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Hallo! Wir sind Christian und Jana vom Genusswanderblog A Tasty Hike! Bei uns gehört der Genuss zu jeder Wanderung mit dazu. Hier geht es nicht um „höher, schneller, weiter“ sondern der Weg ist das Ziel. Wir wollen beim Wandern entspannen und die Natur in vollen Zügen genießen! Deshalb findest du hier auch viele Touren für Wanderanfänger. Auf unserem Blog gibt es die passenden Wanderbeschreibungen und Videos zu unseren Wanderungen. Wir wünschen dir viel Spaß und freuen uns immer über dein Feedback zu unseren Touren!All unsere Wanderberichte findest du auf unserem Blog: atastyhike.deUnsere Wandervideos veröffentlichen wir immer zuerst auf unserem YouTube-Kanal: atastyhike.de/youtubeWANDERN FÜR ANFÄNGER - Die hohe Kunst Berge zu erobern 📗 - Der Wanderratgeber für Wanderanfänger: wandernfueranfaenger.deKOSTENLOSES EBOOK: 20 Genusswanderungen in den Alpen – Jetzt hier runterladen: atastyhike.de/20-Genusswanderungen-ebookKOSTENLOSES EBOOK: Wander 1x1 – 20 Tipps für Wanderanfängern – Jetzt hier runterlanden: atastyhike.de/wander1x1-ebookLeckere Hüttenrezepte für noch mehr Wanderfeeling zu Hause gibt es hier: atastyhike.de/huettenessenImmer aktuell sind wir auf Instagram: instagram.com/atastyhike

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  1. A Tasty Hike went for a hike.

    September 14, 2021

    3.18 mi
    1.6 mph
    125 ft
    950 ft
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    1. A Tasty Hike

      A really leisurely tour: we took the Falzeben orbit up to Merano 2000. This is where we started our tour on the Piffinger Köpfl.With a small arc through the forest, this tour goes downhill very comfortably. But never so steep that it would be exhausting.In the further course of the tour it is definitely worth stopping at the Zuegghütte.The hike then continues on a leisurely hiking trail along the cable car back to Falzeben.We will soon publish our detailed hiking description and the accompanying hiking video on atastyhike.de

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      • September 27, 2021

  2. A Tasty Hike went for a hike.

    September 11, 2021

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    1. A Tasty Hike

      Super comfortable and beautiful circular hike for the whole family.Here you first hike through beautiful apple orchards with a fantastic view. Then it goes into the forest, which is wonderfully refreshing, especially on hot days.In the forest you hike uphill and finally relaxed on a level until you come to the Salfgut snack bar. We recommend a stop here and can especially recommend the dumplings on coleslaw. While eating you can enjoy a beautiful view.Then it goes back via St. Georgen to Schenna.You will find our detailed hiking report shortly on atastyhike.de

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      • September 12, 2021

  3. A Tasty Hike went for a hike.

    September 10, 2021

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    1. A Tasty Hike

      A really great tour for children of all ages. There is so much to discover, try out and learn at various stations.The tour is not particularly long and sometimes very easy to master with a stroller.There is definitely no boredom on this tour and we can definitely recommend it to all families with children!

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      • September 11, 2021

  4. A Tasty Hike went for a hike.

    September 9, 2021

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    1. A Tasty Hike

      A really nice tour on the Schenner Neuwaal. A wonderful extension of the Schenner Waalweg. The tour is especially nice on hot days because the forest and the water of the Waals provide a pleasant coolness.We definitely recommend that you plan a stop at the Waalerhütte at the end of the Waalweg. This rustic hut is very cozy and the food is delicious. There is also a playground for the little ones.The tour can also be combined very well with a hike on the Schenner Waalweg.We can also recommend the Bad Verdins pasta house in Verdins for dinner afterwards!

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      • September 11, 2021

  5. A Tasty Hike went for a hike.

    September 8, 2021

    4.51 mi
    2.5 mph
    325 ft
    250 ft
    1. A Tasty Hike

      Wonderful walk above Merano with a fantastic view of Merano and the surrounding area and over to Lagundo.We recommend this walk especially in spring or autumn, as summer is usually a little too hot for it.The tour is absolutely not strenuous and offers beautiful views and landscapes around it.It's especially nice in autumn when the grapes are harvested because you can also stroll through the vines here.The appropriate video for the tour as well as a detailed report will appear shortly on atastyhike.de

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      • September 27, 2021

  6. A Tasty Hike went for a hike.

    July 25, 2021

    1. A Tasty Hike

      From the Schwarzer Grat car park, hike through the Rotenbach Valley towards Wenger Egg Alpe to the Raggenhorn (not the alternative route)! The Alpe invites you to a hearty stop on the way to the summit or on the way back!To make a circular hike out of the tour, choose the variant mentioned above for the way back!The tour is suitable for prams up to the Alpe, but not to be underestimated! There is a playground on the alp! The parking lot is free!

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      • July 25, 2021

  7. A Tasty Hike went for a hike.

    July 11, 2021

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    1. A Tasty Hike

      Today we were on the way below the Imberger Horn 🏔 and the Strausbergsattel! A nice little Sunday afternoon hike 🥾 for everyone!Halfway through the route, you can stop off at the Strausbergalpe 😋!The starting point of the hike is the hiking car park below the Strausberghütte 🏡! To get there you use the toll road from Imberg!

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      • July 11, 2021

  8. A Tasty Hike went for a hike.

    June 14, 2021

    4.88 mi
    1.3 mph
    2,150 ft
    2,175 ft
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    1. A Tasty Hike

      Sitting by a lake in summer and having a cold drink is the best! ⁣

      But that is not entirely true! ⁣

      The best thing is to sit ☀️ by a mountain lake 🏔 with a hut next to it and have a cool drink there 😜! ⁣

      By the way, you can do that at the Zirmtalsee, which you can see in the picture! ⁣
      After a spectacular approach over hill and dale, a wonderful hike awaits you!

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      • August 25, 2021

  9. A Tasty Hike went for a hike.

    June 13, 2021

    5.05 mi
    1.1 mph
    2,575 ft
    2,525 ft
    1. A Tasty Hike

      We discovered another South Tyrolean highlight there. The tour to Mastaunpichl is really worth it!The landscape is great and also a little physically challenging, because the ascent is quite steep. Nevertheless, a wonderful tour with two wonderful places to stop for a break.At the Mastaunalm, surrounded by a beautiful mountain panorama, we had a drink and enjoyed the wonderful silence here.The summit itself is also a great highlight of this tour. The view is amazing and we were so proud of ourselves!The second stop, the Lafetz-Alm, is about 35 minutes after the summit on the way back. We can highly recommend the raspberry juice there. But the goat salami, the Kässpätzle and the dumplings are absolute poems!At the end of the tour there is still a wet highlight waiting for you, because shortly before the end you will pass a really beautiful waterfall!This tour is really a highlight in every respect!The hiking report will soon be available on the A Tasty Hike Blog: atastyhike.de and we are currently editing the matching hiking video.

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      • August 25, 2021

  10. A Tasty Hike went for a hike.

    June 11, 2021

    10.1 mi
    1.9 mph
    2,325 ft
    3,250 ft
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    1. A Tasty Hike

      You can find the hiking video for the tour here:

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      • August 19, 2021

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