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E-MTB: Meine Home-Trails befinden sich im am Jura-Südhang in der Region Biel-Grenchen-Solothurn. An dieser Stelle ist der Jura recht steil und bis zu 1400 m hoch. Deshalb gibt es jede Menge Single Trails. Von einfachen flowigen bis hin zu superknackigen Up- und Downhills hat man die Qual der Wahl. Nebst Trails bietet der Jura zudem eine weltweit einmalige Landschaft mit einer aussergewöhnlichen Atmosphäre und vielen grossartigen Aussichtspunkten. Da ich berufstätig bin, sind meine zeitlichen Ressourcen begrenzt. Sofern es die Zeit zulässt, strample ich gerne auch «auswärts», z.B. im Emmental, dem Berner-Oberland oder überall dort, wo es knackige spassige Trails gibt. E-Bike: Etwas weniger oft, aber trotzdem regelmässig, cruise ich mit meinem alten E-Bike durch die Witi oder den Bucheggberg im Delta Solothurn, Bern und dem herrlichen Bielersee. Wenn es sich ergibt, natürlich auch anderswo, wo es schön ist. Mit dem E-Bike bin ich mehrheitlich mit der Familie oder mit Freunden unterwegs. Es bietet aber auch im Alleingang eine Abwechslung zum MTB’len, insbesondere wenn die Bedingungen am Berg nicht ideal sind. Für mich ist es erfüllend, allein oder in kleinen Gruppen durch Wälder und Berge zu strampeln. Wenn man allein unterwegs ist, muss man die Risiken selbst einschätzen und sämtliche Herausforderungen selber meistern. In kleinen Gruppen schätze ich die Geselligkeit und das anschliessende kühle Kurvenbierchen zum Fachsimpeln. Die besten Touren beinhalten eine sportliche Komponente und beim MTB’len auch etwas Adrenalin. Im Vordergrund steht aber immer der Spass.Der Nickname "Nitrox" kommt von meinem zweiten viel älteren Hobby. Der Name verrät es eigentlich, es handelt sich um das Druckluft-Tauchen. In den lokalen Gewässern, aber auch irgendwo im Meer.

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  1. Urs and Nitrox4 went mountain biking.

    about 21 hours ago

    16.1 mi
    8.3 mph
    4,100 ft
    4,125 ft
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    1. Urs

      Cool round to Moelipesche, this time with Nitrox4, with 2 great downhills. Rather briskly flowing from the rye to Balsthal, then rougher and more challenging from the Schwengimatt to Oensingen / Klus. Nice, sporty round in cool, sunny weather.

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      • about 15 hours ago

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    1. Nitrox4

      Comfortable autumn hike on the beautiful Weissenstein with extended "pampering breaks" ☕🍨.After yesterday's exhausting tour with Buddy Urs, today was family time. The unanimous majority decision was a leisurely hike on the Weissenstein 😎. Soak up the sun and enjoy the day with a bit of sportiness 🌞.Of course we didn't "hike comfortably" for 5:33 hours, as Komoot shows. Because my cell phone became independent in my pocket, the route was interrupted and I then had to patch up two routes on the PC and add a missing piece. The gross time is now displayed, i.e. hiking + breaks. The pure hiking time was slightly more than three hours.The route starts at the lower parking lot of the valley station in Oberdorf and leads the direct hiking trail up to the rear Weissenstein. It is a medium-steep path that is easy to walk. Shortly before the edge of the forest, we chose the steep variant with stairs.On the Weissenstein, the sun showed its most beautiful autumn side. In combination with the bright blue sky, there were the best conditions for the hot Kurvenkaffe, accompanied by a super fine almond croissant ☕🤗. To ask? No! 😃After a fine snack, we tackled the Hinterweissenstein Kretentrail 😉 uh, of course, the Hammerweg 😃 to get to the Vorderweissenstein. The Hammerweg begins with a T2 piece. Short, very steep and intense, you overcome about 100 meters in altitude. Above, on the ledge, hikers can expect a one and a half kilometer long, beautiful, horizontal T1 path on the ridge. All around - typically Weissenstein - many beeches and hardly any fir trees, you can currently experience an autumnal golden mood. A beautiful piece of earth, but without a view.Vis à vis the Vorderweissenstein, we left the Hammerweg and marched to the Sennhütte. The sun was so warm that we decided to work on our tan 😎 and test the Sennhütte's famous Coupe Nesselrode 🍨. One is good for two people, just as a tip 🤗. And we can recommend him without reservation ...When the sun had lost its strength, we waddled down the classic hiking trail to Oberdorf. But first we made a detour around the Kurhaus to enjoy the panorama over the partly dissolved sea of fog. The foresight was slightly clouded by haze, but you could see the snow mountains and the Aare valley quite well. Very nice, the detour was worth it.The descent was via the classic T2 hiking trail to the Nesselboden middle station. You hike over blocks and gravel. If there are a lot of sneaker acrobats here, good footwear is recommended.From the Nesselboden, the wide T1 gravel path leads down to the valley station and the parking lots. This part is rather boring. 80% of the way is "only" straight ahead. The steady, uniform gradient on this section of the route is a stress test for vulnerable joints.In conclusion, this was an easy leisurely hike on a glorious day. A little sport in connection with culinary not really high quality but fine desserts is always nice 😎🤗🌞.

