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    1. Maik

      Close to the state capital Stuttgart lies the contemplative "Weil der Stadt". The former free imperial city is mainly known by the mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler."Because of the city" is connected to the S-Bahn network and can be reached quickly and easily from Stuttgart.

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      • 23/02/2019

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    1. Maik

      On the way back from the tour "Oppenweiler (Württemberg) - Sulzbach (Murr) [Germany]" again a small detour through the Murr metropolis Backnang. Unfortunately with GPS error: O /

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      • 19/02/2019

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    1. Maik

      Why wander into the distance, when the good is so close. A little trip in the area: O)25 kilometers northeast of Stuttgart, in the Rems-Murr-Kreis, lies Oppenweiler (until 1942 Reichenberg). Located directly on the Murr, this small town boasts a beautiful moated castle and the "castle Reichenberg". From Oppenweiler it goes through forest and meadows to Sulzbach an der Murr, where with "Schloss Lautereck" another small castle awaits.From Stuttgart start and end point with the VVS are wonderfully accessible.

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      • 18/02/2019

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    1. Maik

      From "Marsaskala" along the cliffs to "Marsaxlokk".

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      • 03/02/2019

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    1. Maik

      Beautiful tour from Mdina to the Dingli Cliffs and further along the coast to the Blue Grotto.Mdina is the former capital of the island of Malta and sits enthroned like a small fortress high on one of the highest elevations of Malta. Fans of "Games of Thrones" will be familiar, especially the baroque city gate; o). It is the entrance of Königsmund in the series!A highlight will be replaced on the next tour. The Dingli Cliffs beat but in such a nice weather as today everything ...

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      • 01/02/2019

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    1. Maik

      Valetta, the city of knights - the city of stones - the unsinkable aircraft carrier of Britain in the Mediterranean in World War II ...Small round through Valetta in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, I can not upload all the pictures, Komoot makes it tick again: o (

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      • 30/01/2019

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    1. Maik

      Walking once through Hanoi. The city has so much to offer and there are interesting photo opportunities on every corner. However, Hanoi is not really a city for pedestrians, the traffic is quite exhausting and the constant horn drives you sometime in the madness. Every road crossing is a real, not entirely harmless adventure: O)

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      • 20/01/2019

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    1. Maik

      After returning from the "Halong Bay" to Hanoi, in the late afternoon, still slightly move his feet.Close to the hotel, which is located in the historic city center, there is the notorious "Hanoi Hilton", a prison where American pilots shot down during the Vietnam War were imprisoned. Among others, the later American Senator John McCain.

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      • 14/01/2019

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    1. Maik

      Morning excursion from the hotel ship with the supplement to the "Surprise Cave".The "Hang Sung Sot", "Surprise Cave" or the "Cave of Surprises" was discovered in 1901 by the French. The cave is located on the island of Bo Hon.The cave, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the bay, the rush is unfortunately correspondingly large.

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      • 13/01/2019

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