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Wir lieben Laufen. Denn das kann man immer und überall, ganz besonders in unserer wunderschönen Region Franken. Deshalb sammelt die Redaktion von die schönsten Laufstrecken in Nordbayern.

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    September 8, 2021

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      Florian Janik had to look for a long time. And he is still not entirely satisfied: "At one point it is still along the road." He knows his city of Erlangen very well, of course, but even the mayor needs a little time to find a suitable running route.
      "I wanted a nice ten-kilometer lap where you can run undisturbed," says Janik. "After some trial and error, I found one." It starts right from his front door, from there you can quickly reach the Wiesengrund. Here Janik always jogs along the Regnitz. "The topic of my round is water." This is not only due to the river, which cools the air pleasantly, especially in summer. "My route also leads past the Erlangen waterworks, which is where our drinking water comes from."
      After that, however, there is a piece that Janik would like to "optimize". "I haven't found the way around here yet." Most of all, he would never like to walk along a street - and that in the middle of the city. On his lap it almost works. After the waterworks, however, Janik has to jog a bit on Schallershofer Straße to the canal.
      Once you are on the Main-Danube Canal, the route will be "wonderful" again. Janik enjoys the monotonous running route there, "because you can always feel the coolness of the water and a little wind". After six kilometers there is always his "bogeyman phase", that is, the point at which you actually don't feel like it anymore. "But the canal gives me fresh strength to walk the last few kilometers home." The route ends there at the Westbad. So when the weather is nice you could still go swimming - and complete the water circuit.
      "Overall, there is a lot of nature to see," says Janik. "I found the canal difficult at the beginning because it only goes straight ahead. But if you have the distance inside, the path has a calming effect. I get into my running rut there really well." The mayor then switches to "autopilot", as he says. "I can let my mind wander while running."
      It was through this effect that the 41-year-old, who is actually a swimmer, got into jogging in the first place. "I'm a Corona runner," says Janik. When he spent many days in the meetings of the crisis team in the first wave of the pandemic, he needed compensation. "I was in the town hall for hours, the swimming pools were closed," he recalls. But you could jog. So Janik started.
      "At the beginning it was brutally difficult for me to two kilometers," he admits. "But I improved and stayed at it. The ten kilometers were a limit that took me longer." Janik has now even run his first half marathon. "On the way it was easier than I thought, I made it under two hours, that was my goal." The hardest thing was that he misjudged the route. "That's why I had to run back 1.5 kilometers even though I had actually already reached the goal." Then he noticed: "Running is a lot of the head because time has collapsed."
      After his 21 kilometers, Janik "suffered a lot", the muscles ached after his first long run. "However, if I don't jog for two or three days, it tingles inside me. I feel better when I run, have built up a good physical condition and clear my head." The mayor usually jogs five, seven or even ten kilometers. Sometimes, when time is no longer possible, it is just a few kilometers home from the town hall. Janik doesn't listen to any music, "either a podcast or nothing at all". If he jogs without headphones, he still has the rippling of the water.

