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    6 days ago

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    1. Davide

      Paths for use - From Bellaria to Villa TorloniaPath taken from "Paths - Rimini paths between nature and history", hiking guide of the province of Rimini, a guide only in pdf downloadable at the following link:
      Bellaria - Cycle and pedestrian path Paths of Use - Bridge over the Rio Salto - Via Viona - Villa Torlonia (La Torre) and the Poesia Pascoli Park - Return on the same path
      Easy route, totally flat, on dirt roads, beaten paths and short stretches of asphalt near the Villa Torlonia.
      A bit monotonous to do it on foot, the landscape is very anonymous but the destination (Villa Torlonia) is certainly worth admiring.
      A few lateral deviations to discover the beautiful and short circular path where the trees are inclined almost to create the vaults of a porch.
      Suitable for dogs: Ni
      Avoid the summer period and hot days.
      The path is all in the sun and the presence of the few trees on the side of the track I do not know how much shade they can make ..... today a gray day.
      Asphalt section with almost no traffic.
      Sources of water: none
      More info on the route:
      The site of the Parco Poesia Pascoli where Villa Torlonia is located:

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      • 6 days ago

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    7 days ago

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    1. Davide

      Esc. 4 (EdBO) - The Spipola dolina and the Farneto - Part 1Path taken from the guide "Excursions around Bologna" (EdBO)Path:
      La Palazza - Dolina della Spipola - Buco del Calzolaio - Grotta della Spipola - Buca dei Buoi - Monte Castello - Fosso dell'Acquafredda - Montecalvo - Church of San Giovanni Battista di Monte Calvo - Montecalvo - Fosso dell'Acquafredda - Oratory of Madonna dei Boschi - Palestrina - Miserazzano Plateau - Buco dei Vinchi - Buca delle Candele - Buca del Belvedere - Il Casetto - La Palazza
      First part of a much larger tour that should also have passed through the Farneto.
      Divided into two parts for convenience, the tour is fairly straightforward and undemanding.
      Only the fog and the abundant mud (which made the entire route slippery) got a grip on us.
      Definitely to be redone on sunny days because the view looks really beautiful.
      The original tour has been somewhat extended with steps along the Croara Nature Trail.
      The huge lawns crossed where the view extends far away (without fog certainly) are beautiful.
      The sinkhole of Spipola and its surroundings is a popular destination for walks (many people with dogs) and perhaps, in summer, for many picnics on the grass.
      On the other hand, the area is a stone's throw from San Lazzaro di Savena and Ponticella.
      Among the caves / holes seen, the most beautiful is that of candles (the name says it all).
      To avoid the Buca dei Buoi, however not marked by signs: very steep path, very slippery and the logs (some out of place) that made a bit of stairway almost useless.
      Suitable for dogs: Yes
      Sources of water: in La Palazza and at the Church of San Giovanni Battista of Monte Calvo.

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      • 7 days ago

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    November 14, 2021

    1. Davide

      The Paths of Gemmano - The Via dei Crinali + Nature PathPath in the Conca Valley belonging to the network of "I Sentieri di Gemmano", a locality in the province of Rimini.Path:
      Caves and Castle of Onferno - Path Via dei Crinali - Cresta di Onferno - Caves of Onferno - Aula Verde - Caves of Onferno
      Short, easy and panoramic path in the sweet and beautiful hills of the Conca Valley covered with luxuriant lawns.
      Very muddy and a little slippery path due to the past rainy days.
      Fortunately I had a beautiful sunny day despite the cloudy forecast, with rain in the afternoon.
      The weather clouded over after 1pm and the landscape lost all the charm and depth that the sun gave it, becoming flat and monotonous.
      Suitable for dogs: Ni
      Avoid the summer period.
      Path totally in the sun and with little shade; presence of a free dog (between fearful and threatening) near a small group of houses impossible to avoid.
      Short stretches of asphalt with very little traffic.
      At the end of the tour, to increase the km a little and not return to the city too soon, I extended with the short-very short nature trail that always starts from the Onferno Caves ..... short (1km approx.) And ugly but fortunately yes does in about 15/20 minutes.Sources of water: on the pdf from which I took the route a source is indicated in the Onferno Caves, but I have not seen it.Map and details of the route on a pdf downloadable from:
      More info on:

