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About Paul

After 25 years and now retired, it has been great to get back on a bike and appreciate how good cycling benefits your health and well being.
I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back in the saddle to explore the local area and cycle paths. In doing so, I feel so much better about myself, both physically and mentally, I've also lost a lot of unnecessary weight.
In my younger days, I always wanted to do the coast to coast run but never got round to doing so.
So, never too late, I am going to attempt the C2C both ways during September as part of the Cancer UK Cycle 300 Challenge.
Details available via this link:-
fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/pauls-cycle-300-fundraising-page-277Any donation, no matter how small, will be appreciated and help towards my target of £1000.
If you prefer not to use the official Facebook link or the official Giving Page, please send me a private message, I can help you with the donation, either as a named donor or remaining anonymous. Any donation of any amount will be appreciated it all helps.
Apart from cycling my other passion in life is photography. Being out on the bike allows me to enjoy these two passions together. It's then great to be able to share the rides and photos with others using Komoot.
Happy cycling everyone thanks for visiting my page👍😉🚲
More info/photos about my rides available via:-

Distance travelled

2,470 mi

Time in motion

317:37 h

Recent Activity
  1. Paul planned a bike ride.

    November 9, 2021

    Dunston Tanfield Lamesley

    10.2 mi
    7.7 mph
    600 ft
    575 ft
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  2. Paul and Steve went for a bike ride.

    November 9, 2021

    1. Paul

      Note: the short path along the burn was a footpath not a cycle path!

      November 14, 2021
  3. Paul planned a bike ride.

    July 22, 2021

    21.9 mi
    9.3 mph
    975 ft
    975 ft
  4. Paul and Anthony planned a bike ride.

    May 4, 2021

    19.8 mi
    8.2 mph
    1,525 ft
    1,525 ft
  5. Paul and 3 others went for a bike ride.

    April 21, 2021

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  6. Paul and 2 others planned a bike ride.

    April 20, 2021

    42.0 mi
    10.0 mph
    1,150 ft
    1,150 ft
    1. Nearly had to cancel but just finished working in daughters kitchen as been a few issues but now think ready for final fit by fitters - and I’m on a bike ride hopefully 🙏

      April 20, 2021
  7. Paul and 3 others planned a bike ride.

    April 16, 2021

    53.8 mi
    10.1 mph
    1,000 ft
    1,000 ft
  8. Paul went for a bike ride.

    February 25, 2021

    1. Apologies, the attached photos are somehow out of sync with the ride.

      March 10, 2021
  9. Paul planned a bike ride.

    February 25, 2021

    36.3 mi
    9.9 mph
    900 ft
    900 ft
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  10. Paul went for a bike ride.

    February 17, 2021

    44.7 mi
    5.2 mph
    1,250 ft
    1,275 ft
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    1. After taking a bad slip last outing

      great to get back out on the bike after the recent freeze up.

      To get to Waters Meet you need to get your bike up/down 4 steep steps to get over the flood defence wall. Its then its a short footpath from the steps.

      February 18, 2021
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