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      • September 15, 2021

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    August 12, 2021

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      Stefan Böllet describes a television report about the Berlin marathon as his personal "awakening experience" at the start of a new phase of life. Because before and since early adolescence, he saw running as a purely practical exercise that benefited his fitness on the football field. The first participation in the Neumarkt city run in 2005 was preceded by an injury break. "Back then, I went out with a tape recorder to distract myself," remembers the now 36-year-old, who had to end his football career in 2011 after a cruciate ligament rupture and served as game director for another two years. In addition, the enthusiasm for the individual endurance challenge increased steadily, especially because "quickly a positive development" could be read on the stopwatch.
      In fact, in 2016 Stefan Böllet became the dominator of the Middle Franconian Runner's Cup and in 2018 he fulfilled his dream of the Berlin Marathon in a time of 2:29 hours, which exceeded all expectations. Even as a father of two now, the Pavelsbacher does not allow himself to be dissuaded from doing his rounds in the district office on workdays before going to work. With one or the other additional shift in the evening, the early riser has an impressive workload of 100 km per week.
      He is no longer the only endurance runner in TSV Pavelsbach. The Corona restrictions gave the decisive impetus in spring to turn a running meeting that has been run as a loose group for years into a separate department. Böllet, who is often asked for training tips anyway, and Martina Scheuerer took on the management tasks. The new division now has 24 people and was already thinking about reviving the traditional May run in the community. "At the moment the high organizational effort still scares us off, but that could still change."
      Regardless of whether the idea of a home race becomes something, Stefan Böllet prefers to do his training sessions at home in the neighborhood. Since he started jogging, he only changes the direction of walking on his favorite route, which he calls the "village tour". "I really know every stone here and could find the way with my eyes closed. Nevertheless, I never got bored, that would happen to me sooner on the old canal."
      From the northern outskirts, the route initially runs past the stork's nest in an outward direction to the renatured Hengerbach. The zigzag course is mainly on asphalt, in between on gravel and field paths, over eleven largely flat kilometers with only two smaller climbs around the populated village center. The entire range of rural clichés reveals itself along the way. Fish pond, cowshed, horses and the distant cemetery church frame an idyllic picture. An even more impressive panorama opens up for the early risers at kilometer three in an easterly direction. "The sunrise at 5.30 a.m. behind the Dillberg towers is always a special moment," says Stefan Böllet, who curves around the airport and sports grounds before returning to the home straight. "If the form of the day allows it," enthuses Böllet, the route can easily be extended to 13 or even 15 kilometers for those familiar with the area.
      by Kevin Gudd

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      • August 12, 2021

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    July 12, 2021

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      Cool round through the forest near DeiningFor decades, the 1.FC Deining sports field has been a second living room for Harald Kaunz. In his own youth he chased football “like everyone else in the village of my age”, but at the same time the now 50-year-old developed a keen interest in skiing and even advanced to become the national trainer for specialists on the freestyle moguls.As a summer replacement for the fast ride in the country, which at the same time kept the condition, the Deininger discovered cycling and later the triathlon "at the beginning of 20". The IT manager has a best time of 1:52 hours in the half marathon at the Neumarkt city run in his vita, and he particularly fondly remembers the middle-distance Ironman in the Utah desert.Harald Kaunz not only passes on his enthusiasm for the endurance kick in competition to his own children. A separate department for the growing group of young triathletes was created under the instructor for ski gymnastics and spinning. Two to three units per week are currently on the program. The high point of the year was the duathlon, which was held for the first time in 2018 on a local facility and, after a one-year break, will be held again as the Bavarian cross championship on September 25th. The event and the hygiene concept recently received official approval.Personally, the busy multifunctional “has not yet finished” his active competitive career, as Kaunz emphasizes. However, he now prefers the mountain bike in everyday life and is looking for "more and more joint-friendly movement in nature" while running. Fittingly, he finds the ideal environment for this right on his doorstep in Deining. From the sports field his favorite lap leads him over a historic wall bridge a few hundred meters on cobblestone along an old trade road between Regensburg and Nuremberg, before a shady ravine branches off in the middle of the forest and passes the Sauanger football field.This is followed by a short detour on asphalt, detached from gravel and trail paths. “Here it is pleasantly cool in summer and the ground is sandy and soft. You always have to reckon with a few wavy sections in this area, ”explains Kaunz. The route now goes on a loop of almost 1.3 km, which can be repeated as required. From the crossroads in the forest it is almost as far back to the starting point. So two loops correspond to a total length of five km. Finally, the sports field is already in sight, a Kneipp pool on the Weißen Laaber awaits you to regenerate your stressed Kevin Gudd