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      • November 14, 2021

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    November 7, 2021

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    1. Davide

      Esc. 13 (EdBO) - Walk on Mount Bibele - NW P5Path taken from the guide "Excursions around Bologna" (EdBO)
      The same path is also found in the Natura World (NW) trail network: P5 - In search of contemplatio
      Quinzano - Via della Carrozza - Al Do Vei - Clearing of the Tumulo - The Hague of the King - Cà dei Monti - Service center Archaeological area of M. Bibele - Etruscan Celtic village of Monte Bibele at Pianella di Monte Savino - M. Tamburino - M Bibele - Bosco Grande - La Bocca - Quinzano
      Very, very nice ring, all within the Archaeological Naturalistic Area of Monte Bibele.Along the way you will come across a couple of signs that lead nowhere (Sass Dla Tola ... and ... Il Sasso) and are not indicated even on the information board at the entrance to the area.There is an error in the trace of OSM (and of the book) that leads to Monte Bibele: it is not the right one.
      The path takes a few meters further (the indication is placed on the hidden side - with respect to our direction - of the trunk of a tree) and leads much farther than the point on the map.
      In the book the map will be wrong but the description to get there is correct :-))
      Some stretches of the path are a bit slippery due to mud.Suitable for dogs: Yes
      Sources of water: at the parking lot in Piazza della Pace di Quinzano, the starting point of the tour
      Route description and info:
      Detailed information on the archaeological park:

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      • November 7, 2021

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    October 30, 2021

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    1. Davide

      Trek 6 (On foot in the Park 2) - The wild Poggio MontironiTrek from the guide "A Piedi nel Parco 2" Excursions in the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests.Path:
      Spescia - Poggio Campale - La Piana - Poggio Montironi - Campocentonoci - Ginepreta - Majesty of Cornieta - Collinaccia - Alpicella - Spescia Castle - Poggiolino - Spescia
      Very beautiful and challenging loop with very steep climbs and very high steps.
      Exceptional panorama enriched in the early morning by fog and flashes of sun which, little by little, revived the beautiful autumn colors of the trees.
      The highlight of the ring is the spectacular Poggio Montironi, the highest point of the tour.
      I avoided the Pinone bivouac (already seen in another trek) due to the presence of a large noisy group.
      There are several sections on unmarked or badly marked paths, with dangerous points (mainly between Campocentonoci and Ginepreta) and some difficult to follow (between Poggiolino and Spescia).
      Suitable for dogs: Ni
      Given the presence of stretches with very high steps, in my opinion it is not suitable for medium / small dogs that would have difficulty in ascending / descending and should proceed in continuous leaps perhaps stressing the joints too much.
      Dangerous stretch (about fifty meters) with risk of slipping, even for humans, between Campocentonoci and Ginepreta: you have to proceed with great caution because of a sideways sloping ground, rocky but crumbly and slippery.
      This stretch is very scenic but can be avoided by staying on the forest road to Cornieta.
      No water source.
      Trek poles are important as they help a lot along the way.
      Route description and info:

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      • October 30, 2021

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    October 17, 2021

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    1. Davide

      Trek 17 (Walking in the Park) - Rio Petroso: not just forestsTrek taken from the guide "On foot in the Park" Excursions in the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests.Path:
      Ca 'di Veroli - Quadalto - Cà Monte Le Vigne (Valmaggio) - Buiolo - Cemetery of Rio Petroso - Rio Petroso - Le Petrose - Majesty of Petrose - Monte delle Petrose - Majesty of Rocchetta (Il Turrione) - Rocchetta - Ca' Morelli - Molino Pratovecchio - Bridge of Rio Salso near Ca 'di Veroli
      This ring is truly spectacular.
      Climb steps, stretches in the forest, lunar landscapes, houses and ruined hamlets.
      All wrapped in a wide and magnificent panorama that accompanies us for almost the entire tour.
      The stretch to go to the Maestà della Rocchetta (done more out of curiosity than anything else) is not the CAI path but it is quite visible as far as the climb is concerned.
      The descent (continuing beyond the Majesty) is less evident and in certain points it is confused with other tracks.
      There are some signs (pink spots) but they are not always clearly visible.
      Suitable for dogs: Ni
      A good part of the route is completely in the sun and on stone, which heats up easily.
      It is preferable to avoid the summer period (even for humans) due to one of the driest environments in the Park (docet guide).
      Sources of water: none
      A ford to cross.
      Route description and info:

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      • October 17, 2021

  7. Davide went for a hike.

    October 2, 2021

    9.43 mi
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    1,550 ft
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    1. Davide