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      • 7 days ago

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    1. Nitrox4

      Varied e-mountain bike tour with technically demanding trails.Today's tour is a highlight if you like a sporty ascent in combination with crisp, demanding passages.My Garmin navigation system carried out a GPS module firmware update in the middle of the journey without being asked, so the last two kilometers are missing 🤷‍♂️. Well, at least the whole tour didn't go smoothly ...The tour begins in Bettlach and leads first over the short Gummen Trail and then over the funky Waldrand Trail, where the first biker grin could not be prevented 😁. The further traverse to Oberdorf runs over the two flowing fox and deer trails, past the dinosaur tracks to the ascent to the Hinterweissenstein.The long ascent is very steep and sweaty, even for eMTBs 😅. Once at the top, we made our way to the first main destination of the tour, namely the Hinterweissenstein Kretentrail.The Kretentrail is flowy to ride, but has some roots and stone blocks. In addition, it leads close to the abyss in places. But it is a lot of fun and leads through a beautiful landscape. Because it was so beautiful, we drove it to the end, the Dilitschkopf. Going down to the Hinterweissenstein restaurant, take the Hammer-Weg. It offers the real highlight of this trail.The Hammerweg is narrow and leads down steeply over heavily blocked ground and stairs and is quite a challenge for bikers and bikes. The S3 path is hard at the S4 limit and provides a good boost of adrenaline and again the typical biker grin 😁😅.At the restaurant we briefly enjoyed the sun with a snack and then cycled on to the next main destination: the Rüschgraben Trail, which I didn't know yet.The Rüschgraben Trail is a super nice trail that leads down into a narrow, shady valley that always remains damp below. Accordingly, there are also many muddy spots. Yes exactly, it's the Rüschgraben 👍. The trail through the beautiful little valley is not very difficult to drive, but you always have to be on the lookout for slips. Even if the trail is easy, there are still a few small challenges.The tour now leads over the Rüschbach Trail up to the Althüsli. This begins with a normal gravel path and mutates further up into a single trail. It's super steep and quite exhausting even with e-bikes and in places at the limit of what is still drivable. Especially when the soil is damp, it is a great challenge.Arrived at the top of the Althüsli, the next challenging highlight follows: the Gemsentrail. It starts very narrow with the risk of slipping, but then becomes wider and more flowing and contains some technically very demanding key points. Beads of sweat, adrenaline and a big biker grin 😁 are the immediate consequences of this trail. The grin gets wider, the more of these key points you have managed 😁. Woaw what a trail!This is followed by the traverse over to the Schauenburg via the beautiful, rooted Wagnerweg Trail, which leads past a ledge. A trail that I like very much because it is unique in our region.At the Bettlachberg restaurant we "pulled in" the short but funky Bettlachberg Trail, which is a bit tricky at the bottom. This fun just had to be 😁.Then it's on to a new trail for me: The Ebenimatt Trail. Another trail that is technically very demanding. Also an S3 trail that is right on the S4 border. At first super flowy and groovy, it mutates into gravel and then we are steep, heavily blocked in combination with stairs. A treat from a demanding trail that activates all the senses and pours out loads of adrenaline 😅😁. As with other trails today, there are places where if you lose your balance you could crash.Now comes the reward for having made the Ebenimatt Trail: The Hofacher Hispeed Downhill Trail, which my navigation system unfortunately no longer recorded. It is a super groovy long meadow trail along the edge of the forest. Woaw! Juhee ... 😁. How wide, can a biker grin be? Right, as wide as the helmet neckline. You can't see more of it 😂.Today's tour wasn't a Sunday family outing. Several extremely steep climbs and several technically very demanding trails make it a super tour, after which you cycle to the finish in a pretty flash. For me one of the best tours that I have ridden in the Jura recently.