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      • July 13, 2021

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    July 6, 2021

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      Rothsee circuit with soldier Ingo MacherAt the federal government you learn to walk. Really and a lot. Ingo Macher from Hilpoltstein provides proof of this. At 49 years of age, the professional soldier is still an active triathlete in the La Carrera TriTeam Rothsee and has already contested the long-distance triathlon eight times."In my youth I was actually a competitive swimmer and I swam all the way to the Bavarian Championships," says Macher of his athletic beginnings. As a soldier on the move between the barracks in Germany, swimming was not so easy. "There aren't swimming pools everywhere, so I inevitably switched to running. In 1994, I ran my first marathon at the officers' school."The triathlon just happened. "At some point I made the mistake of telling me about my previous swimming career," says Macher and laughs. Because then it didn't take long and he was advised to get a bike to take part in the entire triathlon. In 2011 the time had come and he started for all three disciplines for the first time.The route is flat, but the 12 kilometers are tough. It starts in Haimpfarrich, above along the canal towards Roth. After two kilometers the waterway is crossed and it goes through the forest towards Rothsee. Arrived on the north-west bank of the Großer Rothsee, follow the riverside path clockwise. After crossing the dam between the large and small lake, it goes back towards the sailing center Heuberg.Anyone marveling at the numerous sailing boats should also consider the many bathers who cross their path in the warm months. Over the dam of the main dam you can enjoy the wonderful view of the lake again, before you go on a partly steep trail to the canal at the end. Crossing the lock is the last obstacle before the route leads back to Haimpfarrich.Apart from the fantastic view of the Rothsee, Macher appreciates the route because of the partly shady and remote passages. The soft forest floor, which is easy on the joints, and gravel paths are also beneficial. Above all, however, the triathlete also associates fond memories of past competitions with the round, such as the Rothsee Triathlon or the Challenge, in which he has already crossed the finish line six times over the long distance as a finisher.However, he has never been able to contest the HiRoRun himself, which La Carrera organizes annually and leads around the entire lake - unfortunately. "As a moderator, I am challenged from the start to the finish line on the market square in Hilpoltstein, in order to drive the runners to their best performance." However, he tries to run the 21.1 kilometer route in as many preparatory runs as possible, which La Carrera offers from January to the run on the first Sunday of each month.After all the marches, competitions and countless training units, Ingo Macher still enjoys running. With or without company. "In a group you can have great conversation and alone you can relax perfectly. Especially on such a beautiful route."by Oliver Haas

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      • July 9, 2021

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    June 29, 2021

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      Andrea Herpich is an excellent conversation partner. She can explain well and laughs a lot. If she didn't tell it on her own, you wouldn't have guessed it: The 56-year-old is not always in as good a mood as she would like to be.
      She gives the reason without further ado: "Borderline has a lot to do with high tension. And with morning lows."
      Herpich has not been able to work for six years because of this personality disorder. And yet - or perhaps because of it - she says in a self-confident voice: "You can always run." And because she can devote herself to this topic with full mindfulness, she allows others to participate.
      The amateur photographer captures "the little things" in nature with her camera and publishes them on her Instagram channel under # Heimatlandkreisfürth and #borderline. Her description reads self-deprecatingly: "Specialist in black and white thinking". The photo collection is so impressive that you might think that it works for the district administration. When the authorities actually become aware of them, they feel "an incredible motivation".
      But her drive is different: she grew up in the Taunus, has lived in Middle Franconia since the early 90s and explores her adopted home on foot - a different area almost every week, as long as she drives the VGN. She documents her excursions. Instagram is her medium, "Facebook has become too aggro. But contacts are made over and over again via Instagram - that was very nice for me, especially in times of lockdown".
      Andrea Herpich has become sporty enough to cover long distances. But the pace is determined by the area, not the stopwatch: "When it's particularly beautiful in the Hainberg, I stop and take a picture."
      Running and cycling, mainly in the morning, is her "antidepressant to relieve tension", she explains her tactic, "just 40 minutes are enough to balance the mood".
      The threshold is low enough not to find any excuses: "It's the easiest thing to put on your shoes, open the door, sound your ears and go." Of course, there are days when she realizes that nothing works today. After ten minutes, however, she said "a flow. This interplay between head and legs is so beautiful".
      She describes her favorite route in one sentence: "On the Wallensteinweg in the direction of Hainberg, from above or below over the Neumühle once all around, then back again." The starting point is the Höhenweg bus stop in your home town of Oberweihersbuch bei Stein. Herpich needs the first five minutes, "out onto the bike path, along the street" to warm up. Shortly before the first houses in Unterasbach can be seen, a sign points to Wallenstein's camp. Here she turns right onto a dirt road.
      A narrow path leads to a railway underpass where the Hainberg begins. Its gravel paths are grateful for runners, but challenging in rain or ice. But that doesn't stop walkers and joggers from doing their rounds in droves through the former US military training area, which has been offering pure nature close to the city since the early 1990s.
      Andrea Herpich chooses the furthest of the numerous paths to Altenberg. She turns right above the well-known Schlittenberg and pauses briefly, "because from the top you can see the television tower and the power station". She leaves Schlittenberg and Weiher on the left and jogs on the long straight back to Stein through an oak grove.
      It reaches a forest path with gorse bushes and meets the path that goes along the river, past the power station and the weir. When she reaches the pool, she keeps right to Mühlstrasse in Stein. On the bike and footpath on the Grundbach she reaches Unterweihersbuch, at whose cultural center she crosses the street and runs to Oberweihersbuch. Along the brook, past the fire station, to Locher Strasse. On the sidewalk, turn right into Oberasbacher Weg, "I avoid roads. In the end, it's uphill, that's nasty", until you get back to the bus stop.
      by Martin Schano

