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  1. Conan (Peti) went hiking.

    7 days ago

    6.09 mi
    1.6 mph
    225 ft
    225 ft
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    1. Conan (Peti)

      Easy hike around the Elbe lake. Especially beautiful is the Seemoos with a countless number of wildflowers and herbs and its feathered game.
      Stop at the Seealpe should definitely be scheduled. There are local products and homemade cakes.

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      • 7 days ago

  2. Conan (Peti) went mountain biking.


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    1. Conan (Peti)

      From the parking lot at Kloster Oberschönenfeld near Gessertshausen we start on dirt roads in the direction of Wollishausen. Mostly near the Schmutter we cross these often.
      In Vogelsang we pass a garden where there are several beautiful tree sculptures by Ollie Marschall.
      At Diedorf there are some nice single trails over hill and dale until we come to Webers Brünnele in the Anhauser valley.
      From here it is only a few km to the forest restaurant Engelshof you should definitely plan to stop. Here are many homemade treats served by the friendly family members.

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      • 06/25/2019

    1. Conan (Peti)

      Small hike through a natural paradise with a variety of animals.
      The new tele had it and immediately shot what I came to the lens. The highlight was of course the grass snake which sunbathed undisturbed on a tree stump.
      For nature lovers, this part of Wertach is a paradise where you can also bring children closer to the flora and fauna.
      I would like to emphasize that I am watching and taking pictures so behave that the animals are not disturbed, so by a large margin!

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      • 06/20/2019

  3. Conan (Peti) went hiking.


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    1. Conan (Peti)

      Run away at high rain risk, home with less risk. Always fascinating what you will discover here. Watching two rock pigeons turtle in a big puddle, beautiful big grass frog in the "Reckeltinger Baggersee" seen 2 monster carp trying to get at him, 3 young kestrels watching the spotting scope as Mommy brings mice and endless wildflowers along the way.
      And all on the doorstep.

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      • 06/16/2019

  4. Conan (Peti) went hiking.


    8.59 mi
    2.5 mph
    2,450 ft
    2,575 ft
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    1. Conan (Peti)

      At the beginning of the route you have great views, when you have reached the forest it is a bit monotonous that it goes most of the time on well-developed forest roads. The last few meters to Wolfskopf are then again hiking trail through some very dense forest. The view from the Wolf's Head is wonderful. The descent then with hardly to find way, but only a small piece then comes again forest road.
      Stop in the Trauchgauer Almstube should definitely be scheduled! Super delicious food, homemade cakes, good Bavarian beers and very friendly.

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      • 06/09/2019

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    1. Conan (Peti)

      Today only a small round through the beautiful foothills of the Alps, because there was such a rogue in the neck of what has always told of a cool wheat. That's what the hack was.

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      • 06/02/2019

  6. Conan (Peti) went mountain biking.


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  7. Conan (Peti) went mountain biking.


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    1. Conan (Peti)

      One of our favorite tracks. The path along the Wertach is simply very beautiful and varied, so are the forest trails auf'm Heisteig. This tour can be changed many times.

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      • 05/19/2019

  8. Conan (Peti) went hiking.


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    1. Conan (Peti)

      Today only a small hike. We take the direct route to Port Sóller which the nice lady of the reception has recommended to us. Through the center, then through the more remote parts of Sóller, past the outdoor pool and pubs in which no tourist probably strays. After the end of the village through gardens and plantations, through fertile green meadows, past Can Tamany, it goes uphill in large olive plantations. On the hill, on the left, there is a footpath past fincas and through woods to Port Sóller. Here we decide to take the steep road to Torre Picada. The Torre Picada is a guard tower with 11 meters height and diameter northeast of the harbor entrance of Port Sóller.
      After enjoying the view of the sea we walk into the port of Port Sóller and look for a restraurant. A quaint beach bar we find just at the other end of the harbor in the Es Reco. Sitting on the beach with great views of the harbor, there are delicious mixed tapas and of course sangria cava. Everything was delicious.
      After a little swim in the sea we take the tram back to Sóller.

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      • 05/10/2019

  9. Conan (Peti) went hiking.


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    1. Conan (Peti)

      Today we have a good breakfast, we need energy to get there on the 953 meter high Cornador Gran.
      Through the old town of Sóller we walk to the starting point of the small clean village of Biniaraix. At the old washhouse, we freshen up again with cool water.
      Always along the stream, the torrent de Biniaraix, we go steadily uphill on old stone paths the cami del Barranc (GR-221). Again and again there are created waterholes with wonderful fresh mountain water. The water of the stream has washed interesting shapes into the mountain over the millennia and also shaped the huge boulders in the stream. The well maintained Steinweg becomes ever steeper and narrower, a few times you cross the stream and some pumps lure with crystal clear, slightly turquoise water to jump in. Then there are wonderful views before it goes through the cool forest again.
      Shortly before reaching the saddle we turn right off the GR-221, following the sign for the Mirador d'en Quesada, cross the torrent del Ofre to follow the steep, rocky path uphill. Here is little shade, the sun burns mercilessly down as we reach the shelter of Cornadors. A descending hiker encourages me, "there are only a few minutes to the Mirador".
      The view is famos, over the entire southern Serra de Tramuntana. We rest for a long time and enjoy this landscape before we descend again.
      At the Cafe es Barranc in Biniaraix, the friendly waiter immediately recognizes our condition and puts us two big cerveza with "cheers" on the table.
      This hike is really beautiful, the pictures can only give a small impression of this unique landscape. It is an absolute must and can be varied in many ways.

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      • 05/10/2019

About Conan (Peti)

Ich bin Baujahr 1958. Als Kind wurde ich zum Sapzierengehen "gezwungen". Dann kam endlich die Sturm- und Drangphase, da waren natürlich nur Motorräder angesagt. Anschließend bewirtschafteten meine Frau und ich 16 Jahre eine Farm in Irland, Selbstversorger. Seit ca. 12 Jahren sind wir selbstständig (Selbst und Ständig) im schönen Allgäu.
Wir sind schon immer gerne in der Natur gewesen, so zum Wandern, Schwimmen, Kanu fahren oder Radeln. Vor ein paar Jahren dann hab ich mir ein Mountainbike gekauft und war sofort hellauf begeistert. Da hat es nicht lange gebraucht bis ich meine Frau auch mit diesem Virus infiziert hatte.
Unsere Hauptaktivität ist jetzt Mountainbiken in den Revieren Allgäu, Bayern, Trentino und die Lombardai und Wandern in der Serra de Tramuntana auf Mallorca.
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