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Bin mit dem E-MTB unterwegs auf dem schönen Jura, Region Biel-Grenchen-Solothurn. Und cruise auch gerne mit dem E-Touren-Bike durch den Bucheggberg, von Solothurn bis zum Bielersee.

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  1. Nitrox4 and Urs went mountain biking.

    a day ago

    18.0 mi
    7.7 mph
    4,625 ft
    3,800 ft
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    1. Nitrox4

      Very scenic E-MTB tour on the second Jura chain. With long, super cool single trails that will make every biker shout 😁The tour, which Urs put together, starts in the parking lot at Moutier train station (530 m. Above sea level). It first leads over the Montagne de Moutier (1119 m. Above sea level), then down to Roches and again steeply up to the Mont Raimeux (1302 m. Above sea level). The way back is almost entirely via single trails.The continuous ascent to the Montagne de Moutier leads over roads, forest paths and a rather steep single trail. Once at the top, you have a limited view because there is no real crest. You are on a beautiful typical Jura plateau that is used for agriculture. The drive down to Roches therefore begins without a long break.Halfway through, at the mini farmer's cafè "Les Haute Roches", my chain broke without warning. Fortunately, Urs had a replacement chain lock and a riveting tool with him. However, he has an 11-fold changer and I have a 10-fold. We were still able to clip the 11 missing link into the 10 chain with a lot of pressure, but it turned out to be too stiff. We were able to get some lubricating oil at the nearby farm, which also solved this problem. Lucky we were able to continue the tour. Thanks Urs! 👍The ascent to Mont Raimeux takes place via gravel paths, cow meadows and trails. It's really steep and makes us sweat again. And it sucks the battery empty. It's good that we have a second one with us. At the top of the summit there is an observation tower and a fireplace with a table and benches. If you like, you can take a longer break here. The view is great, you can see as far as the Bernese Alps. On the tower you have a 360 ° all-round view. Unfortunately, the sun has now hidden behind the clouds, so that the lighting conditions are no longer optimal.The downhill from Mont Raimeux down to the starting point Moutier is the culmination of the tour. Lots of long, flowing and cool single trails, which also contain some crisp spots and switchbacks. And some vantage points that are ideal to lower the adrenaline level again. So whoever thought today that he / she heard howling wolves: No, it was us! Cheering and grinning, we rushed down.In summary, a super nice tour that includes long easy and cool trails. It demands a lot of sportiness and is a lot of fun.

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    1. Nitrox4

      E-MTB tour to explore the trails in the Busletenwald. But first sniff some mountain air. Warning, do not follow the route ...!I've wanted to explore the trails in the Buslentenwald for a long time. As an alternative, if there is snow on the "high" mountains or something. Somewhere in Komoot I had read that these shouldn't even be that bad.But first we go from Bettlach to the sun on the Bettlachberg. From there over the Hochschwang to the Upper Brüggli. A super beautiful passage with a great view of the Alps. From Brüggli via the flowing and beautiful Wagnerweg Trail to the Schauenburg and on to the Althüsli restaurant. The ascent to Müren is very steep and contains rough S2 passages. Here you can work up a sweat.After the Althüsli, the downhill follows the crisp S2 / S3 / S1 trail sequence steeply down until you cross Burgbüelstrasse for the second time. The trails are currently covered with wet leaves, but they are easy to navigate with the appropriate caution. A fun part with adrenaline rushes, which in many places makes the biker grin appear wider than the face would like.What's coming now is steep and not for everyone. The Komoot highlight section '1000 and a key point ", created by B @, turns out to be a full S4 trail. It runs extremely steeply downwards, across the likewise steep mountain slope. In many places it is currently in combination with the wet one Leaves, stone blocks and washed-out areas are hardly rideable. At least not with a heavy E-MTB. Maybe I'll cycle this trail again next summer. Until then, the topic will be "eaten".The next trail (after the mountain path) is very close to nature. You can hardly see it. That's why I lost my way briefly and had to cycle and walk a bit through the open forest. There are many wonderful mushrooms here, for anyone who collects them.The further course is unspectacular at first. I had a.o. took a closer look at the dinosaur tracks and therefore drove up to the platform. Although I've lived in the area for 40 years, this was my first time at the top. In fact, you can see them here very well and there are also some explanatory panels.In the Busleten Forest I found some super flowing trails, but the route selection can still be improved. In fact, there are better trails here than you would expect. I will therefore look into it again later and explore the potential.At the height of the Seusethof I discovered a path that is not shown on Komoot. A super flowing trail, first along the edge of the forest in the right direction, then suddenly a 180 ° turn back to the starting point. Well, I didn't really want to go back, so I tried to get through the steep forest to Lommiswilerstrasse. This part has proven to be virtually impassable in the upper part. But as it is, if you have already made a big step, there is no turning back. And believe me, you don't want to push your bike up there. Unless you have a super light carbon part and like a natural landscape with thorns, etc. So please don't follow this corner either. If so: your own fault ... !! 😉On the way back I bought something in the organic farm shop "Neue Zelgg". Who already knows me, also knows something :-)In summary, the first part is pure routine. Sweaty, groovy and at the same time quite crisp. A super nice section. Avoid the trail "1000 and a key point" if possible. Likewise the newly discovered path above the Seusethof.