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      • October 16, 2021

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    1. Nitrox4

      Crunchy, groovy e-mountain bike tour over Olten's local mountain "Born", including Sälischlössli and Känzeli.This tour is now one of my classics, which I love to ride again and again. It is a nice, varied after-work tour that can also be enjoyed with less experienced bikers. Whereby the latter sometimes reach their limits.The tour starts on a small parking lot on the edge of the forest in Starrkirch-Wil. It first leads over dirt roads and some flowing trails up to Känzeli, where you have a very nice view to the west. The Känzeli is a lookout point with a fireplace.From the Känzeli you rush down a medium-steeped, winding and winding single trail with some hearty roots, and then crank up to the Sälischlössli.Just like we do today, you can make a detour to the Alt Wartburg just before the Sälischlössli. The imposing walls invite you to be amazed.The Sälischlössli is located 100 meters away from the Wartburg, which we headed for on the super steep hiking trail to the right. But we didn't drive to the parking lot because you don't have a view there anyway and you can't see much of the Schlössli.For the downhill from the Sälischlössli we have chosen the right trail, which is a bit easier than the steep, rooted passage directly along the ridge. The serpentine tears with its easy-to-drive switchbacks. About in the middle, at a viewing platform with a fireplace, you can decide again whether to choose the crisp or easy path. We opted for the crisp one, which at the beginning leads down quite steeply over coarse roots. It's not quite as steep as the upper part, which we have bypassed.Once at the bottom, you drive through the nice medieval village of Aarburg. Here you have eye contact with Aarburg Castle, built on a rock, and its church in front of it. And then crosses the AareThe ascent to Olten's local mountain Born is sweaty on dirt roads, and then ends in a long flowing but sometimes steep single trail leading upwards. This stretch is shared with hikers and athletes. There are also some viewpoints to the south on this route.Before reaching the highest point, you have to push the bike up a steep flight of stairs. Not long, but quite sweaty.Once at the top, you cycle or dash down the Born Trail. First flowing and groovy with funny curves over roots and stone blocks, then more and more crisp and more demanding over rock slabs and heels. There are hardly any hikers here, so you can drive at a brisk pace. But be careful: there is a tree about halfway that stands in the middle of the path and that has a thick branch on the side of the abyss that you cannot drive under. Otherwise there is a risk of falling! You have to drive around the tree on the left, which is not possible at high speed. So always drive with foresight.If you pass this tree, the crisp part of the downhill comes. There are some quite challenging and adrenaline pumping sections that are very steep and rooted or made up of ledges with ledges. These key points start harmlessly and get more and more intense downwards. With a little experience, they can all be driven without any problems - at least on dry ground.The way back follows on asphalt, because you have to cycle through the western part of Olten. Not nice because there is a lot of traffic, but there is no other way to do it.The tour is a lot of fun because it offers everything a MTB enthusiast needs. You should bring some sportiness with you, as a reward you get a bit of adrenaline several times and, above all, lots of fun and beautiful viewpoints. Caution: Loud cheers cannot be avoided on various sections of the route 😃. Of course, always accompanied by the typical broad biker grin 😁.