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      • August 2, 2021

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    June 25, 2021

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      Lakeland: Idyllic route around the IgelsbachseeNina Selz from Absberg presents her favorite route in this part of our running series. It leads through the middle of the Franconian Lake District - and yet offers peace and seclusion.
      Nina Selz prefers to start early in the morning. Then, when the air is still damp and cool, the larks start their song and most of the paths in the lake district are still almost deserted. Selz lace up his running shoes at least three times a week. Sometimes it's only four kilometers, sometimes it's 18, but she prefers to complete her home route around the Igelsbachsee.
      Coming from Absberg, it walks an arc around the dam and then moves along the north bank of the lake towards Enderndorf. However, the path does not always lead directly along the lake. "It's often too crowded for me. Wherever I run, you only come across a deer or a fox at most. There are hardly any tourists," says the coach of the football women at SG Kalbensteinberg / Absberg. A few meters from Igelsbachsee there is a bench where Selz often takes a break. "I do stretching exercises there, that's good for me. Besides, you have a wonderful view there, you can relax," she says.
      But don't let the short break fool you. The 36-year-old is a very ambitious runner. She usually covers the kilometer in less than five minutes. Unless it's very hot, it may take a little longer. "At Igelsbachsee you can even run then, there is a lot of forest and you are protected from the sun," explains Selz.
      At Enderndorf am See the route turns onto the dam. There, a view of the Großer Brombachsee rewards the runner before jogging along the Kleiner Brombachsee back to Absberg. Selz finishes her running session above the TSV Absberg sports grounds. "That fits well, there is also a Kneipp pool and I like to go Kneipp after running," says the soccer player.
      Ambitious athletes also have a less relaxing alternative. After all, the stairs up to the Absberger Bürgergarten are ideal for a few crisp sprints. Selz ‘players can confirm this from painful experience. The flights of stairs are a little beloved part of the preparation. The district league team of SG Kalbensteinberg / Absberg has been meeting again for football on a voluntary basis since mid-June. It's still about getting a feel for the ball and body again, the official training start on July 6th.
      The restart after a long Corona break triggers mixed feelings in Nina Selz. Sure, she was "really happy" to see all of her girls again. And finally to be on the grass again, as she has actually been doing her whole life on a regular basis, but there is also another side: "Corona gave me more time for the family. And I was able to do sports more often do." That is now changing again. Training twice a week and a game on the weekends. Selz is used to it, soccer is her passion - and yet returning to everyday sports after an almost eight month break is a change.
      Also for the family, who recently were often out and about together around the Igelsbachsee. "My husband and I ran, our girls rode alongside on our bikes," says Selz. The children are three and six years old - and they are already bravely making it through the ten-kilometer route. "They like it very much. They always ask me: 'Mom, when are we going to go running again?‘ "
      Now that things are getting serious again on the soccer field, maybe not quite as often. Nevertheless, Selz will continue to be on her favorite route in the future. Because the psychologist can switch off from her stressful job there - and she often comes up with good ideas for the next soccer training session.
      by Dominik Mayer