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    1. Nitrox4

      Crunchy E-MTB tour before the rain starts.Today I was in the mood for some more challenging trails. The classic variant, which leads up to the Wäsmeli via the Weisse Wand Trail and then back down into the valley via the Rattflue Trail, had to be used.The trail sequence begins with the Ittenberg Trail (S1). This is followed by the usual suspects: Hole- (S2), Weisse Wand- (S3), Pâturage de la Montagne- (S2) and Wäsmeli Trail (S3). After climbing the Untergrenchenberg, you cycle behind the observatory up to the Naturfreundehütte. From there it goes down over the flowing S2 Drijerschwang Trail on the Bützen and further into the S3 Rattflue Trail, which ends in the lower part of the S4 9Ränklers. Shortly thereafter, the S2 mud trail follows, followed by a few more S1 / S2 trails above Grenchen.The softer setting of the suspension fork has proven itself, my joints were significantly less stressed. The new tires (this time "refueled" at 2 bar) had super good grip on the mostly dry ground, I was able to drive at a really brisk pace and really enjoy the downhills. After the mud trail, the tires were wet and lost more grip than I am used to from the old tires. Again, they tended to slide sideways on stone blocks. After a few 100 meters of careful driving, it went on as usual. Obviously the tires do not like wet surfaces.All in all, a sporty tour that also generates a lot of adrenaline. It's a lot of fun, but also challenging. And of course you can't avoid the biker grin at various cool sections. The route therefore includes everything a biker's heart desires.

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  4. Nitrox4 went for a hike.

    5 days ago

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    1. Nitrox4

      Leisurely hike through the beautiful autumn landscape around Saas-Fee. Our three destinations were Bodmen, the old village center of Saas-Almagell and the Kapellenweg of Saas-Grund.Shortly after the start of the tour you pass "Bodmen", a small alp with a restaurant and very few cute houses. The restaurant offers a beautiful terrace with a wonderful view, play facilities for children and some animals such as Llamas. Photographers will also find some super nice photo opportunities.Saas-Almagell's "Old Village Center Path" leads through beautiful, ancient wooden houses built on stilts or stones, which characterize the entire Valais. Dark brown, furrowed by the sun, each with its own long history that unfortunately one does not know. Exciting and wonderful.The Kapellweg, built in the 17th century, leads steeply upwards on large stones like a staircase. It consists of 15 small block-like chapels and the large chapel "To the high stairs" at the top. History says that this was probably a pilgrimage route on which the Valais made a pilgrimage to Italy. Either way, it makes up the steepest and most strenuous part of the hike. In addition, during the ascent you have a great view over the valley, for example to the imposing summit of Wiesmiess or the Italian Pizzo d'Andolla.

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  5. Nitrox4 went on a Tour.

