁👍🙈).The same tour from the point of view of:@Lucody:
      @ Karl-Heinz & Martina:

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      • December 27, 2021

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