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      • June 30, 2021

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    June 13, 2021

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    475 ft
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      When Uwe Prüfer goes running, he prefers to be quiet. And it is almost always quiet around the many ponds between Möhrendorf and Dechsendorf. "It is normal that you don't meet more than five people an hour there," says the 52-year-old computer scientist. But it's not just quiet on his favorite twelve-kilometer LIeblings running route, it is often breathtakingly beautiful - for example, when the dense forest on the route is reflected in the water of the ponds."In the beginning I only ran there when I wanted to switch off. But now I also train there regularly," says Prüfer, who is an experienced triathlete. Because the route offers a lot of variety: "You walk along the water, then there is a section where there is more of a meadow. There is a single trail section where you have to be careful where you step. There is a bit of everything."He discovered his favorite route at the Möhrendorfer Karpfenweiherlauf. It is not the same, but it partially overlaps with the route of the competition. Prüfer himself only took part in the landscape run, but now he is also helping to organize it.
      He starts his favorite route on the east bank of the Dechsendorfer Weiher across from the beach, at the local kiosk. There are parking spaces on the nearby connecting road to Möhrendorf. It's about two kilometers from the kiosk along the east bank of the pond. At the small Bischofsweiher, Prüfer turns right and with two pans on the route, after 6.4 kilometers, finally comes to the carp ponds near Möhrenddorf. It is the 52-year-old's favorite spot on his route. "It works out very nicely from there," he says. Shortly afterwards, the first rooftops of Möhrendorf can be seen. From now on the route meanders a bit.
      Now there is a small ascent on the otherwise rather flat stretch and past a farm with a cowshed. Now the path meanders a little, it has to be turned several times, for the first few times it is advisable to turn the Komoot app to loud. But there is only one place where it gets a bit confusing for a moment, says Prüfer: After you have walked down the mountain again and between two ponds, you walk about 500 meters under a power line. "It looks as if the better way would turn to the left. But you have to go straight on under the high-voltage road," explains Prüfer.Over a trail section and a large, run "S" it finally goes back to the kiosk. Alternatively, you can also walk the route starting at the ASV Möhrendorf parking lot - from there it's around 400 meters to the farm.Uwe Prüfer's sports career is as varied as the route. He started lifting weights at the age of ten, switched to motorsport in his thirties and competed in enduro races. But endurance sports have always fascinated him, especially the triathlon in Roth. When he drives there as a spectator, it grabs him. Since then he has completed many triathlons, but above all he has one big goal: to complete the Challenge Roth. It should be so far in 2022 or 2023.He is currently busy planning the Möhrendorfer Karpfenweiherlauf. "We are fully in the planning. I firmly assume that it can take place."by Kati Tontsch