    6 days ago

    30.0 mi
    9.0 mph
    13,700 ft
    13,700 ft
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    1. Nitrox4

      Wonderful day of skiing in a beautiful landscape.On our first day of skiing in the beginning of the season, everything was just right. Wonderful weather, super nice powder snow, free slopes and a wonderful panorama. Just perfect. What more do you want?The slopes on the glacier were surprisingly attractive. Not very demanding, but much better than expected. Ideal for retracting 👍

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  6. Nitrox4 went for a hike.

    7 days ago

    5.07 mi
    2.5 mph
    700 ft
    725 ft
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    1. Nitrox4

      Beautifully scenic hike around the village of Saas-Fee.The tour starts at the Saaser Museum in the middle of the village. It first leads through the promenade and then flows into a forest path. You trample uphill about a kilometer north of the village. The imposing backdrop of the Trifthorn is always in view.At Melchbode, the route leads past a small artificial lake in the middle of the forest. There are fire pits and a children's playground here in case someone wants to take a break.At the western end of the tour, you hike over a small glacier moraine with a great view of the village of Saas-Fee.The way back is on the opposite side of the valley. You follow a small artificial stream for several kilometers.The tour is easy and varied. You always have a view of the mountains of the valley. The landscape is very beautiful, especially in autumn when the larches turn golden.

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    1. Nitrox4

      Short chilled E-MTB tour to ventilate.Today's tour (for two) leads from Grenchen on various already known trails. Because the Jura ridge is covered with clouds, the Bözingenberg has to withstand us once more.The route leads from Grenchen in the direction of Romont over the two super flowing Sonnenberg and Ittenberg trails. The Sonnenberg Trail is not always easily recognizable, so we cycled through the open forest several times. The recent logging showed its effect in this regard.On the way between Romont and Plagne we cycled the two recently discovered trails along the edge of the forest. The second of these trails is actually not worthwhile, you drive from the path down to the edge of the forest, then stand by a small pond and then suddenly pedal back up steeply back to the original path.From Plagne the route leads an exciting and varied S2 single trail down into the valley to the Route de Bienne. The trail tears, in some places you can really let the bike roll. There is a risk that bikers will shout for joy without any inhibitions. Other places, on the other hand, are crisp again, so that the adrenaline level rises a little and the cheering is definitely quieter or stops completely.The ascent to the Bözingenberg takes place via the "Chemin des amoureux Trail". A very flowing S1 trail sequence, consisting of two long, narrow single trails. There are a few places where you have to be careful not to hit or hang on the pedals.When we reached the top of the mountain, we decided to cycle down the "Flowtrail Bözingen". A super nice downhill single trail series that also includes some crisp parts. It's a lot of fun, the typical biker grin cannot be avoided here. We did without the last part of the three-part trail sequence and instead stomped on the paved road uphill again towards Bözingenberg to the Bözingenberg restaurant.From here the route follows the crest of the Bözingenberg in the direction of Romont, thus driving on the "Bözingen-Romont Trail". A varied trail with different surfaces that can be crisp for a short time. Here, too, you definitely can't cover up the grin 😁. The most beautiful section is, in my opinion, the route from the "La Bergerie" farm. First you cycle slightly upwards in the typical Jura landscape, then super flowy and groovy at high speed on a rugged cow meadow trail between trees down the mountain. If you don't enjoy this section of the route, you should change your hobby 😁.Finally, the route leads over the very flowing S1 Firsi-Single Trail. First forest floor, then gravel and finally rough S2 dirt roads. You should be careful here because people are often out and about with dogs. You recognize them relatively late, so that they can be frightening when you come in almost silently.In summary, one can say that the route is quite easy to cycle, but it still has some crisp parts. It's varied and a lot of fun. In addition, it is practically mobile in any weather. Despite cheering and grinning, a little adrenaline is guaranteed.

