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  1. Urban Explorer Delta-Sierra and 2 others went for a hike.

    September 25, 2021

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    1. Urban Explorer Delta-Sierra

      Our military history tour took us again across the border to France, this time to Forbach and Rosbruck.We started our hike at the cemetery in Forbach, where our first destinations were.
      Directly on the outer cemetery wall is a German memorial, which was erected in 1894 by the Forbach Warrior Association.
      Then we went to the cemetery, where the pompous monument to the French fallen can be seen from the right entrance.
      On the way below are two graves of French fallen soldiers, namely Lieutenant Gangloff and Dragon Decary. Lieutenant Gangloff was a member of the 40e regiment d'infanterie de ligne, Dragon Decary des 12e régiment de dragons. Unfortunately, both graves are in poor condition.
      From the cemetery it went in a south-westerly direction through Forbach. Shortly after the end of Forbach-Morsbach, we turned to the Ulanengrab in Rosbruck.
      The grave is actually in a decent condition, but the grass cover was so high that the border could not be seen properly. The information on the grave is also very vague, as none of the soldiers listed on it appear in the casualty lists.

      After this last point we started our way home.
      The route leads exclusively through urban terrain and is paved accordingly. Due to the length of the route, it is also comfortable for the feet. This means that the route can also be recommended at any time of the year.

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      • September 29, 2021

  2. Urban Explorer Delta-Sierra and 3 others went for a hike.

    August 7, 2021

    1. Urban Explorer Delta-Sierra

      This time our military history tour took us to the Altenkessel and Burbach / Von-der-Heyd areas.We started our hike at the Catholic Church in Altenkessel. We actually wanted to see the memorial plaque in the entrance area of the church, but unfortunately it was locked. So the tour went on to the cemetery in Altenkessel.In the cemetery in Altenkessel there is a memorial for the people of Altenkessel who died in the Franco-German War. This can be found within the warrior's field of honor in field 17. The names of the eight fallen are given on a bronze plate attached to the memorial.The last named, Georg Speicher, was seriously wounded during the fighting for the Spicherer Heights on August 6, 1870 and succumbed to his wounds a few days later. This is also buried in the cemetery in Altenkessel. It is in field 1.Right next to it is a comrade's grave for seven French soldiers who died in a bunkhouse converted into a Prussian hospital from the wounds they had suffered at Spichern and were then buried in the cemetery. The bronze plate on the grave has the following bilingual inscription in German (to the left of the cross) and French (to the right of the cross):"Here lie seven French soldiers from the war of 1870-71, who died in a hospital in Altenkessel from the wounds they had suffered in the fighting around the Spicherer Heights in August 1870. +
      Ici reposent sept soldats français de la guerre de 1870-71, morts dans un hôpital à Altenkessel à la suite de blesseures reçues lors des combats autour des Hauteurs de Spicheren en Août 1870. "
      After visiting the cemetery, we continued on easily accessible paths in the direction of Von-der-Heyd, where we looked for the individual grave of a Prussian fusilier.The grave is right on a narrow path, so you can't miss it. If you come from the other side, the grave is signposted. Buried here is the fusilier Hugo Feiber, who died on August 2, 1870, before the Battle of Spichern, in the battle near Saarbrücken. This belonged to the remaining units of the regiment that marched from the Köllertal to the Rastpfuhl and had to move into bivouac in the evening in the area of the "Speicherchen Obstgärten". French artillery fire, which was fired from the heights on the Bellevue in Saarbrücken on the other side of the Saar, struck the rest area and also claimed victims there. The wounded were brought back to Von-der-Heydt in a cart, where a reserve hospital had been set up in the miners' dormitories at the time. There the wounded were given first aid and, in order to make room for more wounded, marched on stretchers in the direction of Altenkessel. However, Fusilier Feiber succumbed to his severe wounds shortly after leaving, where he was finally buried on the spot. The grave is in good condition, although in the past there was also a fence on the stones, which either have rusted over the decades or fell victim to metal thieves.After this last point of contact, we made our way back, on which unfortunately some paths were not passable due to woodcut and we therefore had to build a small detour.Conclusion:
      A pleasant hiking route that is easy to master. The paths are all well underfoot.
      The route is recommended at any time of the year.

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      • August 7, 2021

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