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      • October 15, 2021

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    1. Nitrox4

      Spontaneous e-mountain bike tour on the Wandflue Trail followed by crisp single trails.Today we met spontaneously for a Sunday MTB tour. The goal was the Wandflue, which I've never ridden with the E-MTB. A tour that Urs has already listed in his history.So we pedaled straight to the top of the Upper Grenchenberg. Ok, we built in the Fuchsboden Trail. Steep, slightly blocked and sweaty.We tackled the Wandflue Trail at Ängloch. First you drive closely along the abyss, gently ascending upwards. Except for a few places, the journey is safe and trouble-free.
      At some point, however, the trail was no longer drivable, so we traversed under the fence onto the lower trail.
      This hiking trail leads up to the Küferegg and on to the Stallflue. It is located on the north side of the Jura and was pretty wet today with lots of muddy spots. The slippery stones made it impossible to pedal at least half of the way up. Not just because of the solid steps and heels. So this part was more of a hiking biking than a bike hiking.At some point we made it to the Stallflue, which you wind up at the end via a very steep meadow trail. Finally driving again and straight away with a challenge 😅😃.The view from the stall floodplain was phenomenal, even if it was somewhat restricted by the haze. Above the haze you could see as far as the Alps. Very nice.The downhill down to Mürren is crisp, but with a little practice it is quite manageable. The inevitable consequence was a broad biker grin combined with a few adrenal rushes 😁. It's a shame the trail is so short.At Mürren, we first chose the Lochbach Trail. A special kind of meadow trail. It is very steep on an uneven meadow over a washed-out hiking trail down to the Schauenburg. There are many key points that can only be ridden by experienced bikers. An exciting challenge, especially when the ground is slightly damp. With a big grin and a bit of adrenaline here, too, we made this trail too 😁 and started the next big challenge. The crisp and technically demanding S3 Gemsentrail. Also a trail I've never ridden before.But first we had to pedal up to the Mürren, making us sweat 😅. At the top it goes up again steeply over a cow meadow, but not very far.The Gemsentrail begins with a very narrow path across the steep slope. It is so narrow and at times steep that it quickly gives you some adrenaline rush 😅. On the right you have the slope, on the left the abyss. Not vertical but very steep. In addition, the forest floor is often damp, as it is today, so you have to be very careful. Then it gets wider, but offers some technically quite difficult passages. With each passage you decide anew whether to drive it or not. Once at the bottom, the biker grin hardly has any space in the helmet cutout 😁 and you are flashed with lukewarm adrenaline.For the way back we chose the Burgbüel Trail. So first pedal up again to the Althüsli, then the steep uphill to the Egg, and then turn into the S3-Burgbüel Trail. It's one of my favorite trails because it has groovy flowy sections, but also challenging key parts.Due to the advanced time, we chose the direct way back, but chose cool speed trails (Alte Schauenburgstrasse, Himbeer Trail and the Brügglibach Trail). Before we were flashed by the adrenaline, now by the speed 😁.In summary, today's tour was a fun circuit with a lot of adrenaline and speed trails. What could be nicer on a sunny Sunday?