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      • June 25, 2021

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    June 13, 2021

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    June 11, 2021

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      When the minister-presidents decided on extensive movement restrictions in winter, Armin Scherer decided to see the so-called "15-kilometer rule" as a sporting challenge. So he got on the train with his running shoes and explored the region in a different way. "I wanted to run around Nuremberg in many small stages," says the 46-year-old, who comes from the Black Forest and has lived in the city for almost five years.
      His "personal long-distance running project" took him to Hersbruck, Altdorf, Postbauer-Heng, Allersberg, Roth, Windsbach, Heilsbronn, Cadolzburg, Erlangen, Graefenberg, Simmelsdorf and Hersbruck - all places within 15 kilometers as the crow flies City limits. "It was just under 230 kilometers in total," said Scherer, in some places like the Rothsee he walked exactly on the border between permitted and forbidden, between 15 and 15.1 kilometers.It was a beautiful and exciting experience that helped to dispel the sadness of the lockdown and to find joy in an often joyless time. In the months when all life was ruled by the coronavirus, the restrictions and the terrible news. However, like many others, Armin Scherer did not only discover running for himself during these tough months, because it was one of the few opportunities to still do sport somehow.He has been running regularly for almost 20 years, he had the same problems as other young people who start their professional life after graduation. "I noticed that sitting at a desk does bring money, but is not the real thing for the organism," says Scherer. As an auditor for an international auditing company, he travels a lot on business - at least when no small virus dominates the world.For purely practical reasons, it went running - and stuck with it. "You can do the sport anywhere and get to know the surrounding area", says the 46-year-old. When he goes on a trip, the running shoes are naturally always with him in the trunk, so that he can ring in the end of the day with a lap and come down after a hard day's work.A little bit of running became more and more over the years. Armin Scherer has taken part in almost a dozen marathons in Paris, Berlin and Cologne, but also in New York, Chicago and Detroit, where he worked for three years. He was also in the Swiss Interlaken at the so-called Jungfrau Marathon - ten years later he wants to be there again in autumn.But even a passionate runner like him cannot cover 40 kilometers every day. That is why he proposed the "Stadtmauer-Runde" for this series. "The tour around the old town is, so to speak, the 'tour on the doorstep'", says Scherer, "it's a varied tour that also offers different variants." You can walk inside the wall ring, in the ditch between the walls, on the sidewalk along the old town ring - or simply continue towards Wöhrder See. "The route is also a good alternative to running in winter, as it is continuously illuminated," says Scherer.If you don't spend the winter just circumnavigating Nuremberg.

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      • June 15, 2021

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    June 11, 2021

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    450 ft
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      On nature trails on the Neumarkt panorama rockFrom Werner Thumann's point of view, this route sums up the term “homeland”. Growing up in the northeastern Neumarkt district of Mühlen, the 55-year-old, like most of the neighboring children, preferred to play football and then tennis in his youth. "I couldn't do anything with endurance sports." That changed between basic military training and studies, in the once "hated barracks round" the forestry graduate and honorary city councilor with a lifeguard license recognized an effective method of health prevention as a counterbalance to everyday office life.Occasional yoga exercises and the daily bike ride to work are also part of the program. Thumann comes to run on average twice a week, but does not strive for any ambitious training goals or participation in competitions. The scope is correspondingly shorter if there are evening city council meetings. Rather, when exercising in the open air, it was not just in the corona lockdown that a preference for the natural experience came into focus. "It's easier for me to think about it than in the city," says Thumann, who tries to avoid asphalt flooring as much as possible.Just a few hundred meters from his garden door at the former parental home, various forest, meadow and gravel paths lure you below the Wolfstein. But until then there are two steep inclines. "I prefer to have the effort at the beginning and use the anticipation of the picturesque sections as motivation." Of course, the forces would have to be carefully divided. As long as he can still talk, the pace is just right. Thumann walks with company as often as possible and then goes into raptures about the former hutanger, which until almost 20 years ago were completely overgrown and are now grazed by sheep again.The opening of the areas supports the diversity in the ecosystem, knows Thumann, who works full-time as a subject manager in the district office and acts as the managing director of the Neumarkt landscape care association. "Of course, when I'm running, I run at least one eye through my official glasses." In this way, the competent authorities sometimes find out about fruit trees that need pruning or that wet meadows that are too seldom mown. Because of the distraction, the terrain, which climbs moderately on a long loop, is less of a hassle before the castle ruins and summit cross appear in the west.The temptation to lose oneself in the grandiose panoramic view of the city can only be given in for a few moments by Werner Thumann, who as the city's environmental and tourism advisor, despite the many day-trippers, does not recognize any signs of "over-tourism". Shortly before the lookout point at the crow table, his route winds down in a sharp bend on uneven terrain. Once you have passed this concentration test, you first continue on the road through the sleepy Schafhof district and down to Labersricht.While his legs relax, Thumann feels transported back to his youth. "My father's family lived here on a farm. I have often visited." The momentum continues to the Pilsach-Leitgraben, which mutates into the flat home straight towards the city. Werner Thumann could talk a lot about the connection between sustainable homeland security and local recreation at this point, but he is also quite banally looking forward to a reward beer at home, which he can reach via various shortcuts through hidden green oases in the residential area of Mü Kevin Gudd

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      • June 16, 2021

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