      Trek belonging to the network of the Alto Rubicone Paths (SAR).Path:
      Agriturismo "La Rocca" in Ponte Rosso - La Serra - Cà di Spuntone - Cà del Ranco - Romanesque bridge - Cà Valle - Ford Torrente Uso - Ponte Rosso - Agriturismo "La Rocca"
      Tour started immediately with a problem (the gate of the pasture, a few meters from the starting point, I was unable to open it) and a long detour of over 3km on asphalt.
      Then again asphalt, asphalt, asphalt, a small stretch of path, still asphalt, asphalt.
      The only consoling thing is the beautiful surrounding landscape.
      After almost 7km from the start, finally a bit of dirt road and the panorama opens to 360 degrees for a very long stretch.
      All white road up to the Romanesque bridge, then it becomes a path and the undergrowth begins.
      Last stretch of asphalt from Ponte Rosso to the farmhouse where the car is parked.
      Suitable for dogs: No
      Too much asphalt even if the traffic is almost nil.
      Ring all under the sun, apart from the last km.
      Sources of water: none.
      Some fords to cross.
      Map and details of the routes on

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      • October 2, 2021

  8. Davide went for a hike.

    September 25, 2021

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    1. Davide

      Trek 4 (Walking in the Park 2) - On the roof of the Apennines - Part 1Trek from the guide "A Piedi nel Parco 2" Excursions in the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests.Path:
      Il Castagno d'Andrea - Source La Fontanuzza - Cemetery of Castagno d'Andrea - Path 9 "G.Balli" - Croce del Cocozzolo - Il Bozzolo - Le Razzaiole - La Pianaccia - Bivouac and Fonte del Borbotto - Path 16 - Il Castagno d 'Andrew
      First part of a much longer path that I have divided in two for convenience and feasibility.
      The original route, once you reach the Borbotto, continues towards the Gorga Nera, Monte Falterona and Monte Falco, Passo Piancancelli and again to Borbotto.
      Path 16 downhill is a bit slippery and poles are very useful.Suitable for dogs: Yes
      Several stretches of asphalt to cover in Castagno but the road is not very busy, wide and with the edge of the road where you can pass safely.
      Water sources: La Fontanuzza spring (climbing towards the Castagno d'Andrea cemetery), Fonte del Borbotto, one on path 16 before arriving at the first houses of Castagno.
      Route description and info:

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      • September 25, 2021

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    September 12, 2021

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    1. Davide

      Trek 9 (On Foot in the Park) - Monte Ritoio and Monte dell'Avorgnolo from FiumicelloTrek taken from the guide "On foot in the Park" Excursions in the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests.Path:
      Fiumicello - Molino di Mengozzi - Pian di Mezzano - Colla di Pian di Mezzano - Monte Ritoio - Monte Cavallo - Monte Avorgnolo - Passo and Belvedere della Braccina - Cà Tracollina - Tracollina - Cà di Sopra - Mattarelle - Cà Brogi - Cavina - Fiumicello
      Beautiful ring .... in a triangle, starting from a small hamlet called Fiumicello, just above Premilcuore.
      Nearby, the Molino di Mengozzi, the first and immediate stop of the tour.
      Magnificent panorama which, often present with wide glimpses along the first two sides of the triangle, can be fully appreciated in the sunny stretch between Monte Cavallo and Monte dell'Avorgnolo.
      Stop at Passo dell Braccina with another beautiful viewpoint and at Tracollina, a stopping point with a fireplace.
      After, the path goes into the thickest wood and the views are very few.
      The descent towards Cà di Sopra is a bit slippery because the ground is made of smooth and crumbly stone with an accentuated slope (sticks required).
      Suitable for dogs: Ni
      Several sunny stretches and a very long one (about 1km) in the central part of the route where you cross a pasture.
      Some sections with a very narrow path on the edge of the escarpment.
      Water sources: only in Fiumicello, the spring in Tracollina does not work
      A ford to cross.
      Route description and info:

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      • September 12, 2021

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    September 5, 2021

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    1. Davide

      SMF 08 - The Sorgenti del Marecchia and the Badlands of Colorio - Part ATrek taken from the guide "On the Paths of Monte Fumaiolo" (SMF)Path:
      Balze - Colorio - Colorio Castle - Laughing Rock - Colorio Castle - Cà Noce - Falera - Balze
      The original route was longer (about 22km), but I preferred to divide it into two parts (as indicated by the guide) for convenience.
      This, however, does not pass through the Sorgente del Marecchia (mentioned in the title).
      The Sasso che ride seemed to me just a Saxon in the middle of the woods, it didn't give me that impression that the name suggests .... beautiful cmq the first half of the path to reach it, panoramic and rocky.
      Suitable for dogs: No
      Much of the route is in the sun with hot, rocky terrain.
      Crossing a pasture.
      In Colorio a free dog to protect his property and the path passes close by.
      Long stretch on asphalt between Falera and Balze with the presence of traffic.
      Water sources: in Balze, in Colorio, in Castello di Colorio, in Falera.
      Several fords to cross (pay attention to rainy periods .... docet guide)

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      • September 5, 2021

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