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      • October 10, 2021

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    1. Nitrox4

      Nice varied tour on the Blauen- and Remel Trail. Basically flowing but with a few difficult parts.The tour starts a little outside of Laufen, where there are some parking spaces. Of course, it first leads through the nice, fluffy old town, and then moves us over streets and dirt roads towards our first destination. The blue trail. The longest trail in the area.First you drive past the monument, the Chessiloch heraldic rock. Coats of arms on the rock face remind of the First World War. In this "hole" soldiers lived under the simplest of conditions and were supposed to guard the two railway bridges in the event that troops came from the north. In front of the Chessiloch you first drive through a beautiful gorge along the Ibach with some caves. A beautiful piece of earth.The ascent begins at Grellingen and first leads up to the Chuenisberg. No, we are not in Adelboden 😃, there is also a Chuenisberg here. The ascent is not very steep, but you rush over the first crisp single trail 😅, named "Technical and steep section". Demanding but mobile. On the way we "took" the ruins of Pfeffingen with us. A must on this route with beautiful views and a great medieval ambience.Immediately afterwards the blue trail follows. It rises gently, is flowing and easy to ride. On the same hill there are several points that are named as their own mountain. In fact, when driving you don't even notice that you are cycling over the Chremer, Blauenberg, Hofstettenspitz and Brunneberg. This can only be seen from the signposts. One wonders why the identical range of hills should consist of different mountains. Anyway, the trail actually climbs - with small dents - up to the Brunneberg. Up to this point - with a few key points - it is flowing and easy to cycle.For the downhill from Brunneberg we have chosen the path along the ridge. Easily rooted and with a few blocks, it is great to drive at a brisk pace at first, but then mutates into a strongly rooted medium-crisp trail that is sure to trigger one or the other biker grin 😁.The next step is to cross a valley floor to start the way back on the opposite hill. You drive through the "Klus" of Leimental and then steeply up to Schloss Biederthal. A jewel from a small castle that is privately inhabited. Immediately afterwards follows the fun Castle Trail, a single trail that is fun. Up and down over flowing terrain 😁.Now the ascent to the Remelsberg follows. The trail begins steep and flowing, but is then heavily rooted. A challenge for the bikers, especially when the roots are damp or wet. Once you have made the ascent, my personal highlight of this tour comes: The Kretentrail. In Komoot there are several entries "Kremeltail 2", "Rittimatti-Galgenfels Trail". Regardless, it offers everything that a beautiful Kretentrail can offer. Crisp and flowing, sometimes heavily blocked spots that are easy to ride with a little skill. Fun and a little adrenaline are always a good combination 😁. No matter what sport.The first section of the downhill is crisp, flowing and fun. The following trail should be avoided if you don't have a thirst for adventure.The Klösterli Trail is a tough nut to crack. Steep, blocked in the upper part, it challenges the biker and the suspension forks 😅, then it mutates into a very narrow path that follows the steep slope in parallel. On the right bushes and rocks, on the left an abyss. On the right there is a risk of the handlebars getting caught in the thorny bushes. So there is an acute risk of falling. At the bottom there are a few blocks that you have to push the bike over. Not recommended when it is wet, the ground was dry enough today.The way back from here runs mainly on forest paths without trails. There is one exception, the beautiful S1 Buberg Trail. Flowing with curves, it leads down a (unfortunately much too short) piece and is fun. At the bottom you should turn right into the dirt road. Driving on doesn't make sense because there's no getting through below. We are therefore cranked the piece up again.Overall, the tour is very scenic. There are no high "mountains", the meters in altitude add up through several ascents. There are long traverses but also a few crisp spots. Overall, however, it is easy to navigate and flowing. Especially the blue trail is easy to cycle even with little experience. You can bypass all of the other places.

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      • October 10, 2021

  7. Urs and Nitrox4 went mountain biking.

    October 9, 2021

    31.3 mi
    9.3 mph
    5,225 ft
    5,200 ft
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    1. Urs

      Nice tour with Nitrox4 through the mystical Kaltbrunnental, the flowing blue trail and the cool Remel-Kretentrail.
      More detailed information as always from Nitrox4😀

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      • October 9, 2021

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    1. Nitrox4

      Flowing e-mountain bike tour to ventilate your head.I started today's little lap at dusk and ended it as a night ride. After an hour I had to break it off because I left underdressed. The 8 ° C were somehow cooler than already. Maybe I'm not quite acclimatized yet.However, the loop includes seven flowing and easy trails. The All Saints Trail was surprisingly overgrown. You can still drive it well, but you have contact with the plants and have to slow down a bit because you can no longer see the course of the trail. Otherwise everything is really easy and fun.A simple round that also makes for one or the other biker grin.

