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About Jettebarney
Distance travelled

2,499 mi

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836:43 h

Recent Activity
  1. Jettebarney went for a hike.

    3 days ago

    7.74 mi
    2.9 mph
    975 ft
    950 ft
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    1. Jettebarney

      In the best hiking weather, sun, light wind and clear air, Simone and I were out and about with the dogs on the extra tour of the Habichtswaldsteig.

      Always beautiful in every season! 🤩

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      • 3 days ago

  2. Jettebarney went for a hike.

    4 days ago

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    1. Jettebarney

      After the 🐕🐕 and I got soaking wet during the morning round, the sun was very beneficial this afternoon.

      On the last few meters, dark clouds gathered, it poured and we arrived home just as wet as this morning. 🌧🐕🐕🌧🚶‍♀️😅

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      • 4 days ago

  3. Jettebarney went for a hike.

    6 days ago

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    1. Jettebarney

      From the car park at the Sängerbuche, the route starts on beautiful, but quite steep paths downhill to the car park at Grundmühle.

      Further through the forest you come to the sports field of St. Ottilien, from where there are beautiful views towards Eschenstruth.

      In St. Ottilien, of course, we didn't miss

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      • 6 days ago

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    1. Jettebarney

      In order to observe blue insects in larger numbers, @Erika and I started again today with the 🐕🐕 on the circular route from Grimelsheim to the Kalkberg near Dalheim. Blue insects should be seen there more frequently from May to June, as horseshoe vetch blooms during this time and provides a good source

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      • 7 days ago

  5. Jettebarney went for a hike.

    May 19, 2022

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    1. Jettebarney

      Since there is still an appointment this afternoon and the temperatures were still relatively pleasant this morning, we have extended the normal walk around a bit.

      The field had been sprayed, it smelled very unpleasant.

      So we then turned into the forest on the Baunsberg and really enjoyed the dense canopy

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      • May 19, 2022

  6. Maya 🏔😎, Thomas J. and 77 others like this.
    1. Jettebarney

      Since it was very humid and thundery, the two 🐕🐕 and I only ran a slightly shorter lap through the forest. It is always beautiful there and above all there is always something to discover.

      I was impressed by the tree creatures, especially the somewhat grim-looking ghost in profile. 😁

      Since we didn't

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      • May 16, 2022

  7. Chrisb, Thomas J. and 80 others like this.
    1. Jettebarney

      Once again a funny group of friends chatting, this time on somewhat adventurous paths.

      A varied and interesting tour, many thanks to @Andrea P for submitting it.

      The vegetation in the quarry is very interesting and the wonderful view is particularly great, first towards Meissner and later towards Kassel

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      • May 15, 2022

    1. Jettebarney

      With the best sunny weather we started again from Unter-Emfershausen on the tour through the beautiful Mülmischtal. We largely followed @Joachim's hike, thank you for the suggestion! We also took the tip to heart and went to the 'Wirtshaus zum Grünen See' in Eiterhagen. Very tasty cake was served to

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      • May 14, 2022

  8. Jettebarney went for a hike.

    May 13, 2022

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    1. Jettebarney

      After a routine vet visit by the 🐕🐕 in Melsungen, a tour from the hiking car park near Melgershausen was offered today.

      The B8 circular route is well signposted and initially leads through the forest down to the Fulda. From Rohrenfurt there are always beautiful views of the Melsunger Land. Parts of

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      • May 13, 2022

  9. Jettebarney went for a hike.

    May 12, 2022

    4.09 mi
    2.8 mph
    575 ft
    550 ft
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    1. Jettebarney

      Since there is still an appointment coming up, this afternoon I went for a shorter walk over the Baunsberg for a walk.

      For eating, I can only gain something from the wild garlic to a limited extent, but I find the blooming carpet of wild garlic fantastic. 🥰

      We circled up the mountain mostly on narrow

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      • May 12, 2022

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