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    1. Der WanderFritze

      A fantastic day hike that you can do in any season. With the right equipment in any case. Every year, as a child, I was in a holiday camp in Hartmannmühle and knew the area like the back of my hand. Always come back here to see what has changed. Much has disappeared and much new emerged. Do the tour yourself and decide what you want to leave out or where you want to make a detour.

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      • 18/11/2018

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    1. Der WanderFritze

      One of the most beautiful table mountains I know. Not far from Königstein lies the Pfaffenstein. Known for his landmark, the Barbarine, he attracts many tourists. For parking next to a paid parking (3 € / day) at the upper edge of the village, another newly built, hiking parking lot on the road between Pfaffendorf and Cunnersdorf available. From both parking lots one of the three ways of promotion is reached fast. Differences are the climbs by their level of difficulty. The heavy one is the needlehole climb. It is characterized by its many steps and ladders and becomes steeper towards the rock. The Klammweg is one of the most impressed. Meter-high walls rise to the right and left of the narrow ascents or descents. A bridge points the way up to the destination. Arriving at the top you are in front of the mountain inn with its 29 meter high lookout tower. Here you can have a good time and be pampered. From the tower you have a wonderful view into the beautiful Saxon Switzerland.
      The easy way is also the easiest and easy to do by everyone. About 15 to 20 minutes you need to climb or descend.
      The path to the Barbarine is also quite exciting. Narrow stairs, narrow rock crevices, iron ladders and stairs point the way to the landmark. The rock itself is an imposing Feslnadel and was until 1975 a popular and well-known climbing rock. Since 1975 it has been secured due to strong erosion and locked for climbing.
      All in all, you can experience and see a lot up here. Whether at the sacrificial cauldron, Luftbalon, Bundesfels and Goldschmidthöhle, you can see and experience here young and old, big and small.
      I can recommend it to everybody.

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      • 14/11/2018

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