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      • October 18, 2020

  8. Urs and Nitrox4 planned an e-mountain bike ride.

    October 16, 2020

    18.5 mi
    8.8 mph
    4,750 ft
    4,775 ft
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    1. Nitrox4

      E-MTB tour in drizzle to air out and test tires.Based on the recent input from Dani, I "ergooglet" the optimal tire pressure. With the 2.35 "Schwalbe-Nobby Nic tire I was able to ride optimally with 1 bar air pressure. The new 2.6" Bontrager XR5 Team Issue should have at least 1.8 bar to be happy. A bar is far too little. Says Dani too. Aha! So pump in air and drive off.And lo and behold: I no longer drove like on soft soap, could cycle quickly and enjoy the tour! What a difference! Even so, the tire still likes to slide away suddenly on sloping terrain. Mainly the rear wheel. Regardless of whether it is rocks or the ground. And the front tire doesn't like wet stones or roots that are sloping towards the direction of travel. With the Schwalbe that was no problem if the angle was not too steep. Hmm ... so the tire is already running very well but still not quite as I am used to. The next trips I will do with different pressures, up to the recommended maximum pressure of 2.5 bar. If that doesn't improve, the tires will fly off the rim. It could be because I "work" with a suboptimal mouth width of 22 mm. The tire has a pear shape, so that the outermost knobs are bent a little more outwards. Anyway ... safety first!The journey leads over dirt roads and some flowing single trails via Romont up to Plagne. I discovered a new single trail near Plagne. It runs parallel to the edge of the forest and then climbs steeply back to the forest path. A little later, another single trail branches off again vertically from the path down to the edge of the forest. If you drive down left, you end up in a dead end. At a small overgrown pond. So choose the right trail at the junction.In Plagne you drive over a meadow and then get to the lower street between houses. Here you drive twice through private property, but you are on an official hiking trail. So that's ok.The downhill single trail after Plagne's cow meadow is flowing and offers some slightly crisp spots that are easy to ride. Anyone who doesn't have the typical biker grin on this section has done something wrong. Once at the bottom, you drive parallel to the road on a very narrow trail. Here you have to be careful not to slide down onto the street.The ascent to the Bözingenberg takes place over two flowing but narrow single trails that are fun. Once at the top, you drive past the Bözingenberg restaurant, where you have a great view over Biel and the three lakes. If the weather was better ...The other very varied path runs over the crest of the Bözingenberg. Sometimes a single trail, sometimes a dirt road, sometimes a meadow trail, rising slightly, then falling again. It's a lot of fun, in some places you can really let the bike run. A super nice section of the route. The biker has to be careful not to clench his teeth when he grins broadly in rough places 😁All in all a beautiful and varied tour. It offers everything a biker's heart might like. It is not very demanding, but still has one or the other short, crisp point. And you can always drive it very well even in bad weather.

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      • October 15, 2020

  10. Nitrox4 went for a bike ride.

    October 14, 2020

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    1. Nitrox4

      Leisurely e-bike tour with a mini hike to the 'Cascata di Santo Petronilla' waterfalls above Biasca.The tour starts in a public parking lot near the beautiful old town of Bellinzona. It leads along the National Veloroute No. 3 towards Gotthard. As already described, it is not a good idea in Ticino to cycle on roads that are off cycle routes. Therefore, the way back is on the same route.It leads first through the city and later on to a rural area, which is scenic through fields and forests. Often along the beautiful Ticino, which you can never quite get close to. You drive through a nature reserve in which - if you want to take the time - you can observe various animals. In particular, birds living near the water. The Ticino becomes more beautiful and natural the further you are from Bellinzona.It is typical for Ticino that areas important for tourists are more or less well cared for. In other places there is wild growth. Industry, residential areas, gravel pits, campsites and livestock. Everything is nested and disordered at the start of the tour and gradually becomes more natural and well-groomed.Our destination in Biasco are the largest waterfalls in Ticino. The Cascata di Santa Petronilla turn out to be a multi-level waterfall, the lowest level of which can be reached either from the train station via a short hiking trail or by bike via an uphill path. There is a chapel and an old Roman bridge here, which make wonderful photo opportunities. In addition, you have a good view of the Riviera, i.e. the valley of the Ticino. The other steps of the waterfall can only be reached via steep hiking trails. Cyclists should definitely bring hiking shoes if they want to walk on them. The view of the waterfall is particularly beautiful if you take the hiking trail from the first step and climb the small plateau about 20 meters further up.The tour is easy, it leads over various well-passable surfaces. Mostly a little away from the towns, so there are no "refreshment and watering points" for thirsty bikers on the route. So you should take something with you or deviate from the route.

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      • October 14, 2020

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