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      • October 7, 2021

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    1. Nitrox4

      E-mountain bike circuit to acclimatise to the UHU temperatures. With a lot of trails, some of them pretty crisp.After we got back from vacation, I wanted to do something about the effects of vacation gluttony 😆. Well, it's not the bacon rolls that are the problem. But after the holiday you just felt "full".So my bike had to endure me again after a two-week abstinence 😂. I just drove off after my nose. My bike first rode with me to the Bettlachberg, then the Bützen Trail up to the Bützen, down the Läubli Trail and then the Rotflue, Erzweg and Matsch Trail. And because it's fun, also the Limmersmatt and Wasserloch Trail.Then we - my bike and I - cranked up the mountain again, over the old Grenchenberg Strasse, then up the Fuchsboden Trail to the Obergrenchenberg. There I chose the official MTB route towards Weissenstein, which first leads down the groovy Wiesen Trail and then mutates into the S3 / S4 section with coarse gravel.At the Althüsli there was a short stop for liquid intake. Then the ascent to the Hasenmatt begins. With the exception of the stairs, you can drive well with a little compasses to the edge of the forest. Then hearty pushing is the order of the day. Only briefly but quite exhausting with the e-bike.The exertion was worth it, the Hasenmatt offered a great view, albeit with a lot of haze. Today, there were also many hikers up there, which is probably due to the 25-summit summit that initialized the view. The crisp S3 downhill from the Hasenmatt down to the Egg is one of my favorite trails.This is followed by the Burgbüel Trail, with which I still had a bill. The ground was dry, so that you could ride the crisp S3 trail well. For the first time, I drove down all key sections without getting off the car 😅. Even the big boulders. What an adrenaline rush! What a biker grin 😁, the bill has been settled, we're back to quitt 😅.After so much adrenaline, I still wanted more. The obvious "Thousand and One Key Point Trail" is just right for such situations. A very difficult trail, very narrow, very steep, on a very steep slope, blocked. Sometimes you can hardly see the way. In many places you have to descend. This trail also provides an adrenaline rush or two. In combination with a broad biker grin, of course 😁.This is followed by the funky S2 Chatzentrail, the Hirschentrail and for the first time I drove up the S4 Fox Trail without dismounting. Usually I just drive down (S3).As a reward, the funky forest edge trail follows and because it's so beautiful, the groovy meadow trail.The tour is not very long, but includes a lot of sweaty, mostly easy-to-ride meters of altitude. The downhills are demanding to difficult. A great tour as a "re-entry" into everyday life!

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      • October 2, 2021

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    1. Nitrox4

      Extensive e-mountain bike tour on the highest mountain in the area and then through an inhospitable lunar landscape.Today's tour had some teething problems. The planning was a bit difficult because Orosei is actually not a good location for mountain bike tours. And secondly, the seat post was defective 200 meters after the start, i.e. it no longer remained fixed in the upper position. The bike shop couldn't solve the problem immediately, so I just had to cycle off "in depth". A challenge, especially on inclines!This time I had put together two tours, the first on Monte Vista and the second over the above-mentioned lunar landscape. The tour starts at the bike shop in Orosei, where - at least in the current season - there is enough parking space on the roadside. It leads first over some dirt roads and then super steeply on a gravel path up to the Monte Tuta Vista (806 m. Above sea level). The gravel is loose, you rewind frequently with the e-bike and it is a real chirping. The exertions are rewarded with a wonderful 360 ° view at the top. Very nice! In particular, the play of light between the sun, the sea and the clouds.For the downhill I first chose a small trail, then the asphalt road. Luici, the owner of the bike shop, said it was better to do the ascent over the tarred road. The route I have chosen is not easy to drive. He was right about that, but the downhill on the slippery gravel is no picnic either. In retrospect, "my" variant was the better choice for me. Even if the uphill is a bit difficult. But that's my personal assessment, less "combative programmed" bikers see it the other way around.

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      • September 29, 2021

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