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  1. Matto and Esther went for a hike.

    July 27, 2020

    7.56 mi
    2.5 mph
    625 ft
    550 ft
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    1. Matto

      Today I did the three gorge tour for the first time.
      We started from the Wutachmühle and walked the first four kilometers on the Wutach, then a small climb came up to the high plateau. There is a play and grill area with shelter.
      Immediately afterwards there is a snack house with toilet.
      Now you walk a bit along the street to the narrow path, as the path is called it is. The Tränkebach has dried up but the stream bed and we really liked the narrow gorge.
      This path should not be taken on a rainy day, narrow paths, steeply sloping and very slippery when it rains. We have seen some hikers who had difficulties with the heat today (with sneakers). At the end the Tränkebach flows into the Gauchach.
      Now we follow the Gauchach, highly recommended, to the Wutach, unfortunately the castle mill was closed on Monday, but we still took a break at the idyllic place.
      We now go back on the other side of the Wutach, here we meet no hiker.
      Today all the parking lots were full, and that on a Monday.

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      • July 27, 2020

  2. Esther and Matto went for a hike.

    July 27, 2020

    7.19 mi
    2.6 mph
    725 ft
    700 ft
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  3. Matto and 2 others went for a hike.

    May 20, 2020

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    1. Matto

      There are countless hiking tours from Menzenschwand, because today we focused on nature and had enough time for it, we chose the Menzenschwander goat path with a loop.
      The path, which leads only a little through the forest, offers few wide views, but always a beautiful view of the valley from all perspectives. The narrow path through the pastures is a very special topic for hikers, keeping the landscape clear with the help of cattle and goats. You will also experience a moraine with a wetland and a spectacular waterfall. A few original resting places invite you to take many breaks, so you should take enough time for that.

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      • May 21, 2020