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About Andreas J.
Distance travelled

10,177 mi

Time in motion

814:20 h

Recent Activity
  1. Andreas J. went gravel riding.

    3 days ago

    Tour mit dem Magen voller 😋🍒🍒🍒😋zum Canyon

    48.0 mi
    11.8 mph
    2,425 ft
    2,300 ft
    1. Andreas J.

      If the fully ripe cherries fall into your mouth while you are driving, you will of course eat them vigorously. In this country, the conditions are paradisiacal! All in all, another great tour to Tecklenburg. Somewhere in Nirvana ("something" lost my way) I unexpectedly had to deal with a pack of very

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      • 3 days ago

  2. Andreas J. went cycling.

    6 days ago

    51.8 mi
    15.1 mph
    2,350 ft
    2,350 ft
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    1. Andreas J.

      "Hot Round" with Rupert over the Wiehen Hügel in subtropical temperatures.

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      • 6 days ago

  3. RUPERT and Andreas J. went cycling.

    6 days ago

    51.9 mi
    15.0 mph
    2,300 ft
    2,275 ft
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  4. Andreas J. went gravel riding.

    June 19, 2022

    1. Andreas J.

      Super nice gravel tour through the Teuto to the Luisenturm.Panorama without end! A few short sections on the "Hermann" were a bit tricky (stones, roots...) but it was just about okay. The fantastic landscape made up for it.

      This is a Garmin recording. I let Komoot run along for fun. It was 320 meters more. (????)



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      • June 19, 2022

  5. Andreas J. went cycling.

    June 17, 2022

    66.4 mi
    15.6 mph
    2,525 ft
    2,525 ft
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    1. Andreas J.

      Hill scooter along the northern slope of the Schafberg. Beautifully wavy and curvy! Then the contrast program. Only flat and straight ahead. I will never become a fan of it! What the heck, to each his own.

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      • June 17, 2022

  6. Andreas J. went cycling.

    June 14, 2022

    63.7 mi
    15.3 mph
    2,675 ft
    2,675 ft
    1. Andreas J.

      Great weather ! And soon my beloved cherries 🍒 will be ready too. In Wellingholzhausen they have already been harvested.

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      • June 14, 2022

  7. Andreas J. went gravel riding.

    June 12, 2022

    RUPERT, Nilsilaus🙋🏼‍♂️ and 39 others like this.
    1. Andreas J.

      Beautiful tour in the Dammer "mountains". With a break at the beautiful swan pond. Continue to Dümmer (Olgahafen). Of course it was packed. A delicious ice cream in Hunteburg ensured a balanced calorie budget for the last few kilometers.

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      • June 12, 2022

  8. Andreas J. went for a bike ride.

    June 10, 2022

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    1. Andreas J.

      The working day was quite tough. That's why we started straight into botany and the WE! It has to be soooo !🌞🙋‍♂️😉

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      • June 10, 2022

  9. Andreas J. planned a mountain bike ride.

    June 6, 2022

  10. Andreas J. went gravel riding.

    June 6, 2022

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    1. Andreas J.

      Rather road-heavy tour with Peter and Rupert from the Stever, over the Teuto to the Hase.And there was, as always, a lot to see.Delicious coffee and cake in Telgte inclusive.In the end, all forces were once again bundled on the Teuto, just before the Destination.Thanks to my passengers👍🙋‍♂️

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      • June 6, 2022

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